HGHQ Summer Camps

Mike Rice Player Development Camps

Coach Rice has 22 years of Division 1 coaching experience. He has coached at Rutgers, Robert Morris, Pittsburg, St. Joes, Niagara, Chicago State, and Fordham and has been apart of producing over 30 NBA players. He is currently the Head Coach for the nationally recognized AAU program, Team Rio. Coach Rice played collegiately at Fordham University and was a three year captain.


Break down the most valuable skill set in basketball; Shooting. Whether it is form, footwork or follow through, we teach your son the right way to become an effective shooter.


  • Learn how to score off the bounce

  • Practice reading the defense off the catch and recognizing when to drive or quick pull up

  • Learn how to be creative and properly use screens 

  • Master footwork, set up and shot selection to become an effective shooter



Learn, compete and develop with Coach Mike Rice, a Former Division 1 Head Coach. Coach Rice has coached over 30 NBA players and specializes in player development helping your son become a more confident basketball player.


  • Breakdown drills to enhance offensive and defensive instincts 

  • Enhance your overall basketball IQ through situational drills and competitive games

  • Learn how to play with poise and purpose 

  • Improve your court vision and learn how to effectively communicate on offense and defense

ELIGIBILITY  BOYS & GIRLS 3rd - 12th Grade

Encompasses all aspects of the game. Learn basketball's basic fundamentals and apply them to competitive games. Enhance player instincts and quickness with individual ball work and situational drills.



  • Learn the art of scoring the basketball

  • Focus on finishing moves & 1 on 1 situations

  • Learn scoring fundamentals and use them in game like situation

  • Perfect your jump shot



Tiny Green Skills Training Camps

The Hoop Group is proud to have Coach Ellonya ‘Tiny’ Green direct Hoop Group Headquarter's Instructional Programming.  Coach Green is the President of Nothing But Skills (NBS) based out of South Brunswick. Coach Green is also a former associate head coach at Division I schools Fairleigh Dickinson, Hofstra, and St. Bonaventure. Coach Green has coached numerous players selected by the NBA and European leagues. He has coached in 7 NCAA tournaments. Coach Green achieved All-American status as a player at Upsala College.


A basic basketball foundation is essential to success. When this foundation is not properly established at a young age, it can be difficult to correct at an older age. Open to a large demographic, core skills is built around learning, correcting, mastering and maintaining the fundamentals of basketball. Honing in on shooting, ball handling, passing and defense, Core Skills creates complete and confident players of all ages and levels.


  • Situational walk throughs and training

  • Stationary and dynamic ball handling drills

  • Repetition to build confidence




Features an option to enroll in individual sessions or a combined Ball Handling and Shooting program designed to transform players into an offensive threat. Build confidence handling the ball and learn proper shooting techniques.



  • Breakdown shooting demonstrations and training

  • Two-ball dribbling and individual ball handling workouts

  • Situational drills to learn how to perform with pressure and put yourself in scoring position

  • Focus on body control and balance

  • Optional working lunches and early-bird workouts


NBS has produced over 350 Division 1 players and countless Division 2 and 3. Nothing But Skills is about long term development. We believe all players develop at different speeds, but all players must work hard and be dedicated to the long term development.



  • Introduce advanced ball handling moves to your arsenal 

  • Learn the proper footwork and set up necessary for consistent shooting success 

  • Play in competitive games and learn to apply drills to games




ELIGIBILITY  BOYS & GIRLS 2nd - 12th Grade

The point guard position is the most difficult position to play on the court. Like a quarterback in football, the point guard must be aware of all the elements of the game. Point Guard School trains players to see plays develop, identify passing lanes and create scoring opportunities.



  • Learn how to be a floor general

  • Increase speed and agility through the Point Guard position

  • A series of workouts to do at home with only a ball and chair

  • Drills to practice and utilize change of speed

  • Creative ways to break away and create space

  • How to navigate and come off a screen

Guest Training Sessions

ELIGIBILITY 2nd - 12th Grade

Learn from Hall of Fame Coach, Bob Hurley, who has amassed over 1,000 wins as a high school basketball coach. This program is based on the skills and drills that have led St. Anthony’s High School to four national championships and 26 state titles.Campers will be divided by age and ability to enhance their learning experience. 



  • Drills and workouts that led St. Anthony to 4 National Championships, 28 State Titles and 8 undefeated seasons

  • On-court training with Bob Hurley

  • 3 games a day with rules that target specific skill sets

  • Workout lecture and Q&A session

  • Personal written evaluation from your camp coach

  • Free Bob Hurley Camp t-shirt

Camp Schedule and Registration

Tiny Green Summer Camp Schedule

Summer Core Skills

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 2 - 12   


June 17 - June 21   

Ball Handling & Shooting Combo

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 4 PM | Grades 2 - 12   


Session 1 June 24 - June 28

Session 2 August 12 - August 16 

Ball Handling Camp

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 12 PM | Grades 2 - 12   


Session 1 June 24 - June 28  

Session 2 August 12 - August 16

Shooting Camp

Mon - Fri | 1 PM - 4 PM | Grades 2 - 12   


Session 1 June 24 - June 28

Session 2 August 12 - August 16

Point Guard School

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 2 - 12   

Session 1 July 1 - July 3


Session 2 July 29 - August 2 


Nothing But Skills

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 3 - 12   


Session 1 July 8 - July 12

Session 2 August 19 - August 23

Mike Rice Summer Camp Schedule

Mike Rice Basketball School

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 3 - 12   


July 15 - July 19

Mike Rice Scoring Camp

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 3 - 12   


August 5 - August 9

Mike Rice Elite Skills and Drills

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 3 - 12   


August 26 - August 30

Bob Hurley Camp

Mon - Fri | 9 AM - 2 PM | Grades 2 - 12   


July 22 - July 26

Contact, Forms and Waivers

Mike Rice

HGHQ Executive Director



James Cooper

Facility Director



Tiny Green

HGHQ Program Director



Hoop Group Headquarters (HGHQ)

1930 Heck Ave, Bldg 3

Neptune, NJ 07753

Helpful Tools and Camp Info

Registration Confirmation

When you have successful registered for camp you will automatically receive a payment receipt to the email address associated with your account. The email confirms the camper’s registration for camp. Another email will be sent the one week before camp with all logistical information needed. If you have questions please feel free to call the office (732)502-2255.



Qualified medical trainers are on sight at every hour of camp and at every location. Our trainers are available at check in to answer any questions you may have.



All campers are expected to follow rules for behavior given by camp director and staff for duration of time at camp. Any camper failing to act according will be dismissed from camp. 


With Cancellation Insurance

  • In order to receive full refund of money the customer must notify the Hoop Group of cancelation 7 days prior to event

  • Failure to notify the Hoop Group of cancellation 7 days prior to event will result in a credit which will be applied to the customer’s account and be redeemable for any event within 13 months of purchase

Without Cancellation Insurance

  • A credit will be applied to customers account if they notify the Hoop Group of cancellation 7 days prior to event   

  • No credit/refund will be applied to customer without notifying the Hoop Group of cancellation 7 days prior to event.


To notify Hoop Group of cancellation for HGHQ events email coop@hoopgroup.com or call 732-502-2255