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EARC History: Men's Heavyweight
By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 05/08/2011
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EARC Men's Heavyweight Trophies

Worcester Bowl: Winner men's heavyweight 8-oared varsity race

EARC Trophy (formerly Richard A. Glendon Trophy): Winner men's heavyweight 8-oared junior varsity race

Kenneth F. Burns Trophy: Winner men's heavyweight 8-oared freshman race

Rowe Cup: Awarded to the college scoring the highest combined total of points in the varsity, junior varsity and freshman heavyweight races.

Worcester Bowl EARC Trophy Kenneth Burns/3V (2015)
Rowe Cup Prin V8 Finish
1961 Navy Navy Syracuse Navy  
1962 Penn/Yale Cornell Cornell Cornell  
1963 Cornell Cornell Harvard Cornell   
1964 Harvard Harvard Cornell  Harvard  
1965 Harvard Harvard Harvard  Harvard  
1966 Harvard Harvard Penn Harvard  
1967 Harvard Penn Harvard  Harvard  
1968 Harvard Penn  Penn Penn  
1969 Harvard Harvard Penn Harvard  
1970 Harvard Penn Navy Harvard  
1971 Navy Harvard Navy  Navy  
1972 Northeastern Harvard Harvard  Harvard  
1973 Northeastern Harvard Dartmouth Harvard  
1974 Harvard Harvard Cornell  Harvard  
1975 Harvard Harvard Penn Harvard  
1976 Harvard Penn Harvard  Harvard  
1977 Harvard Penn Penn Penn  
1978 Yale Harvard Northeastern Harvard  
1979 Yale Yale  Yale Yale  
1980 Harvard Yale Harvard  Harvard  
1981 Yale Cornell Penn Northeastern  
1982 Yale Navy Navy  Navy  
1983 Harvard Yale Harvard  Harvard  
1984 Brown Brown Harvard  Brown   
1985 Harvard Harvard Harvard  Harvard  
1986 Penn Harvard Harvard  Harvard  
1987 Brown Wisconsin  Penn Brown   
1988 Harvard Brown Princeton Harvard  
1989 Harvard Brown Penn Penn  
1990 Harvard Harvard Harvard  Harvard 11th
1991 Penn Penn Yale Penn 4th
1992 Dartmouth Brown Brown Harvard 4th
1993 Brown Harvard Brown Brown  9th
1994 Brown Brown Brown Brown  5th
1995 Princeton Brown Brown Princeton 1st
1996 Penn Princeton Yale Princeton  3rd
1997 Princeton Princeton  Penn Princeton  1st
1998 Penn Princeton  Princeton Princeton  3rd
1999 Princeton Princeton Harvard Princeton  1st
2000 Brown Brown Wisconsin Brown  2nd
2001 Princeton Wisconsin  Harvard  Princeton  1st
2002 Wisconsin Harvard Harvard  Harvard 3rd
2003 Harvard Harvard Princeton Harvard 10th
2004 Harvard Harvard Harvard  Harvard 2nd
2005 Harvard Cornell Brown Princeton  2nd
2006 Princeton Harvard Penn Harvard 1st
2007 Harvard Wisconsin Brown Harvard 4th
2008 Wisconsin Wisconsin Harvard  Wisconsin 3rd
2009 Brown Brown  Brown Brown 13th
2010 Harvard Brown Harvard  Harvard 2nd
2011 Harvard Harvard Harvard  Harvard 2nd
2012 Brown Wisconsin Harvard Harvard 4th
2013 Harvard Brown no Princeton entry Harvard 4th
2014 Harvard Northeastern Brown Harvard 3rd
2015 Yale Princeton Princeton Princeton 3rd
Year Worcester Bowl EARC Trophy Kenneth F. Burns/3V (2015)
Rowe Cup Prin V8 Finish



The Rowe Cup is won annually by the college scoring the highest combined total points in the varsity, junior varsity, and freshman races in the EARC Heavyweight Sprint Championships under the following scoring formula:

 Finish Varsity Second Varsity Freshman
1st 16 13 12
2nd 14 11 11
3rd 12 10 10
4th 11 9 9
5th 10 8 8
6th 9 7 7
7th 7 6 6
8th 6 5 5
9th 5 4 4
10th 4 3 3
11th 3 3 2
12th 2 1 1

In the event of a tie, the Cup would go to the college ranking highest in the varsity race among those tied. The Cup remains in the custody of the highest scoring college for one year.