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Husker Fans Have 10 Days to Blitz ESPN Poll

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Your Vote Can Bring GameDay to Lincoln

Share Your Favorite GameDay Memories

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Please forgive me for sounding a little like Michael Buffer, the voice bellowing into a   microphone in the middle of a boxing ring while fully regaled in a tuxedo. You know who Michael Buffer is. He’s the guy with the perfect vibrato when he exhorts: “Let’s get ready to rumble!” and strings that last word out forever, refusing to let go of it until everyone in the house is ready for something special. Well, this N-Sider isn’t about boxing, but there is a similar question we could ask everyone out there, using Buffer’s call-to-action kind of urgency: “Husker fans: Are you ready to bring GameDay to Nebraska's campus?

If your answer to that is a resounding yes, we have to buffer that question with another one that sounds like something straight from the mouth of a ring announcer: “Husker fans: Are you ready to go for the all-out blitz?”

A blitz in this case means simply: Do you swear to vote once a day every day for 10 straight days right here?Not only that, are you ready, willing and able to recruit family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers and everyone with even a remote connection to the Cornhusker State to vote and help bring Chris Fowler, Kirk Herbstreit, Lee Corso and/or Desmond Howard to Lincoln, so one or all of them can film a commercial this summer on Nebraska’s campus – the home of the only stadium in the history of college football to sell out every home game for 50 consecutive years?

The Winner Gets an On-Campus Ad Shoot

If you’re prepared to answer the bell, then now’s the time to leverage your influence, pass this information on and encourage everyone you know to join the cause ... today, tomorrow and every day until this fan vote poll ends at midnight ET on Wednesday, May 2. Whichever school finishes with the most votes will host the GameDay advertising shoot for a day of filming in late July or early August.

“Our Marketing Department worked hard to find a way to build on the success of last year’s social initiative,” said Peter Mulally, a spokesman for ESPN’s 2012 ad shoot that will be a sequel to the 2011 Dry Cleaners GameDay ad featuring Corso, who promoted which mascot head would be chosen to appear in ESPN’s commercial.

“We’re pulling out all the stops to promote this year’s vote,” Mulally said.  “We’re featuring robust digital and social support using paid and owned media throughout the voting window. We’re using on-air mentions in key shows, and our Public Relations team sent a press release to trade press and college media lists today.”

Social Media Pulling Out All The Stops

“Social media has been huge for us,” Mulally said. “Our mission is to serve the sports fan and by interacting and engaging with fans like we’re doing with the GameDay Vote, we really feel like we’re accomplishing that.”

Because social media is so dynamic and results cannot be based on video hits alone, it’s difficult to choose what might be the most creative examples of social media.

“College GameDay is proud to integrate social into the show as much as possible,” Mulally said, citing Tweet Signs, Fan Cam, Face-the-Fan Chats and GameDay on Campus. “Tweet Signs has been incredibly popular. So has our Mascot Head Generator on Facebook.”

“The GameDay voice strongly resonates with fans as social engagement rates throughout the season were high among ESPN brands,” Mullaly said. “Ultimately, social is one of our more powerful extensions to acquire, reach and engage with more fans because they offer more frequency.”

Husker Fans Have Four Voting Options

Husker fans can use any of the links above or here to vote via social media in the College GameDay Contest. ESPN leaves no stone unturned, delivering voting options via Internet, on your mobile phone (using, through Facebook and evenTwitter with this hash tag: #GameDayVote.

Mulally acknowledges there are a few “staples” that College Football GameDay is known for, such as Corso’s Pick, The Desk and The Bus. Perhaps the most popular staples are “the GameDay signs” because, Mulally said, “they continue to embody the excitement and personality of the show, so keep ‘em coming!”

Big Red creativity can match any fan base in the country, but to prove it, Husker fans need to join ranks for a common cause and blitz this ESPN Fan Poll for 10 consecutive days. If I know Husker fans, they’ll call in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines if necessary to win this vote. And don’t forget, in between your daily vote over a 10-day period, please share your favorite GameDay memories with us. Who knows? Someone out there might even have a commercially viable idea.   

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