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All-Time Women's Squash All-Ivy League

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 08/06/2014
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The Ivy League began announcing its All-Ivy League squash teams following the 1977-78 seasons, and it began handing out the Ivy League Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year honors following the 1991-92 seasons. Below are all of Princeton's honorees during that time.

Ivy League Players of the Year (5): Katherine Johnson (1996, 1997), Julia Beaver (1998, 1999, 2000)

Ivy League Rookie of the Year (5): Katherine Johnson (1994), Missy Wyant (1995), Julia Beaver (1998), Maria Elena Ubina (2014), Olivia Fiechter (2015)

Four-Time All-Ivy League (12): Patrice McConnell (1981-84); Demer Holleran (1986-89); Mary Foulk (1988-91); Hope MacKay (1989-92); Jen Roos (1989-92); Katherine Johnson (1994-97); Missy Wyant (1995-98); Elise O'Connell (1996-99); Blair Irwin (1997-2000); Julia Beaver (1998-2001); Claire Rein-Weston (2004-07); Julie Cerullo (2010-14)

Three-Time All-Ivy League (6): Kris Kinney (1978-80); Joan Maguire (1979-81); Mary Belknap (1990-92); Neha Kumar (2007-09); Amanda Siebert (2007-09); Libby Eyre (2012-14)

All-Ivy League

1978  Kris Kinney, Lea Tilney
1979  Nancy Gengler, Kris Kinney, Joan Maguire
1980 Nancy Gengler, Kris Kinney, Joan Maguire
1981 Kris Kinney, Joan Maguire, Patrice McConnell
1982 Patrice McConnell, Joanne Sherry
1983 Patrice McConnell, Joanne Sherry, Gus Tilney
1984  Patrice McConnell, Joanne Sherry, Gus Tilney
1985  Sophie Porter, Annie Yates
1986 Demer Holleran, Sue Safford
1987 Demer Holleran, Sue Safford
1988 Mary Foulk, Demer Holleran
1989 Demer Holleran, Hope MacKay, Jen Roos
1990 Mary Foulk, Hope MacKay, Jen Roos
1991 Mary Belknap, Hope MacKay, Jen Roos
1992 Mary Belknap, Hope MacKay, Jacqueline Moss, Jen Roos
1993  Jacqueline Moss
1994 Katherine Johnson, Kiersten Todt, Margaret Van Orman
1995 Katherine Johnson, Missy Wyant
1996 Katherine Johnson, Elise O'Connell, Missy Wyant
1997 Blair Irwin, Katherine Johnson, Elise O'Connell, Missy Wyant
1998 Julia Beaver, Blair Irwin, Elise O'Connell, Missy Wyant
1999 Julia Beaver, Elise O'Connell, Meredith Quick
2000 Julia Beaver, Blair Irwin, Meredith Quick
2001 Julia Beaver, Meredith Quick
2002 Annie Rein-Weston
2003 Ruchika Kumar
2004 Ali Pearson, Claire Rein-Weston
2005 Claire Rein-Weston
2006 Claire Rein-Weston
2007  Neha Kumar, Claire Rein-Weston, Amanda Siebert
2008 Neha Kumar, Amanda Siebert
2009 Neha Kumar, Emery Maine, Amanda Siebert 
2010 Julie Cerullo, Jackie Moss
2011 Julie Cerullo, Jackie Moss
2012 Julie Cerullo, Libby Eyre
2013 Julie Cerullo, Libby Eyre
2014 Libby Eyre, Maria Elena Ubina
2015 Olivia Fiechter, Maria Elena Ubina, Nicole Bunyan






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