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2005 Spring AD Honor Roll
Release: Sunday 06/24/2005 
by Bradley University





The student-athletes named have earned a grade point average of 3.0 or higher for the spring 2005 semester.

 The Athletic Department commends these student-athletes for successfully combining athletic participation and outstanding academic achievement.

*Student-athletes must earn a minimum of 12 graded hours to qualify for the Athletic Director’s Honor Roll.


NAME                  CLASS       SPORT
Eitan Barbalat        Freshman    Baseball
Brad Canada           Senior      Baseball
Ryan Curry            Sophomore   Baseball
Ryan Eigsti           Freshman    Baseball
Peter Elmer           Junior      Baseball
Derek Goins           Senior      Baseball
Ryan Kenny            Senior      Baseball
Brock Luxmore         Sophomore   Baseball
Peter Malinowski      Freshman    Baseball
Pat Ryerson           Sophomore   Baseball
Jon Smith             Senior      Baseball
Brian Spielmann       Senior      Baseball
Adam Uscicki          Senior      Baseball
Danny Adams           Sophomore   Men’s Basketball
Tony Bennett          Junior      Men’s Basketball
Jeremy Crouch         Freshman    Men’s Basketball
Brandyn Heemskerk     Junior      Men’s Basketball
Montana Heirman       Freshman    Men’s Basketball
Kevin Jones           Sophomore   Men’s Basketball
Jen Brown             Sophomore   Women’s Basketball
Devyn Flanagan        Freshman    Women’s Basketball
Kayla Hackman         Senior      Women’s Basketball
Alex Liberatore       Junior      Women’s Basketball
Libby Magnuson        Freshman    Women’s Basketball
Genny Mueller         Senior      Women’s Basketball
Amy Peters            Sophomore   Women’s Basketball
Collin Diedrich       Junior      Men’s Cross Country
Chris George          Freshman    Men’s Cross Country
Nathan Leech          Freshman    Men’s Cross Country
Matt O’Shea           Freshman    Men’s Cross Country
Nick Palumbo          Freshman    Men’s Cross Country
Bekah Aavang          Freshman    Women’s CC/Track
Marcia Backstrom      Sophomore   Women’s CC/Track
Rachel Furman         Senior      Women’s CC/Track
Shelby Lile           Senior      Women’s CC/Track
Jenny Melville        Freshman    Women’s CC/Track
Stephanie Richards    Sophomore   Women’s CC/Track
Rachel Scanlan        Senior      Women’s CC/Track
Amanda Schnaiter      Freshman    Women’s CC/Track
Ainslie Schultz       Freshman    Women’s CC/Track
Kristina Werner       Senior      Women’s CC/Track
Sarah Westrick        Sophomore   Women’s CC/Track
Will Gebhardt         Freshman    Men’s Golf
Ryan Julius           Sophomore   Men’s Golf
Craig Tautges         Junior      Men’s Golf
James Taylor          Freshman    Men’s Golf
Whitney Bauer         Junior      Women’s Golf
Whitney Cox           Freshman    Women’s Golf
Meaghan LeBlanc       Junior      Women’s Golf
Carley Sobel          Senior      Women’s Golf
Rikki Sobel           Freshman    Women’s Golf
Emily VonFeldt        Junior      Women’s Golf
Nick Bowden           Junior      Soccer
Chris Brown           Junior      Soccer
Stephen Brust         Sophomore   Soccer
Salim Bullen          Junior      Soccer
Brandon Burgert       Junior      Soccer
Steve Chromik         Junior      Soccer
Drew DeGurian         Freshman    Soccer
Chris Dunsheath       Junior      Soccer
Adam Hage             Junior      Soccer
Jeff Kellogg          Junior      Soccer
Cody Kother           Senior      Soccer
Andrew Monteith       Freshman    Soccer
Todd Reedy            Freshman    Soccer
Brad Snook            Freshman    Soccer
Deron Swaby           Junior      Soccer
Daniel Velasquez      Sophomore   Soccer
Maggie Auble          Freshman    Softball
Molly Bergeson        Freshman    Softball
Rebecca Bishop        Freshman    Softball
Shayna Bradford       Junior      Softball
Christine Cooney      Sophomore   Softball
Brittany Dehler       Junior      Softball
Kimberly Dobill       Junior      Softball
Trish Kowalewski      Freshman    Softball
Sarah Mancuso         Senior      Softball
Jessie Musgrove       Freshman    Softball
Brittany Mynsberge    Senior      Softball
Joanna Pettit         Junior      Softball
Stephanie Ramsey      Freshman    Softball
Holly Rogers          Junior      Softball
Bethany Till          Sophomore   Softball
Angela Toures         Senior      Softball
Elizabeth Wilson      Sophomore   Softball
Marko Marevic         Junior      Men’s Tennis
Matt Metully          Sophomore   Men’s Tennis
Ivor Miskulin         Freshman    Men’s Tennis
Mark Muskievicz       Senior      Men’s Tennis
Marek Pawlik          Junior      Men’s Tennis
Scott Roebuck         Senior      Men’s Tennis
Marissa Bianchi       Senior      Women’s Tennis
Katie Bowen           Freshman    Women’s Tennis
Teri Chan             Sophomore   Women’s Tennis
Elise Montrose        Sophomore   Women’s Tennis
Ashley Morris         Junior      Women’s Tennis
Jessica Sampias       Freshman    Women’s Tennis
Megan Vogel           Freshman    Women’s Tennis
Kelley Wood           Senior      Women’s Tennis
Jackee Brannan        Senior      Women’s Track & Field
Shannon Calvert       Sophomore   Women’s Track & Field
Caryn Hinkson         Junior      Women’s Track & Field
Kim Martin            Sophomore   Women’s Track & Field
Sarah McKay           Senior      Women’s Track & Field
Maya Monitto-Webber   Sophomore   Women’s Track & Field
Carli Murphy          Freshman    Women’s Track & Field
Niobra Peterson       Freshman    Women’s Track & Field
Rachel Redenius       Freshman    Women’s Track & Field
Julia Schurr          Freshman    Women’s Track & Field
Amber DeBroux         Sophomore   Volleyball
Gillian Falknor       Junior      Volleyball
Briony Hammet         Junior      Volleyball
Jenna Harrison        Freshman    Volleyball
Eileen Hillary        Freshman    Volleyball
Jasmine Kinslow       Sophomore   Volleyball
Amy McFarland         Sophomore   Volleyball
Nicole Pierzchala     Freshman    Volleyball
Ashley Vance          Junior      Volleyball

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