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2012 Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse Alumnae Weekend

What a fabulous alumnae weekend celebrating the Founders of Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse in mid-April! Thank you to all of the "Founders" who returned to Hanover to see the Dartmouth women beat Penn and to celebrate the roots of our program. Thank you, also, to the Founders' Committee, led by Ellen Gomprecht Oppenheim '79 and Karen McKeel Calby '81, who worked hard to put the weekend together.

Next time you are in Hanover, try to go into the women's lacrosse locker room. There are plaques in each locker that display the history of a particular jersey number. For example, Kirsten Goldberg '12 wears number seven today.  In her locker is a plaque that lists all the players who wore that number before her: Kristen Barry '08, Liz Right '04, Kate Graw '00, Maura Schneider '96, Carolyn Keber '96, Marianne Bocock '92, Kim Koh '89, Laura Schwartz '86, Betsy Evans '83, and Martha Cochran '77. Everyday, she sees that plaque and is reminded in a tangible way of the legacy of Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse.

Also of note is that Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse has its first player whose mother also played lacrosse at Dartmouth. Karen McKeel Calby's daughter, Liz Calby '14, is a sophomore crease attack. All you number sixes, she's in your line and plays with heart and brains!

There were so many highlights during the weekend including dinner with the team on Friday, a competitive alumni game (featuring a handful of wooden sticks!) and dinner on Saturday night. At dinner, Aggie Kurtz told of the days as Dartmouth's first administrator and coach of women's athletics when she was tasked with starting a handful of women's sports and a total budget of $500 to fund them. She immediately sent everyone to the Dartmouth Co-op to buy matching shorts and T-shirts as uniforms. Comedy duo Ellen Oppenheim and Karen Calby's slideshow compared "then" and "now."  Shannie MacKenzie '11, a tri-captain of last year's squad, sums it up perfectly:

From a younger alumnae perspective, hearing about the founding era was more moving and valuable than I ever imagined! Even after the great slideshow that illustrated all of our DIFFERENCES, I left the weekend feeling more connected to the Dartmouth lacrosse family than ever before. In the end, regardless of the changes that have undoubtedly occurred over the years, it became increasingly obvious that this program is one that produces strong, successful women and friendships that will last a lifetime. I feel so lucky to be a part of this family....

It is clear that we have started another great Dartmouth tradition - we look forward to seeing you at next year's Alumni Weekend to celebrate friendships and the legacy of Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse.


Marianne M. Bocock Doyle '92
Chair of the Dartmouth Women's Lacrosse Advisory Board

Click HERE for a link to pictures from the weekend!

 Friends of Dartmouth Lacrosse Overview
The Friends of Dartmouth Lacrosse is a collection of Alumni(ae) Dartmouth lacrosse players, parents of current and former Dartmouth lacrosse players, and others dedicated to supporting  the Men's and Women's lacrosse programs at Dartmouth in order to compete and succeed at the highest level of collegiate lacrosse, and provide the current student athletes an educational and athletic experience second to none.  The Friends group achieves these goals primarily through fundraising, mentoring, career counseling, and coordinating events.

Women's Lacrosse Advisory Board

Marianne M. Bocock Doyle '92, Chair
Ellen Gomprecht Oppenheim '79
Karen McKeel Calby '81
Roseanne Byron McSween '84
Mary Page Michel '87
Martha Boss Bennett '89
Heather Deering Crosby '93
Kim Mendelson Pepper '97
Suzy Gibbons Owen '01
Lana Smith '04
Margo Duke '07
Eliza Bennett '10
Shannie MacKenzie '11
Susan & Michael Bird P'12
Laurie & Bob Plumb P'12

Men's Lacrosse Advisory Board
Peter Fahey '94, Chair
John Walters '62
Matt Dwyer '75
Jeff Reed '76
Gary Rogers '77
Mike McCarthy '79
Bob Garry '80
Charlie Moore '80
Jon Bass '84
Jenkins Marshall '84
Randy Hobbs '89
Pete Turk '89
Bill Thomas '94
Andrew Dance '99
Matt Nicholson '05
Pat Keeley '05
Jamie Coffin '06
Brad Heritage '06
Ari Sussman '10
Sally & Kim Campbell P'12
Diane & Kevin Delaney P'12
Beth & Kevin Dooley P'12

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