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The following is a reference guide to NCAA rules concerning boosters. This information is a condensed version of the recruiting rules that apply to boosters. If you have any further questions, please contact Will Pridemore (8010 626-8552 or williampridemore@weber.edu). For a more comprehensive section on Booster Compliance, click here.

Are you a booster?

  • You are if you have participated as a member of an agency or organization which promotes an institution's intercollegiate athletics program.
  • You are if you have made financial contributions to the athletics department or to an athletics booster organization of that institution.
  • You are if you have assisted in providing benefits (e.g.., summer jobs) to enrolled student-athletes or their families.
  • You are if you have been involved in otherwise promoting an institution's athletics.

Things boosters MAY NOT do:

  • Have face-to-face contact with recruits or their parents, legal guardian(s), or relatives to encourage them to enroll at an institution.
  • Telephone or write to recruits or their parents, legal guardian(s), or relatives to encourage them to enroll at an institution.
  • Contact a recruit's counselor, principal, or coach in an attempt to evaluate the recruit.

Things boosters MAY do:

  • Once a recruit has signed a National Letter of Intent, a booster may have contact with the recruit to discuss summer job arrangements.
  • Speak to a recruit via telephone only if the recruit initiates the conversation and the call is not for recruiting purposes. A recruit's question about athletics must be referred to the athletics department.
  • Watch a recruit's athletics contest on his or her own initiative, but the booster still may not have contact with the recruit.

Weber State is grateful for the support its boosters provide to its athletics programs. Because institutions are responsible for the actions of their boosters, they place a strong emphasis on compliance with NCAA rules and appreciate the efforts their boosters make to stay within the recruiting guidelines.

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