Injury Prevention

The initial goal of a strength training program must be to analyze the mechanics of a specific sport, and then to focus on the areas of the body that might be susceptible to injury. To truly assess potential sites for injury, analysis should be performed on an individual basis, but this is not always possible. To protect against injuries about specified joints, it is important that the muscle groups involved in these regions are focused on in the training program. Proper strength training of these specific muscles can solidify the joint regions of these trouble areas and thus decrease the chance of injury. This will allow you to maximize your practice time by eliminating potentially long hours of rehabilitation.

Physical Development

The second goal of our training program is to maximize the athlete’s physical development. Strength is obviously a key component, but speed, power, quickness, agility, balance, coordination, and flexibility all become a focus in daily training. The goal is always to train an athlete to be an athlete, not a weight lifter.

Mental Toughness

Not only will you see physical improvements throughout the course of your training, it will also give you a mental edge. You will be challenged in the weight room and during speed training. Everyday, you will find a way to succeed, and thus failing no longer becomes an option. “The harder you work to succeed, the tougher it is to surrender” Vince Lombardi.