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If you're interested in playing for Dartmouth Baseball, here's what you need to do...
Recruiting Questionnaire
Inside Dartmouth Baseball
Dartmouth in the Pros
NCAA Guidelines
Guide for Ivy Alumni and Friends of Athletics
Ivy League Admissions Statement
  • Write a letter of interest to Coach Whalen (click here for contact info) which includes:

    • Academic Information
      • GPA
      • Class Rank
      • Most Recent Transcript
      • SAT/ACT
      • SAT II
      • AP/Honor Classes and grades when available
    • Baseball Information
      • High school and summer baseball schedules
      • Specific camps, tournaments, and showcases you will be attending along with contact information and dates.
      • High school and summer coach's names and phone #'s
      • Name of your high school and summer teams played for, with stats
      • Professional scouts who have seen you play and phone #'s
      • Send a video if available
  • Take the Aptitude Tests

    • SAT or ACT
    • SAT II's (two required; no preference as to which test you take)
  • Challenge yourself academically.

    • Make sure that you are taking the highest level of courses your school offers (i.e. AP, IB, Honors, Advanced, etc.)
  • Continue to update the baseball office as your information changes.

Recruiting Information You Should Know...

  • You become a "prospective student-athlete" when you start ninth grade classes.
  • You may receive letters, e-mails, and any other form of written correspondence or printed recruiting materials from coaches on or after September 1 at the start of your junior year in high school. However, a coach may provide you with a general questionnaire, camp brochure and educational information published by the NCAA at any time. Telephone calls can be made with student-athletes once during the month of March in the junior year, and then only once per week after July 1 following the completion of your junior year in high school. Unlimited calls to you (or your parents or legal guardians) may be made under the following circumstances:
    • During the five days immediately before your official visit
    • On the day of the coach's off-campus contact with you
  • The baseball office may accept calls from you (or your parents or legal guardians) at any time, regardless of your year in school. However, any member of the coaching staff cannot return calls to prospects who have not completed their junior year in high school. Also, the coaching staff cannot return a call to you if they have already called once during that calendar week. Remember that you can call them at any time, but even if you leave a message asking them to call you back, they may be restricted from returning the call.

2017-18 Testing Dates (

ACT Test

Test Date Registration
(Late Fee Required)
Sept. 9, 2017 Aug. 4, 2017 Aug. 5-18, 2017
Oct. 28, 2017 Sept. 22, 2017 Sept. 23-Oct. 6, 2017
Dec. 9, 2017 Nov. 3, 2017 Nov. 4-17, 2017
Feb. 10, 2018 January 12, 2018 Jan. 13-19, 2018
April 14, 2018 March 9, 2018 March 10-23, 2018
June 9, 2018 May 4, 2018

May 5-18, 2018

July 14, 2018 June 15, 2018

June 16-22, 2018

SAT and SAT Subject Tests

Late Registration
 August 26, 2017 July 28, 2017 August 15, 2017  
October 7, 2017 September 8, 2017 September 27, 2017  
November 4, 2017 October 5, 2017 October 25, 2017  
December 2, 2017 November 2, 2017 November 21, 2017  
March 10, 2018
February 9, 2018
February 28, 2018  
May 5, 2018 April 6, 2018
April 25, 2018  
June 2, 2018 May 3, 2018 May 23, 2018

SAT Info

  • For more information, to register or to find the next test date for the SAT I or II, please visit

ACT Info

  • For more information, to register or to find the next test date for the ACT, please visit