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Coaches 2020-21 Season


David Cutcliffe Head Coach (919) 684-2635 eMail David Cutcliffe
Zac Roper The Baxter Family Deputy Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks (919) 684-2635 eMail Zac Roper
Derek Jones Associate Head Coach/Defensive Backs (919) 684-2635 eMail Derek Jones
Trooper Taylor Assistant Head Coach/Wide Receivers (919) 668-5709 eMail Trooper Taylor
Ben Albert Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line (919) 668-6042 eMail Ben Albert
Matt Guerrieri Co-Defensive Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator [Defense]/DS (919) 668-5712 eMail Matt Guerrieri
Jeff Faris Assistant Coach/Recruiting Coordinator [Offense]/Tight Ends (919) 668-1382 eMail Jeff Faris
Re'quan Boyette Assistant Coach/Running Backs (919) 668-5714 eMail Re'quan Boyette
Jim Bridge Assistant Coach/Offensive Line (919) 668-5715 eMail Jim Bridge
Lanier Goethie Assistant Coach/Linebackers (919) 684-2635 eMail Lanier Goethie
Kirk Benedict Assistant Coach/Special Teams & Defense (919) 684-82083788 eMail Kirk Benedict
Eli Keimach Offensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635 eMail Eli Keimach
Sam McGrath Defensive Quality Control (919) 684-2635 eMail Sam McGrath
Austin Davis Graduate Assistant Coach/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Austin Davis
Joe Kasper Graduate Assistant Coach/Defense (919) 684-2635 eMail Joe Kasper
Billy Lewis Graduate Assistant Coach/Defense
Frederick Walker Graduate Assistant Coach/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Frederick Walker
Eric Dickerson Football Operations Assistant/Special Teams (919) 684-2635 eMail Eric Dickerson
Justin Manning Football Operations Assistant/Defense (919) 684-2635 eMail Justin Manning
Mitch Singler Football Operations Assistant/Offense (919) 684-2635 eMail Mitch Singler
Kevin Lehman Executive Director of Football Administration and Football Chief of Staff (919) 684-7733 eMail Kevin Lehman
Zach Pidgeon Assistant Director of Football Operations (919) 684-8389 eMail Zach Pidgeon
Kent McLeod Director of Player Personnel (919) 668-2722 eMail Kent McLeod
Will Cole Director of Football Development (919) 684-0315 eMail Will Cole
James Harrell Assistant Director of Player Personnel (919) 684-0414 eMail James Harrell
Lucas Krier Player Personnel Coordinator (919) 613-6844 eMail Lucas Krier
Adam Barkley Football Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765 eMail Adam Barkley
Andrew Parham Football Assistant Director of Information Technology (919) 668-5765 eMail Andrew Parham
Jeremiah Walker Director of Football Campus Relations (919) 668-6578 eMail Jeremiah Walker
Peggy Nelson Executive Assistant to Head Football Coach (919) 668-6041 eMail Peggy Nelson
Mickey Laws Football Administrative Secretary (919) 668-5720 eMail Mickey Laws