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Through the Eyes of the Tigers

By: Princeton Athletic Communications
          Release: 03/22/2011
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The Princeton women's basketball team gave an inside look at the 2010-11 season as every member of the team wrote a blog, entitled Through the Eyes of the Tigers. The players gave an inside look at what's been going on with the team, from practice, conditioning, team activities, classes, etc.

Entry #13

Hey Tiger Fans!

Wow, it’s hard to believe the season is actually over! It came to a disappointing and unfortunate end yesterday as we lost to Georgetown in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. The loss may have stung in the moment, and maybe even a little still, but it wasn’t enough to take away from a week full of beautiful memories and special moments. The week was full of tons of preparation but also many celebrations. Not only were we able to celebrate our 12 seed and second consecutive trip to the big dance, but we were able to celebrate the birth of our newest Tiger Cub, Coach Moore’s beautiful and VERY healthy (9 lbs. 15 oz. 21.5 in.) baby boy Tristin Joseph Moore!!!

The special moments continued as our team held its end of the year banquet with all of our families and friends joining us to celebrate a great year and the two great careers of our senior captains Addie and Krystal. The banquet room was full of so much Tiger pride and joy as our coaches and captains spoke and our 2010-11 Highlight video was premiered (shout out to Coach Flores!). The week itself was indicative of the wonderful year we had full of success and endless support from family, friends, fans, and faculty fellows. We can’t thank you guys enough for all of the love and support, and we can’t wait to do it all and more again next season! Preparations for that will begin soon….after a short break and much appreciated rest for our bodies of course!

Alex #5


Entry #12

Hey Princeton Fans!!

As I woke up this morning it hit me again, WE JUST WON THE IVY LEAGUE AGAIN!!!!! This past weekend has left us all physically and emotionally drained as we hosted Harvard and Dartmouth for our last Ivy weekend. It was amazing to share such a special weekend and to cut the nets down in front of our dedicated families, friends, and fans. Saturday against Harvard was also senior night for Addie and Krystal, and I do not think they could have asked for a better last game in Jadwin, closing out the season undefeated at home. Shout out to Nicole Hung's grandpa and his awesome performance before the game, it was the extra boost that we needed to take down Harvard. I have never been so exhausted from a game that I did not even play in, all the towel whipping and jumping off the bench is at fault for my extra long ice sessions I will have to do for the next couple of days.

Amidst all of this excitement, we sadly have midterms to prepare for this upcoming week. I guess there is more to Princeton than just basketball. Weird, right? We also close out Ivy league with our final game being a double header with the men at Penn. This season has tested our all around toughness, and has been a long journey and it is great to see all of our hard work pay off. I am proud to be a part of something this special, and happy to say this journey is still going. Thank you for all of the love and support this season!!

We’re going dancing!

Niveen #24


Entry #11

Hey Tiger Fans!!

After a long trip to Harvard and Dartmouth it has been great to be back at Jadwin for back-to-back weekends, playing in front of you, our dedicated and beloved fans. The Ivy League is a crazy league in which anything can happen on a given night, so it's crucial for teams to win at home. Though we faced tough competition, we were able to extend our home game winning streak to 20 consecutive wins with our relentless defense and great team effort.

This past weekend we played Yale and Brown which were both coming off of strong wins against Harvard and Dartmouth the weekend before. Friday night we put together a solid 40 minutes of basketball and had one of our best starts to a game that we've had in awhile. It was a fast paced game and thanks to Angie (our strength coach), our conditioning definitely paid off as we pushed the ball in transition and beat them down the court.

A big thanks to everyone who thought pink with us this weekend and came to Saturday's game to support breast cancer awareness! Dressed in our pink shoelaces, socks, headbands, and shimmery "Love" t-shirts, we played in front of a fantastic crowd and battled out another great win against Brown. Shout out to Nicole Hung for scoring her career high and Megan Bowen for her first double double!

Next weekend we're back on the road where we can hopefully get another two wins! Make sure you catch us back at home on March 4th and 5th and you might catch a glimpse of Tani and Chey, last year's team captains! Thanks again for all of your support! We love you guys!

LP #3


Entry #10

Hey Princeton Fans!

After our first week back in classes, it has been nice to get back into a more routine schedule. This past weekend we had our longest road trip of the Ivy season, as we traveled to Harvard/Dartmouth for two tough road contests. Unfortunately, we had a tough loss against Harvard Friday night, but it was a solid team effort and the fight we had as a team was what we’ve come to expect as we continue on our Ivy journey. We ended our trip with a big win against Dartmouth, where we played a solid 40 minutes, start to finish.

A highlight to the weekend was definitely the bus ride home—through a snowstorm accompanied with lightning. We put a movie on to help the time pass more quickly, and we relied on our driver, Craig, to get us home safely.

After two road weekends in a row, we are definitely excited to play at home for a while in front of the Jadwin fans. As we get back into the flow of things in the classroom for the spring semester, we constantly work hard in practice and continue to grow as a team, as we push through the marathon of Ivies one game at a time. The journey continues with Columbia and Cornell next weekend.

