The Presbyterian College Blue Thunder Pep Band, under the direction of Dr. Tim Kintzinger, is committed to providing an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere at athletic events. The 2008-2009 school year introduced the official Presbyterian College Music Department Tartan as an integral part of the Pep Band uniform. The school’s trademark colors are visible in the blue and garnet kilts worn at every home game. The 2008-2009 season also marked the beginning of a new component of the Pep Band experience: a Drum Line.

In keeping with the school’s motto “Dum Vivimus Servimus” (While We Live, We Serve) and the freelance spirit of the instrumental department, many of the students in the band choose to serve in other ensembles including the Jazz Band, Jazz Combo, Bluegrass Fusion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, and Brass Quintet. With all these different musical styles at work, the Pep Band can play anything from Stan Kenton to AC/DC to specially arranged Wind Ensemble works and much more. The possibilities for music students are limited only by their imagination. The PC Music Department encourages the school’s theme: “Take It On” by expanding the vision of what is possible.


Membership in all PC Musical ensembles is open to any student, regardless of major. All entering freshmen having an interest in music are encouraged to audition. Scholarships are available for participation as well as for majors and minors. For more information or to schedule an audition, contact the Music Department Office at (864) 833-8470, or stop by the Pep Band during one of the home games.


Quick facts:


90% of the Pep Band is on Scholarship for Music

In the Pep Band, 10% are Music Majors, 25% are Music Minors

Two football players are Music Majors

One in 10 students at PC is involved in Music

The PC Music Department is a Member of the National Association of Schools of Music (National Accrediting Agency)

Music is the third most common major among graduate students studying to be healthcare professionals

There are seven full-time music faculty, all with Doctorates in their field.

In national music exit exams, PC Music Students placed in the 80th percentile


For information about Pep Band or any of the instrumental ensembles at PC, contact:


864.833.8465 (Office)

Dr. Timothy Kintzinger, Director of Bands and Jazz Studies


For information about Vocal Music and Choir, contact:

864.833.8468 (Office)

Dr. Porter Stokes, Music Department Chair and Director of Choral Studies


For audition information or to schedule an audition, contact:

864.833.8470 (Office)

Ms. Beverly Davis, Departmental Secretary

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