Stern Activities Center

66 George Street
Charleston, SC 29424


The College of Charleston swimming and diving team practices and competes at the Theodore Stern Student Activities Center, a newly renovated, state-of-the-art swimming and diving facility on the College of Charleston campus.
A $2 million renovation on the Stern Center Pool was completed in October 2000, making the Cougars’ home one of the top natatoriums in the area.

The facility has glass windows on three sides, and, as an added feature, the pool has three underwater viewing windows for easy access video-taping.
The pool has a viewing area in the second floor above the pool where spectators can watch swim meets. The seating area has the capacity to hold up to 180 spectators.

The pool has dimensions of 6 lanes by 25 meters and uses a Colorado timing system. It also has competitive non-turbulent lane markers. The pool also features one and three-meter diving boards.

The Stern Center was built in 1974 and named after Theodore Stern, the College of Charleston President from 1968-78, who was also an Olympic Swimmer.