Friends of Dartmouth Soccer

Each of you, wearer's of the green and white over the last 33 years, have built the proud tradition that is Dartmouth Women's Soccer today. With six Ivy League Championships, ten NCAA tournament appearances and three runs to the third round and beyond, Dartmouth Women's Soccer has excelled in the Ivies and made its mark nationally. Further, this collection of alumnae have distinquished themselves in all walks of life, with numerous achievements to boast, endless stories to tell, much advice to give and so much of yourselves to share.

We hope that you'll take the time to update us with your current contact information, and share with us some of your favorite experiences by filling out the alumnae questionnaire linked below. Please all check out the alumni newsletter. It is done bi-annually and features lots of information about the Dartmouth women's soccer team both present and past.

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Dartmouth Women's Soccer Alumnae Spotlights
Celebrating 31 Years of Excellence

Nov. 7: Christina Hallenback Rogers '97
Dec. 5:
Emily P. Bakemeier ’82
Jan. 22:
Kristin Berg '92
March 31:
Abby Gillard ’01
June 2:
Camille Powell ’97
Aug. 24:
Shana Hopperstead ’87
Nov. 10:
Jen Murray Talmadge ’01