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Creighton Staff Directory

Name, Position Phone Email
Athletics   Return To Top
Bruce Rasmussen, Director of Athletics 402-280-2720
Mark Burgers, Associate Athletic Director 402-280-5561
Kevin Sarver, Associate Athletic Director for External Operations 402-280-5810
Steve Brace, Assistant Athletic Director for Internal Operations 402-280-2484
Adrian Rider, Assistant Athletic Director for Marketing & Ticketing 402-280-5297
Brandy Menaugh, SWA/Asst. AD For Compliance 402-280-3008
Adrian Dowell, Assistant Athletic Director for Development 402-280-3498
Neil Norton, NCAA Faculty Representative 402-280-5002
Margaret Bennett, Administrative Secretary 402-280-2720
Barb Epps, Administrative Assistant 402-280-5577
Baseball   Return To Top
Ed Servais, Head Coach 402-280-2483
Spencer Allen, Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coordinator 402-280-5545
Tom Lipari, Assistant Coach
Nick Judkins, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Eric WordeKemper, Undergraduate Assistant Coach
Brian Furlong, Director of Baseball Operations
(M) Basketball   Return To Top
Greg McDermott, Head Coach 402-280-1795
Darian DeVries, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Steve Lutz, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Patrick Sellers, Assistant Coach 402-280-1795
Steve Merfeld, Assistant to the Head Coach 402-280-1795
Jeff Vanderloo, Director of Basketball Operations 402-280-1795
Blair Broadhurst, Video Coordinator 402-280-1795
Len Gordy, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 402-280-5784
Tyler Glidden, Administrative Assistant 402-280-1795
Patty Galas, Secretary 402-280-1795
(W) Basketball   Return To Top
Jim Flanery, Head Coach 402-280-2720
Matt Fritsche, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
Chevelle Herring, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
Carrie Moore, Assistant Coach 402-280-2861
Jenny Vickers, Director of Operations 402-280-5782
(M) Cross Country   Return To Top
Matt Rogers, Head Coach 407-760-3861
(W) Cross Country   Return To Top
Matt Rogers, Head Coach 407-760-3861
(M) Golf   Return To Top
Chris Wiemers, Head Coach 402-280-5813
(W) Golf   Return To Top
Debbie Conry, Head Coach 402-280-1722
(W) Rowing   Return To Top
Daniel Chipps, Head Coach 402-280-1817
Joy Dobrauc, Assistant Coach 402-280-1817
Justin Richardson, Assistant Coach
Jon Stockton, Assistant Coach
Ray Griggs, Rigger
(M) Soccer   Return To Top
Elmar Bolowich, Head Coach 402-280-2720
Johnny Torres, Assistant Coach 402-280-3294
Justin Hughes, Assistant Coach 402-280-2720
Kyle Deremer, Graduate Manager
(W) Soccer   Return To Top
Bruce Erickson, Head Coach 402-280-5553
Digger Hawkins, Assistant Coach 402-280-5779
Ivonne Valentin, Assistant Coach 402-280-5779
Sarah Garland, Director of Operations
Chris Dunford, Volunteer Assistant Coach
Softball   Return To Top
Brent Vigness, Head Coach 402-280-2949
Abby Johnson, Assistant Coach 402-280-5806
Renae Sinkler, Assistant Coach 402-280-3286
(M) Tennis   Return To Top
Tom Lilly, Head Coach 402-280-2490
(W) Tennis   Return To Top
Tom Lilly, Head Coach 402-280-2490
Jean Lilly, Assistant Coach
(W) Volleyball   Return To Top
Kirsten Bernthal Booth, Head Coach 402-280-5794
Tom Mendoza, Associate Head Coach 402-660-5824
Angie Oxley Behrens, Assistant Coach 402-280-5812
Academic Services   Return To Top
Steve Brace, Director 402-280-2484
Lisa Chipps, Academic Coordinator 402-280-5832
Athletic Business   Return To Top
Chris Schroeder, Business Manager 402-280-2125
Athletic Development   Return To Top
Adrian Dowell, Director 402-280-3498
Caitlin Nicoletto, Associate Director of Development 402-280-1216
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Ben McNair, Head Athletic Trainer 402-280-1793
Deb Belik, Assistant Athletic Trainer
Sean Mohatt, Assistant Athletic Trainer 402-280-5563
Curtis Self, Assistant Athletic Trainer 402-280-5554
Kelli Florio, Graduate Assistant
Megan Hoeft, Graduate Assistant
Compliance   Return To Top
Brandy Menaugh, Director 402-280-3008
Diversity & Inclusion   Return To Top
Len Gordy, Diversity & Inclusion Officer 402-280-5784
Facilities   Return To Top
Brandon McCarville, Manager 402-280-1869
J.J. Borecky, Assistant Manager 402-280-1869
JAYS Dancers   Return To Top
Alynne Wize, Coordinator 402-280-3788
Marketing, Sales & Promotions   Return To Top
Joe Willman, Director of Marketing 402-280-2984
Tracy Whitfield, Director of Promotions, Assistant Director of Marketing 402-280-2984
Chris Newhouse, Assistant Director of Marketing - Multimedia & Design 402-280-5536
Rachel Schultz, Assistant Director of Marketing, Sales & Events
Nutrition   Return To Top
Jill Koegel, Team Dietitian 402-350-8664
Sports Information   Return To Top
Rob Anderson, Sports Information Director (VB, MBB, XC, Golf) 402-280-5544
Glen Sisk, Assistant Director (Baseball, Rowing, WBB & WSOC) 402-280-2433
Jeremy Strachan, Assistant Director (MSOC, Softball, Tennis) 402-280-5801
Strength & Conditioning   Return To Top
Dan Bailey, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Brad Schmidt, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach 402-280-4746
Shea Anderson, Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Bryan Hoie, Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach
Ticketing   Return To Top
Brad Abramson, Director of Ticket Sales Operations 402-280-5297
Mike Murakami, Assistant Director of Ticket Sales Operations 402-280-5297
Justin Pessetto, Ticketing Intern 402-280-5297

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