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Inaugural 2002 FIU Football: No. 34 Aston Wilson
          Release: 07/05/2012
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By Pete Pelegrin looks back during the 10-year anniversary of FIU football this season by catching up with players from the inaugural 2002 FIU football team and finding out "Where Are They Now?" Today's inaugural player is fullback Aston Wilson.


No. 34 Aston Wilson

One of the more unheralded and strongest players on the 2002 inaugural FIU football team was fullback Aston Wilson. As a fullback in FIU’s one-back offense and a special teams contributor, Wilson did not get much of the glory, but ensured that his teammates were as ready to play as he was.

An Honors College graduate in political science, Wilson had a great football IQ to the point where he was another coach on the field when he played. Off the field, Wilson helped his fellow backs break down the playbook. And when Wilson got his carries, he took advantage. Just ask his former team, the Jacksonville Dolphins.

Let’s study with Aston Wilson and find out where he is now . . . .


1. What have you been doing since playing at FIU?

AW: I got married in 2011 and graduated from law school at FIU last fall. I took the bar exam and I’m now a licensed attorney in Florida focusing on criminal defense, family law, and sports and entertainment law.

2. What do you remember most about the 2002 season and your FIU playing career?

AW: The very first game against St. Peter's. I was a redshirt in 2002 after transferring from Jacksonville University and I remember the excitement in the air and on the sideline. I actually think I hurt my shoulder celebrating. From my FIU career, I remember the camaraderie between all of my teammates. Every year from the locker room, meetings, the cafe to traveling to games, a lot of fun was had off the field.

3. What was your favorite game during your FIU career?

AW: My favorite game was in 2003 vs. Jacksonville University -- the school I played for my freshman year of college before I transferred to FIU. We beat them pretty bad so near the end of the game coach Strock actually let me line up as the single back and I got a few good runs against JU [5 carries for 29 yards]. I remember the guys I know on defense from JU getting upset because I was gaining yards on them. It was pretty fun to beat up on my former school.

4. What was the most interesting or strangest thing about getting a college football program started?

AW: The most interesting/strangest thing about being part of starting a college football program had to be the adjustment I think most of us had to make from being known in our towns in high school to being unknowns on the FIU campus. The guys now have it easy: stadium, tailgating, fans. When we started it was just our parents in the crowd. Oh and the "Paw-Claw" guy.

5. What do you think of how the FIU football program has evolved the past 10 years?

AW: I think FIU football has done a good job evolving over the years. The years right after our class graduated were not so great but hopefully the program keeps going up.

6. Finish this sentence: The 2002 inaugural season of FIU football meant . . . .

AW: That FIU was on the scene and that it was only a matter of time before they were competing with the big boys of Florida.


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ATTENTION: 2002 FIU FOOTBALL PLAYERS -- I have a lot of the contact information (phone numbers, e-mails, Twitter, etc.) from most of you guys, but if you have not heard from me, then please contact me on Twitter: @PetePelegrin, via e-mail: or leave me a message in the comments section of "The Prowl" blog, if you would like to participate in this series.

A IS FOR ASTON: With a high football IQ, Aston Wilson was another coach on the field when he played.
A IS FOR ASTON: With a high football IQ, Aston Wilson was another coach on the field when he played.

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