Duke Club Letterwinner Chapter
The Letterwinner Chapter within the JMU Duke Club debuted on January 1, 2011.  This chapter educates, engages, and communicates with former student-athletes, coaches, and athletic support staff.  The Letterwinner Chapter encourages giving toward student-athlete scholarships with a portion of each donation directly benefiting the operating budget of the donor's former sport. 

Did You Know?

  • Last year, only 16% of former JMU student-athletes, coaches, and athletic support staff made a gift to the Duke Club.
  • A gift of $50 or more (only $25 or more for DC25 members) qualifies a donor to be a Duke Club Letterwinner Chapter member.
  • If every former student-athlete, coach, and athletic-support staff made a gift, Duke Club membership would increase by more than 200%


LW Competition Winner

Competition was based on the percentage of former student-athletes giving out of the total alumni for their sport.  Current student-athletes' membership in the Student Duke Club was counted as giving.

How are Letterwinner Chapter funds distributed?

Typically, 100% of a Duke Club gift goes toward the student-athlete scholarship fund and the general operating budget.  However, 10% of a Letterwinner Chapter gift may be designated for the operating budget of a specific sport.  The Duke Club still recognizes 100% of the gift.  

If I designate 10% of my gift to a specific sport, how does that affect my Duke Club giving?
The Duke Club recognizes 100% of your gift, including the portion designated to a specific sport.  For instance, if you make a $1,000 gift to the Duke Club, $900 will be used for the student-athlete scholarship fund and the general operating budget, while $100 goes directly goes to your chosen sport.  As a Letterwinner Chapter member, you will still receive Duke Club benefits for the full $1,000 gift.

I already give to my sport.  Why should I join the Letterwinner Chapter?
The Duke Club provides scholarship and budgetary funds for all eighteen sports at JMU.  Duke Club support is vital for the health of every program.  We do not ask sport specific donors to transfer their current giving to the Duke Club.  Rather, we are collaborating with each sport by sharing funds with each sport and, most importantly, getting our former athletes engaged with JMU Athletics and growing the JMU Nation.  Also, because the Duke Club provides funds for student-athletes, it is only appropirate to have former student-athletes investing the Duke Club. 

Other than making a gift, what else does the Letterwinner Chapter entail?
The Letterwinner Chapter allows for the recognition and distinction of those that were a part of our athletic past and chance to be an important part of our future.  The Chapter will help organize team reunions and special events to keep former teammates in touch.  A distinctive logo has been developed and items with this logo are available.

Are JMU coaches in support of the Letterwinner Chapter?
The Letterwinner Chapter is a collaborative effort with each coach because everyone wins in the end.  By increasing the overall funds through new support and new means of student-athlete recognition, more funds are provided for scholarships and sport-specific budgets.

It is important that our former athletes stay engaged with JMU by joining the Letterwinner Chapter to keep JMU competitive and to help support the student-athletes that are following in their footsteps.