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The 2011 EAWRC champion Princeton Tigers
Courtesy: Princeton Crew/Tom Nowak

Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Colleges (EAWRC)/Ivy League History: Open Women

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 05/08/2011
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Eastern Association of Women's Rowing Colleges (EAWRC)/Ivy League History

Major Trophies

Nathaniel Case Trophy: Varsity Eight

Junior Varsity Eight Champion Trophy: Second Varsity Eight

Third Varsity Four A, A Gift of Anderson Bowers III: Varsity Four

EAWRC Novice Eight Champions Trophy: Second Varsity Eight

Charles Willing Jr. Team Trophy: Overall Team Point Standings

Year Varsity Eight 2nd Varsity Eight Varsity Four F8/3V Team Champion Prin V8 Finish
1976 Wisconsin Radcliffe Penn Wisconsin    
1977 Yale Radcliffe Penn Wisconsin    
1978 inclement weather - - -    
1979 Yale Wisconsin Cornell Wisconsin    
1980 Penn Wisconsin inclement weather Princeton    
1981 Yale Princeton MIT Yale    
1982 Princeton Yale Northeastern Wisconsin    
1983 Boston University Yale Purdue Princeton    
1984 Wisconsin Dartmouth Yale Dartmouth Princeton  
1985 Princeton Yale Yale Wisconsin Princeton  
1986 Wisconsin Wisconsin Rutgers Yale Princeton/Yale tie  
1987 Radcliffe Brown Brown Yale Princeton  
1988 Brown Yale Princeton Princeton Yale  
1989 Radcliffe Brown Princeton Radcliffe Cornell  
1990 Princeton Brown Cornell Brown Brown  
1991 Boston University Northeastern Brown Princeton Princeton  
1992 Boston University Radcliffe Radcliffe Princeton Princeton  
1993 Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton  1st
1994 Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton  1st
1995 Princeton Princeton Radcliffe Princeton Princeton  1st
1996 Brown Princeton Princeton Princeton Princeton  2nd
1997 Princeton Princeton Princeton Radcliffe Princeton  1st
1998 Brown Princeton Rutgers Princeton Brown  5th
1999 Brown Virginia Brown Brown Brown  2nd
2000 Brown Brown Virginia Brown Brown  3rd
2001 Brown Brown Brown Cornell Brown  2nd
2002 Brown Brown Wisconsin Princeton Princeton  4th
2003 Radcliffe Brown Yale Brown Radcliffe  2nd
2004 Princeton Brown Cornell Princeton Brown  1st
2005 Yale Princeton Brown Brown Brown  2nd
2006 Princeton Brown Brown Princeton Brown  1st
2007 Yale Brown Yale Brown Yale  3rd
2008 Brown Brown Yale Brown Brown  4th
2009 Yale Brown Yale Yale Yale  3rd
2010 Yale Princeton Brown Brown Yale  2nd
2011 Princeton Princeton Princeton - Princeton  1st
  Ivy Championships          
2012 Radcliffe Princeton Radcliffe Princeton Princeton 3rd
2013 Princeton Brown Brown Princeton Princeton 1st
2014 Princeton Brown Brown Princeton Brown 1st
2015 Brown Brown Brown Yale Brown 3rd






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