2011-12 Optima Health Challenge Standings
Updated: Wednesday 08/02/2010 (ET)
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Williamsburg, Va. - In an exciting new initiative, the athletics departments from the College of William and Mary and Old Dominion University have partnered with title sponsor, Optima Health, to launch the Optima Health Challenge for the 2011-12 athletics year.

The Optima Health Challenge is a running score of all the direct competitions between the two Colonial Athletic Association schools, with a champion being named at the end of the athletic season and receiving the Optima Health Trophy.

The scoring system awards 10 points for the overall winner in every regular season ODU-W&M athletic competition (for instance, in football, the winner of the Nov. 12th matchup will receive 10 points; in baseball, the winner of the regular season three-game series will receive 10 points).

A total of 140 points (10 points for Football, 10 points for MBB, 10 points for WBB, and 10 points per 11 Olympic Sports) will be awarded for 2011-12.  The winning school will be the first to tally 75 points.

The final standings are available below.

2011-12 Optima Health Challenge Final Standings

Sport Pts Remaining W&M ODU Recap
Football 0   10 RECAP
M. Soccer 0   10 RECAP
W. Soccer 0 10   RECAP
Field Hockey 0   10 RECAP
M. Basketball
  10 RECAP (1/28)
RECAP (2/8)
W. Basketball 0 10   RECAP
M. Swimming 0   10 RECAP
W. Swimming 0 10   RECAP
Baseball 0   10 RECAP
M. Golf 0   10 RECAP
W. Golf 0   10 RECAP
Lacrosse 0   10 RECAP
M. Tennis 0   10 RECAP
W. Tennis 0 10   RECAP
Totals 0 40 100  

School needs 75 points to win.

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