Official FOREST Registration Form

Who is the FOREST?

A collaboration of Indiana State University's Athletics Department and Student Government Association, the FOREST is the main student section at Indiana State University athletic events and gives students the opportunity to be up close and personal with the student-athletes and the game. The FOREST will consist of the most energetic, passionate and noisy Sycamore students. 

How do I become involved in the FOREST?

The FOREST is open to any ISU student; the only requirement for registration is a valid ISU ID and $15.  Students will receive their official FOREST T-Shirt (both the ISU ID and shirt must be brought to every home game).

How does the FOREST work?

Once a member of the FOREST, he or she will receive priority seating in the FOREST for every football and men's and women's basketball game and selected other athletic home events. Before each game, the student will present their ISU ID to the FOREST Attendant to be swiped for entrance in the FOREST.  Attendance for the games will be marked and a running point system will be kept. A point leader board will be available online to view points accumulated.  To earn points the student must be wearing the official FOREST T-shirt provided.  Over the course of the school year, points will accumulate towards prizes and other incentives. 

What are the benefits of joining the FOREST?

Aside from supporting the Sycamores, FOREST members will not only have the best seats in the house, but will also be given opportunities to win prizes that non-members cannot.  Exclusive events and promotions will only be open to members.  The FOREST is incentive-driven and is an exclusive club where all its members have a chance to win!