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Sportsmanship Statement

The member institutions of the Big 12 Conference are committed to competition in an arena where sportsmanship and the sense of fair play take center stage. Whether on the field, within the community or in the classroom, those who make up the Big 12--its administrators, coaches, game officials, and student-athletes--support the highest ideals in sportsmanship.

At the heart of sportsmanship is the commitment of the institutions towards respect for the opposition and those officiating contests in the 23 sports sponsored by the Big 12. It is with a sense of fair play that a true sporting demeanor in the spirit of intercollegiate competition can be created and maintained with a total regard for the welfare of student-athletes, coaches, support personnel and spectators.

Sportsmanship on the field of play is governed by Conference rules and guidelines, as well as those established under the NCAA and amateur organizations. It is the responsibility of game officials and administrators to see to strict adherence to these guidelines. The behavior of spectators is managed by event personnel, who are encouraged to deal with interference or abuse of appropriate sporting behavior in the strictest of methods.

The Big 12 Conference and its member institutions appreciate the support of the majority of fans who wish to create an atmosphere of competition that allows the participants to showcase the game and their respective skills.
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