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In 2004 I had the fortune of coming to Drake University to play for Coach Holmes and the Drake Men’s soccer team.  It was a life changing experience for me.  The rigors of an 18 game season taught me discipline.  Tearing both hamstrings my sophomore season taught me perseverance (and that I need to stretch more often). The sacrifice of those who came before taught me leadership.

Being involved with the Bulldog Club, I’ve had the opportunity to hear about current Student athletes like Liza Heap and Steven Jordan.  Liza is triple majoring in Psychology, Neuroscience and Biology so she can one day find a cure for autism, while working on her jump shot for the women’s basketball team. Steven is maintaining a 4.0 in Pharmacy and tutoring other athletes in chemistry while transforming himself from an 800-meter runner into a 200-meter sprinter. 

I give to the Bulldog Club because I want Liza, Steven and all the current and future Drake Student athletes to have the same life changing experience I benefited from. 

Please join me in this goal.

Go Bulldogs!

Luke Frieberg

Bulldog Club Board Chair
Drake Soccer 2004-2007
BSBA 2008, MBA 2012



Bulldog Club Board of Directors

The mission of the BDC Board is to assist Drake Athletics in fulfilling the mission and vision of the Bulldog Club, represent the membership of the Bulldog Club, serve as goodwill ambassadors of the Bulldog Club to the public, and assist in the recruitment, cultivation and stewardship of annual donors to the Bulldog Club. The purpose of this Board:

1.     Promote the growth of the Drake University Bulldog Club through

            a.     Assisting Drake Athletics in developing strategic initiatives for growth in the Bulldog Club.

            b.     Active participation in Bulldog Club and BDC Board initiatives (i.e. assisting in the planning, coordination, and execution of events and programs).

            c.     Personal solicitation to encourage new and renewed membership in the Bulldog Club

2.     Assist in the enhancement of the collegiate experience of Drake student-athletes.

3.     Serve as a focus group for the Athletic Department.

If you are a Bulldog Club member and would be interested in learning more about getting involved with the Bulldog Club Board, please call 515.271.2228.

2014-15 Bulldog Club Board – Executive Committee

Luke Frieberg – Chair

David Johnson– Vice Chair

Ann McGowan – Secretary

Kenan Judge – Chair, Membership Committee

Holly Dierks – Chair, Communications Committee

Nate Boulton – Chair, Events Committee

Board Members

Rich Anderson 
Tammi Blackstone
Ron Buel 
Dixie Byers 
Spencer Cady 
Holly Dierks 
Mary Edrington 
Adam Emmenecker 
Rajee Harris 
George Karnas 
Julie Martin 
Mark Miller
Scott Raecker 
Sarah Roy 


Sandy Hatfield Clubb – Director of Athletics
Brian Brown – Associate Athletic Director
Mike Cigelman – Associate Athletic Director
Dave Haskin – Associate Athletic Director
Megan Franklin – Associate Athletic Director
Austin Strawhacker – Director of Bulldog Club

To view the Policies and Procedures of the Board, click here.