Thank you all for your support. We’re looking forward to seeing you all back at our home in Jadwin!!

Kate Miller #20

Entry #9

Hi Tiger Fans,

After a 20-plus-day hiatus from games it was fun to finally face an opponent that wasn’t wearing a Princeton practice jersey. Our first successful road trip with wins over Brown and Yale, and I’m always always impressed by the support and encouragement from Princeton fans, no matter where in the country we are.

Along with the wins, we were excited to hear that Niveen’s surgery went well and while recovering from her anesthesia she said she’d be back on the court this week (we wish!!). Love you Niveen, and we appreciated all the text messages and coaching tips you sent us throughout the game (unfortunately Coach won’t let us keep our phones on the bench, but they are fun to read post game).

Brown and Yale were tough opponents and I am so encouraged by how we gutted out the second half against Yale, especially on the defensive end, holding them to only four field-goals. I think this bodes well for our trip to Harvard and Dartmouth this coming weekend. In the meantime, classes start up again Monday, so there is academic work to focus on, too. Such is the life of a Princeton student-athlete.

As a final note, we are all so proud that Coach Banghart was recognized by the New Jersey Sports Writers Association as the Women’s College Coach of the Year for 2010. Well deserved, Coach, go for another in 2011!

Thank you all for continued support. Go Tigers!!

Addie #23


Entry #8

Hey Princeton Fans,

It’s with great happiness that I can finally say, “Exams are over!” Yay! It certainly has been an exhausting three weeks packed with long nights in Firestone Library, countless coffees and Redbulls (sorry Angie!), and cramming a semester’s worth of knowledge into our brains. Exam period is certainly a taxing time, but our team has pulled through with flying colors.

Despite these intellectual distractions, we haven’t let finals prevent us from continuing to grow and develop on the court. Practices have come as a welcome relief from studying, many of us happy for an excuse to leave the depths of our respective studying holes. We’ve used this three-week-game-hiatus to grow into our offense and to strengthen our defensive discipline. By the end of the season, we want to be leading the Ivy League in defense.

After a long month of studying, writing, and lots of practicing, needless to say we are anxiously awaiting our first Ivy weekend this upcoming Friday and Saturday versus Brown and Yale, respectively. We are ready to see our weeks of hard work pay off! This week will be filled with focused practicing in the gym, and mental relaxation off the court. A good part of our team is at Kate’s house today hanging around and eating well, while I am relaxing at home and spending time with family.

We are leaving Thursday after practice to head to Providence and are hoping to have a successful weekend.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at our first home weekend against Cornell and Columbia!

LJ #22


Entry #7

Hello Princeton Fans!

The past couple of weeks have been quite eventful for our team. After going home to spend time with family and friends for Christmas and the holidays, we all returned to campus and had a few practices before enduring the long bus ride to Charlotte, N.C., home of junior Devona Allgood.

Ten hours, three movies, and multiple bathroom trips (made by Coach Moore) later, we arrived at the Allgood household, where Devona’s parents and other family members welcomed us with open arms and a fantastic, good old traditional southern meal—the fried chicken was delicious! The following day, we played a tough Davidson team and came out on top. The next day, we headed North and drove to Winston-Salem and on New Year’s Eve, we faced our first ACC opponent in Wake Forest. Through a true team effort, we finished our N.C. road trip 2-0. After our victory over Wake, we rang in the New Year on the bus ride back to campus, counting down the seconds until 2011 and toasting each other with plastic cups filled with sparkling apple cider. Twenty minutes later, we were all fast asleep.

Saturday night we enjoyed a home victory over Penn. However, now begins our 20-day hiatus from competing in games, as we all prepare for final exams, which start next week. Even though we will be only playing against ourselves for the next two and half weeks, each day we will continue to work hard, striving to improve as individuals and as a collective group in order to reach our ultimate goal of repeating as Ivy League champs.

Thank you for your continued support and good wishes; hope to see you all back at Jadwin once Ivy League play starts up again!

Nicole Hung #10


Entry #6

Hey Princeton fans!

Today has been an eventful day for every member of the Princeton Women’s Basketball Team. The snowstorm that blew into the North East causing many flight cancellations and delays came at an inopportune time; today was our first day of practice after a five-day lay-off. From Alex being stuck on the runway for three hours, to Lo flying into the heart of the storm, to our coaches driving us from the train station to the gym in barely visible conditions, today has been a perilous day. I would also say that today, despite the horrendous conditions and setbacks, has been a testament to our collective hunger, from the staff, trainers, and every player, to get better.

Coming off of a loss to St. Joes last Sunday, our break has been bitter sweet. While we were with family and friends for the holidays and greatly enjoyed the time at home, the loss put a damper on the festivities. Yet I think we have come out of the loss and this week with a resolve. Even LP, who could not make practice because of a flight cancellation, was in a California gym working on her game at the exact same time we were in Jadwin. With the second half of our season upon us, we have resolved, today and the next day and the next day, to get better, taking it one day at a time.

Krystal #11


Entry #5


Hi Tiger Fans!

