SARASOTA, Fla. (March 22, 2012)- The Tars sailing team took part in South Points #4, which saw all teams compete in slow and tough conditions. Winds kept changing directions, first starting from the north before switching west.

Race conditions improved greatly with winds holding steady at 15 knots and the occasional gusts of 20 knots. The regatta saw 14 races completed with the Tars claiming first place in the A-Division and a second place overall. Ian Nora (skipper) and Ramona Snowden (crew) represented the Tars in the A-Division, while Mitchell Watkins (skipper) and Cass Yankala (crew) sailed in the B-Division.

By virtue of a strong showing the Tars moved into fourth place in the South Points Conference standings, which qualifies the Blue and Gold for the championship rounds. Rollins will travel to Jacksonville for South Points #5 to cement their fourth place standing.

The championships will be held in Miami on April 7-8 and will look to be an exciting race among the top teams.

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