The Sports Medicine Department at Texas A&M University is committed to providing quality health care to student-athletes. The goal of the sports medicine staff is to provide the most comprehensive individual sports medicine care available in a professional, efficient and service-oriented manner. Our dedicated staff of physicians, athletic trainers and physical therapists will implement strategies to help prevent and manage athletic related injuries or illnesses while promoting athletic performance of all Aggie student-athletes.

Texas A&M Team Physicians

    • J.P. Bramhall, M.D.    (Director of Sports Medicine, Orthopedic Surgeon, Team Physician)

    • Jesse Parr, M.D.    (Senior Medical Team Physician)

    • James Distefano, D.O.    (Team Physician, Primary Care Sports Medicine)

    • Kory Gill, D.O.    (Team Physician, Primary Care Sports Medicine)

    • Laura Marsh, M.D.    (Team Physician, Primary Care Sports Medicine)

    • Cynthia Jansky, M.D.    (OB/GYN)

    • Barry Solcher, M.D.    (Team Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon)

    • Rick Seabolt, M.D.    (Team Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon)

    • Cliff Walker, D.C.    (Chiropractor)

  • Boone Barrow, M.D.    (Team Physician, Family Medicine)

Undergraduate Athletic Training Education Program

Texas A&M Athletics is committed to "Building Champions" through academic achievement, athletic excellence and national recognition of student-athletes, teams and programs. Texas A&M's almost 650 student-athletes compete at the NCAA Division 1-A level in 20 varsity sports, and it is the job of the Texas A&M Athletic Training staff to keep the Aggies healthy.

The undergraduate athletic training program offers many great opportunities to those students who are interested in becoming a Texas state licensed athletic trainer. As a participant of the program, the student receives the opportunity to work directly with staff athletic trainers, physical therapists, nutritionists, physicians, and athletes on a daily basis. With the great athletic training staff at Texas A&M, the student will learn about the everyday operations, acute care, and continued healthcare of our athletes.

Students in the program have the opportunity to observe injury evaluations and assist in the rehabilitation and treatment of athletic injuries, which will help them if they desire to become a state licensed athletic trainer to practice in Texas, or earn experience hours to apply to an entry-level master’s program in athletic training to become a nationally certified athletic trainer to practice in any state including Texas.


How do you become part of the student athletic training program?

  • You must apply and be accepted into Texas A&M University as a full-time student. We do not accept student athletic trainers into our program who have not been accepted into the university. We recommend you apply for early admissions to Texas A&M University. Contact the Admissions office at 979-845-1004 to request an application (and to find out its deadline) to submit for consideration into Texas A&M.
  • You must fill out an application to be a part of our student athletic trainer program. You may download the student athletic trainer application here. Fill out the application in its entirety and submit it prior to the semester in which you will begin. You will be contacted later about the date and time of the student athletic trainer orientation/meeting that will be held at the beginning of each fall and spring semester. At this meeting further details will be provided to you about what is expected from you that semester.
  • Along with your application you must submit a one page autobiography telling us a little about yourself and why you want to become an athletic trainer. Also, 3 letters of recommendation that can be mailed to Matt Kee.

Graduate Athletic Training Education Program

The MSAT program is a professional (entry-level) athletic training program for students who do not hold a bachelor’s degree in athletic training but who wish to pursue athletic training credentials by the Board of Certification (BOC) and pursue a career as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC).

Welcome to Aggieland!

Teams traveling with ATC's or LAT's are welcomed to use the modalities in our facilities. Members of our medical team will be present at all times to assist with any services that you need. If you have any special needs, please contact us prior to arrival.

Important Phone Numbers

Medical Facilities (area code 979)

  • Texas A&M Health Center - 845.1511
  • College Station Medical Center - 764.5100
  • St. Joseph Hospital - 776.3777
  • The Physicians Centre - 731.3100

Athletic Training Facilities (area code 979)

  • Bright Football Complex Athletic Training Room - 845.3121 (fax 847.8514)
  • Olympic Sports Athletic Training Room - 845.4322 (fax 458.2874)
  • Reed Arena Basketball Athletic Training Room - 458.1060 (fax 458.1055)
  • Reed Arena Volleyball Athletic Training Room - 458.3669
  • Olsen Field Athletic Training Room - 458.3663

Athletic Training Services Provided


  • 4 10-gallon coolers
  • 4 taping tables
  • 2 treatment tables
  • Hydrocollator
  • 10 cases of soft drinks
  • 1,000 cups
  • 2,400 lbs. bagged ice
  • Basic emergency equipment
  • Biohazard Supplies

Men's and Women's Basketball

  • Taping table with basic taping supplies
  • Hydrocollator
  • Biohazard supplies
  • 1 10-gallon with water with cups
  • Injury ice with ice bags
  • Basic emergency equipment


  • 2 10-gallon coolers of water, cups, towels, ice, and ice bags will be provided in your dugout during games.
  • 1 7-gallon of water and cups will be provided in your bullpen during games.
  • Therapeutic modalities to include a whirlpool and a hydrocollator will be available for your use from the Home Clubhouse
  • A taping table with taping supplies will be provided in the visitors' locker room.
  • Emergency equipment such as crutches, splints, backboard, and an AED will be in the home dugout during games.


  • Hydrocollator
  • Biohazard supplies
  • 1 10-gallon with water with cups
  • Injury ice with ice bags
  • Basic emergency equipment

Women's Soccer

  • Biohazard supplies
  • 1 10-gallon of water with cups on sideline & locker room
  • Injury ice with ice bags
  • Basic emergency equipment
  • Portable treatment table on sideline

Softball, Tennis, Track, Swimming, Equestrian

  • Biohazard supplies
  • 1 10-gallon with water with cups
  • Injury ice with ice bags
  • Basic emergency equipment

Aggie Athletic Trainers' Association

AATA is an organization made up of primarily undergraduate and graduate student athletic trainers. The Aggie Athletic Trainers' Association strives to bring together those interested in athletic training and provide resources to further our education, community involvement, and to unite our past and present Aggie Athletic Trainers.