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Jake Jury
Position: Assistant Coach
Alma Mater: College of Charleston
Graduating Year: 2012
Phone: 843.953.6316
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Jury Photos

Jake Jury enters his first year as the assistant coach of the College of Charleston softball team after spending four seasons as a volunteer coach with the team.

Jury oversees the outfield corps of the squad and is also on first-base coaching detail. He also assists extensively in improving the team's hitting and base running. Off the field, he will assist heavily in administrative tasks and travel coordination as well as play an integral role in the staff's recruiting efforts.

"I am excited for Jake to remain a member of our staff," said head coach Shelly Hoerner. "He has developed a great rapport with our staff and our players and has helped Cougar softball continue to improve every year. Jake is one of the top up-and-coming young assistants and we are fortunate to keep him at the College of Charleston." 

"It is a great honor to get to continue working with Coach Hoerner and the softball program at CofC," said Jury. "Coach Hoerner and this team have taught me valuable lessons that transcend the sport of softball and I am excited for the opportunity to further my involvement with the team.

"This program continues to improve with each year and I can't wait to be a part of it becoming a perpetual contender for Southern Conference titles and beyond."

Jury graduated from the College in May with a degree in history. He was involved with the program since his first days on campus and his involvement only increased with each successive year. Over the past two seasons, Jury assisted the team in back-to-back SoCon finals appearances with over 35 wins in each season.

Jury's expertise has grown from developing the talent of his younger sister, Leslie Jury, who now pitches for perennial-powerhouse Alabama.