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Coaches, Staff, and Student-Athletes

Business Forms
Direct Deposit of Accounts Payable & Student Refunds
Direct Deposit Payroll Form
Incidental Expense Request Form (Travel)
Laundry Receipt

Meals Summary Part I
Meals Summary Part II
Meals Summary Part III
Ocassional Meals Request Form
Purchase Requisition Form
Travel Receipt for Bus Drivers

Camps and Clinics

Pre-Camp Forms
Camp/Clinic Declaration Form - Football and Basketball
Brochure/Website Approval Form
Sponsorship Information Form
Positition Titles and Job Descriptions
Online Required Training - Directions Document

Post-Camp Forms
Financial Reconciliation Report
Individual Discount Log and Policy
Payment Ledger
Staff Compensation Form

Complimentary Admissions (Pass Lists)
High School, Prep School, and Junior College Coaches & Others
Recruit Pass List
Student-Athlete Pass List - Emailed Excel File Instead

Declaration of Coaching Staff

Basketball - W
Basketball - M
Swimming & Diving
Strength & Conditioning

Track & Cross Country
Student Assistant Coach Form
Manager Agreement and Rules Form
Non-Coaching Staff and Volunteer Coach Activities Tip Sheet

Eligibility Forms
Athletic Aid Agreement for Non-Competing Student-Athletes
MVC Medical Hardship Waiver Application
New Student-Athlete Summer Conditioning Approval Form
NCAA Summer Conditioning Guidelines
Sickle Cell Solubility Test Refusal & Release Form
Roster Addition Form
Roster Deletion Form
Tryout Waiver Form
Male Practice Player Form

Financial Aid Forms

Equivalency Exemption Certification
Request for Mid-year Schol Increase & Less Than One Academic Year
Request for National Letter of Intent/Grant-In-Aid
Scholarship Renewal Declaration Form
Scholarship Non-Renewal Declaration Form
Summer School Aid Application (Due April 6th)
Voluntary Withdrawal Form

Official and Unofficial Visits

Official Visit Form
On Campus Evaluation Form - Basketball
On Campus Evaluation Waiver - Basketball
Unofficial Visit Form
Official Visit Rules and Requirements

Personnel Forms

Director of Ops/Non-Coaching Staff Agreement
Local Sports Club Employment
Non-Coaching Staff Employment Questionnaire & Certification
Non-Institutional Camp Employment Form
Student Assistant Coach Form
Volunteer Coach Agreement

Playing and Practice Seasons

Basketball Summer Practice Declaration
Declaration of Football Spring Practice
Declaration of Football Summer Conditioning
Declaration of Playing Season
Foreign Tour Certification Form
Independent Travel Request Form

Public Relations/Promotions/Donations/Community Service

Autograph Request Form
Donation Request Form
Promotional Activities Form
Speaking Engagement - Basketball
Speaking Engagement - Football
Speaking Engagement - All Other Sports
Promotional Appearance Agreement


Contact and Evaluation Log
Declaration of Pre-Existing Relationship
Declaration of Subscription to Recruiting/Scouting Services
Declaration of Subscription to Recruiting/Scouting FB & M/W Basketball
IRL Activation Form
Phone Log
Private Lesson Authorization Form
Private Lesson Monthly Log

Log of 130 Evaluation Days - M
Log of 112 Evaluation Days - W

Declaration and Log of 42 Fall Evaluation Days
Declaration of 168 Spring Evaluation Days

Log of 50 Evaluation Days

Log of 80 Evaluation Days



Occasional Meal Request Form
Student-Athlete Transfer Request Form
Student-Athlete Voluntary Withdrawal Form
Student-Athlete Voluntary Workout Request Form
Student-Athlete Camp or Clinic Employment Form
Student-Athlete Employment Declaration Form
Student-Athlete Fee For Lesson Employment

Student-Athlete Outside Competition - Prize Money Allowed
Student-Athlete Unattached Competition Request During Season

Student-Athlete Instructional Products Approval Form

MVC, NCAA, and ISU Student-Athlete Forms
All new and returning student-athletes must complete the following link and forms in this section before being allowed to practice or compete.

Click HERE to complete the online compliance form.

Click on each of the following links below: print, sign, and return to your coach when finished.

2016-17 NCAA Student-Athlete Statement
2016-17 NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form
2016-17 NCAA HIPAA Form