NCAA Certification

Don’t forget to get your NCAA Certification completed to participate in all 

Live Period Events!

*NOTE* Coaches and athletes should RENEW their previously created BBCS account and NOT create a new account.  This is done by logging in to their existing account and updating the information on their profile rather than selecting Register as a New User button.

Here are some quick links to help you become certified:

Step 1: * USA Basketball – Gold Membership

Step 2: Team Creation

Step 3: Athlete Registration Instructions

* ECAG User Manual

**For ALL NCAA CERTIFICATION Questions**  –  Email –


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All coaches must be certified by the NCAA to be on the team bench. Certification takes approx 7-10 days and can be acquired HERE. All coaches must submit rosters prior to April 1st in order to participate. Failure to complete will prohibit teams from competing.