By: Kayla Glanville

EUGENE, Ore. – Student-athletes and athletic department staff joined together at the Moshofsky Center to participate in the 3rd annual O Heroes “O”lympic games on Sunday, January 22.

The games, a combination of mental and physical challenges, encouraged the student-athletes to further unify themselves as athletes and as Ducks: “You’re put into groups with other student-athletes who you see but don’t [necessarily] interact with on a regular-basis,” explained freshman Miranda Merkison of the Acrobatics and Tumbling team, “you get to build a relationship with athletes from other teams, which I think strengthens our student-athlete community.”

Along with completing puzzles, playing a knockout tournament and competing in obstacle courses the participants contended for style points as well. Each team, made up of student-athletes from various sports, unified themselves with such themes as Team USA, The Pink Panthers, 1980’s Sports Stars and many more.

This year’s event was the biggest and most successful “O”lympics to date. About 140 student-athletes, along with two teams of training and facility staff, participated by the dozens and the community of U of O student-athletes once again strengthened their bond as Heroes and as Ducks.