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Big 12 Athletes & Sportspersons of the Year

The Big 12 annually recognizes its top male and female athlete and sportsperson. The Athlete of the Year Awards are selected based on athletic performance, academic achievement and citizenship within the academic year of nomination. The Sportspersons of the Year Award was started prior to the 2000-01 academic campaign to recognize student-athletes who displayed an extraordinary degree of sportsmanship and/or community service from within the conference. Honorees are selected by a media panel.

Athletes of the Year

Ashtin Zamzow, Texas Track & Field (Female)
Kyler Murray, Oklahoma Football (Male) 


Maggie Nichols, Oklahoma Gymnastics (Female)
Baker Mayfield, Oklahoma Football (Male)


Kadeisha Buchanan, West Virginia Soccer (Female)
Will Licon, Texas Swimming (Male)
Frank Mason III, Kansas Men's Basketball (Male)

2015-16 Paige Parker, Oklahoma Softball (Female)
Buddy Hield, Oklahoma Men's Basketball (Male)
2014-15 Lauren Chamberlain, Oklahoma Softball (Female)
Tyler Lockett, Kansas State Football (Male)
2013-14 Odyssey Sims, Baylor Basketball (Female)
Bryce Petty, Baylor Football (Male)
2012-13 Keilani Ricketts, Oklahoma Softball (Female)
Collin Klein, Kansas State Football (Male)
2011-12 Brittney Griner, Baylor Basketball (Female)
Robert Griffin III, Baylor Football (Male)
2010-11 Jessica Beard, Texas A&M Track and Field (Female)
Taylor Jungmann, Texas Baseball (Male)
2009-10 Lisa Koll, Iowa State Cross Country and Track & Field (Female)
Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska Football (Male)
2008-09 Destinee Hooker, Texas Track & Field and Volleyball (Female)
Sam Bradford, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2007-08 Sarah Pavan, Nebraska Volleyball (Female)
Chase Daniel, Missouri Football (Male)
2006-07 Sarah Pavan, Nebraska Volleyball (Female)
Ben Askren, Missouri Wrestling (Male)
2005-06 Cat Osterman, Texas Softball (Female)
Vince Young, Texas Football (Male)
2004-05 Cat Osterman, Texas Softball (Female)
Derrick Johnson, Texas Football (Male)
2003-04 Nicole Ohlde, Kansas State Basketball (Female)
Jason White, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2002-03 Cat Osterman, Texas Softball (Female)
Nick Collison, Kansas Basketball (Male)
2001-02 Stacey Dales-Schuman, Oklahoma Basketball (Female)
Cael Sanderson, Iowa State Wrestling (Male)
2000-01 Greichaly Cepero, Nebraska Volleyball/Basketball (Female)
Josh Heupel, Oklahoma Football (Male)
1999-00 Erin Aldrich, Texas Volleyball/Track & Field (Female)
Charles Howell, Oklahoma State Golf (Male)
1998-99 Suziann Reid, Texas Track (Female)
Ricky Williams, Texas Football (Male)
1997-98 Vera Ilyina, Texas Diving (Female)
Grant Wistrom, Nebraska Football (Male)
1996-97 Nanceen Perry, Texas Track (Female)
Jacque Vaughn, Kansas Basketball (Male)
Sportspersons of the Year

David Montgomery, Iowa State Football (Male)
Lauren Cox, Baylor Women's Basketball (Female)
K-State Rowing Team (Female)


Dalton Risner, Kansas State Football (Male)
Paige Parker, Oklahoma Softball (Female)

2016-17 Bryce Perry, Oklahoma Cross Country/Track & Field (Female)
Samaje Perine, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2015-16 Tayler Soucie, Kansas Volleyball (Female)
Buddy Hield, Oklahoma Basketball (Male)
2014-15 Imani McGee-Stafford, Texas Basketball (Female)
Clark Lammert, Texas Tech Basketball (Male)
2013-14 Whitney Canion, Baylor Softball (Female)
Gabe Ikard, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2012-13 Whitney Pyle, Kansas State Golf (Female)
Nate Boyer, Texas Football (Male)
2011-12 Kylie Doniak, Texas Soccer (Female)
Robert Griffin III, Baylor Football (Male)
2010-11 Melissa Jones, Baylor Basketball (Female)
Sam Acho, Texas Football (Male)
2008-09 Hollie Vise, Oklahoma Gymnastics (Female)
Darrell Stuckey, Kansas Football (Male)
2008-09 Ashley Paris, Oklahoma Basketball (Female)
Blake Griffin, Oklahoma Basketball (Male)
2007-08 Katie Martincich, Kansas Volleyball (Female)
Mamadou Diene, Baylor Basketball (Male)
2006-07 Amanda Costner, Kansas Golf (Female)
Carl Pendleton, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2005-06 Jodie Heinicka, Missouri Gymnastics (Female)
Parker Dalton, Texas A&M Baseball (Male)
2004-05 Richelle Simpson, Nebraska Gymnastics (Female)
Ahmard Hall, Texas Football (Male)
2003-04 Jessika Stratton, Baylor Basketball (Female)
Mark Clayton, Lynn McGruder, Oklahoma Football (Male)
2002-03 Laura Pilakowski, Nebraska Volleyball (Female)
Jeff Leise, Nebraska Baseball (Male)
2001-02 Natalie Ritchie, Texas Tech Basketball (Female)
Cael Sanderson, Iowa State Wrestling (Male)
2000-01 Kim Woodlee, Kansas State Basketball (Female)
Dan Alexander, Nebraska Football (Male)
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