Cordish Family Pavilion and Lenz Tennis Center

The Cordish Family Pavilion is the centerpiece of the Lenz Tennis Center, having been completed in fall 2011. The two-story building features coaches offices and a viewing platform on its upper level, while the lower level houses locker rooms for both the men's and women's teams as well as a gathering area underneath the second-floor viewing platform. In addition to the Cordish Family Pavilion, the facility also received a new scoreboard for the fall 2011 season.

Around the Cordish Family Pavilion is the Lenz Tennis Center, which features 20 courts. In addition to the viewing areas at the Cordish Family Pavilion, along the top three varsity courts is seating for an additional 700 spectators. Another viewing pagoda is located between sets of the Lenz Center's additional courts.

Giving the Princeton tennis programs a year-round home regardless of weather, Princeton also has the use of six indoor courts on the E level of Jadwin Gymnasium. The indoor facility features banners marking conference titles and NCAA appearances for both the men's and women's programs as well as a scoreboard put in place for the spring 2011 season.