Student Tickets - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I reserve my student ticket?

A.  Please reference the Student Access Portal guide for step-by-step instructions on reserving your student ticket.

Q. How do I retrieve my online password if I forget it?

A. The Student Access Portal will also resend you your password. Just enter your umail address and it will send you your password

Q. If I reserved my student ticket, or I am a member of the MUSS but can not go to a game, how can I give my ticket to another student?

A. You can go online and do a ticket advance to transfer your tickets to another student or back to the MUSS. Please refrence the Ticket Advance Guide for instructions on how to transfer your tickets.

Q. How long before a game can I transfer my Student or MUSS ticket to another student?

A. You can transfer a student ticket to another student up to 48 before game time. Please see our Student Ticket Policy for specific dates.

Q. How many guest passes can I get per game?

A. There is a limit of one guest pass per game. Please see our Student Ticket Policy for price information.

Q.  If I do not want my student ticket, can I purchase two guest passes?

A.  No, students are only able to purchase one guest pass per game, even if they elect not to receive their free ticket.

Q. If I reserve my student ticket, and decide later that I want a guest pass can I go back and purchase it at another time?

A. No, once you reserve your student ticket with your online account you will no longer have access to the special offers section of the game. You must reserve both your student ticket and your guest pass at the same time if you want both.

Q. What if I need my seat to accommodate a wheel chair?

A. For wheel chair accomodations, please contact the Ticket Office at 801.581.8849

Q. When do student tickets go on sale?

A. There are three onsale dates for student tickets this year. Please see our Student Ticket Policy for specific dates. Once a game is onsale it will be available until the day of the game, or until student tickets are sold out.

Q. How can I guarantee that my friends and I will have seats together?

A. If you and your friends all reserve your tickets at the same time, it is more than likely they will me near each other.

Q. Where do I enter once I get to Rice-Eccles Stadium on the day of the game?

A. Students enter through gate J/K on the East side of Rice-Eccles Stadium.

Q. If I'm not currently a student but went last year and plan on going back this next semester, can I still get tickets?

A.  No, you cannot get student tickets if you are not currently a student.