2016-2017 Commissioner's Cup Standings

In the conference’s continuing efforts to recognize the achievements of its student-athletes, the Commissioner’s Cup is awarded annually as a symbol of overall excellence in athletics in the 25 championship athletic events conducted within the MAAC. Each institution is scored in all championships that it fields a varsity team. However, only the scores from the men’s and women’s basketball participation, plus the other top six men’s and other top six women’s championships shall be used to determine an institution’s total points.

For sports without a championship event or a regular-season required schedule, points are assigned based on the number of competing varsity teams. Each team receives points based on its finish, with the last place team receiving one point and the champion receiving a bonus point. Teams that are tied by record or point total in standings shall split the points for those positions, regardless of any further tie-breaking procedures. In sports with associate members, points will be distributed based solely on the finish of the core MAAC teams. The bonus point for the first-place finish will only be awarded if the team actually won the MAAC championship.

For sports with a required regular-season schedule and a six or four-team tournament participation, points are awarded for regular-season performance as indicated above. Championship participants earn additional points in the following schedule: 7-5-4-3-2-1 or 7-5-4-3. In sports with just semifinals and finals, it is 7-5-3.5-3.5.

For sports with required regular-season scheduling and full tournament participation, points are awarded for regular-season performance and tournament finish. This system is used primarily for men’s and women’s basketball as well as teams that participate in championship events at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

2016-2017 Commissioner's Cup Standings
As of 03/24/2016

Overall Standings
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  Men's Standings
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  Women's Standings
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 1.   Rider  110.25    1. Rider
 46.25    1. Rider  64.00
 2.   Monmouth  94.25    2. Iona  45.00    2. Quinnipiac  60.50
 3.   Quinnipiac
 86.50    3. Monmouth
 36.50    3. Monmouth
 4.   Iona  84.00    4. Canisius
 36.25    4. Marist  47.75
 5.   Siena  79.25    5. Siena  34.00    5. Fairfield  47.50
 6.   Marist  78.25    6. Marist  30.50    6. Siena  45.25
 7.   Canisius  70.00    7. Quinnipiac
 26.00    7. Iona  39.00
 8.   Fairfield  62.75    8. Saint Peter's
 23.50    8. Canisius


 9.   Manhattan  47.50    9. Manhattan  19.50    9. Manhattan
10.   Niagara  35.75   10. Fairfield
 15.25    10. Niagara  21.50
11.   Saint Peter's  30.00
  11. Niagara
 14.25    11. Saint Peter's  6.50

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