This past week has been great getting wins over Rider, Navy, and Lafayette. We continue to work hard on the court helping each other get better. It is awesome to see how enthusiastic our team is when watching each other play.

As we head into our last week of school before break, we have become extremely anxious. I know that the California girls are so excited to get away from this cold weather and get back to the sun. Although the tri-state crew is unable to return to warm weather, they are still looking forward to a break from school.

While we all desperately want to go home for some fresh cooked meals, we still managed to find a little bit of home here. Yesterday we went on a road trip to LJ’s house in PA after practice. It was a great treat, we were all able to relax (some taking naps while others did work) and have an amazing home cooked meal.

We are looking forward to seeing you all at upcoming games. GoTigers!

Kristen #32


Entry #4


Hey Princeton fans!

As I write this, I am sitting at the Nashville airport with our team on our way back to campus. Per usual, they all are in front of their laptops and books cramming in some last minute work before we are back in the classroom tomorrow. Kate Miller is drawing supply and demand curves and Nicole Hung is writing illegible Chinese characters. What nerds.

We are returning from our Thanksgiving tournament at Vanderbilt in Nashville, where my fellow junior Beth Binkley lives. We were fortunate enough to be able to have a delicious Thanksgiving meal at the Binkley household in Franklin, Tenn., on Thursday. Cajun turkey, grits, fried okra, and some other unique, southern Binkley concoctions--- so good!

On Friday, we played USC for the first round of the tournament and had an awesome one-point win. It was an exciting game, and thanks to two-clutch free throws by Addie Micir, we came out on top in the final seconds! Unfortunately, we lost to Vanderbilt today by 6, although it was great team effort. We certainly learned a lot about our team this weekend and I believe we made strides on the court that will help prepare us for the rest of season. Special thanks to everyone who made it out to the games this weekend! Your support and dedication to our program is incredibly appreciated.

Next up, Delaware on Wednesday night!

Thanks for all the support!

Best regards,
Lauren Edwards, #30



Entry #3


Hello Tiger fans!

These past two weeks here in Princeton have been pretty eventful for our team. After finishing up midterms, we began a weeklong fall break with an amazing team dinner at senior, Addie Micir’s house. If there is one thing that everyone on this team loves, it is to eat. As it was also Halloween, we spent the evening watching scary movies and eating some Halloween treats. It is always nice to spend some team bonding time together, outside of Jadwin Gym.

However, inside the gym, we geared up to prepare for our home opener on Saturday night against FDU. The team was very excited, as this was our first chance to show our fans how hard we worked in our off-season and, also, it was a special night as our alumni came back to celebrate in our first NCAA banner raising ceremony.

With the unveiling of the banner and the singing of our national anthem, the team then had to focus on the present, and prepare to step on the court for a game for the first time in almost eight months. The game ended in a 78-37 victory for our team. Although we enjoyed the celebration after the game, joined by our alumni, our immediate focus went back on to what is ahead in our journey- Rutgers. We are looking forward to having a chance to come back from last year’s loss, in what we hope will be a great battle. Thanks for all your support!!

Megan Bowen #43




Entry #2

Hi Princeton fans!

I hope this finds everyone enjoying the fall! Off the court, our team has just finished a stressful midterm week. The freshmen were introduced to their first Princeton examination period and all have successfully made it through! During midterm week, we spent ample time in the library. Yet, it was nice to take a break from the books and to get on the court to work on our game, even if it was in a sleep-deprived and overly caffeinated state. We’re always looking to improve and this team loves to play together.

On the court, we’ve been shaping up for the start of the season. We recently had a scrimmage at Marist University, and it was nice to play against a team different than our own. The scrimmage allowed us to realize the areas in which we need to improve and we have already begun doing so in practice.

Fall break is now upon us and it’s time to take a break from classes, work on our game, and get ahead on our studies. This Fall Break week is a great time for us to improve as we are fast approaching our first games. We are looking forward to our season opener against FDU in less than two weeks. Hope to see you all there!

Beth Binkley #13



Entry #1

Hi Tiger Fans

After last year's season, there has been so much excitement to get  
back onto the court. As one of the juniors on the team, I know the  
journey: long, grueling but fun at the same time. It started with  
preseason and now we're on the main stretch as we began official  
practice October 15th.

Everybody prepares for the first day of practice differently: some of  
us break in our new sneakers, some of us relax in an ice bath, and  
others of us do whatever we can to calm the butterflies in our  
stomachs. No matter the differences, we all come prepared the second  
we step on the court. What's up first? DEFENSE! Aggressive, in-your-
face, "stops-to-scores" defense! It serves as what we'd like to be  
the backbone of our style of play and the foundation of our development.

Outside of Jadwin Gymnasium, we're hitting the books hard, but then of  
course, what's new? With midterms approaching, our focus in practice  
will be challenged. For us, It's a time of intense studying, paper  
writing and basketball. While many of us have made it through this  
tough segment several times, it's new for a few. Fortunately, they  
have their basketball family for guidance.

That's our update for this week! Thank you for your support and stay  
tuned in for later updates!

Devona Allgood #44







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