2nd Period Play-by-Play

  Chattanooga vs. VMI
  Date: Oct 21, 2018 • Site: Lexington, Va.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
 For UTC: #00 Ashton Shields, #2 Chloe Arnold, #3 Maggie Shaw, #7 Catherine Meyer, #8 Peyton Moore, #10 Samantha Shaw, #12 Hollie Massey, #14 Masey Fox, #17 Shelby Hash, #18 Bailey Gale, #19 Jordan Mueller.
 For VMI: #28 Ceci Keppeler, #4 Amber Levy, #6 Blake Cashin, #7 Taylor Callahan, #8 Juliet Esnardo, #13 Kiley Cropper, #14 Gabby Criscione, #2 Amber Risheg, #20 Sam Franklin, #21 Sierra Brewer, #25 Julianne Knoblett.
[46:39]  Shot by UTC Chloe Arnold, SAVE Ceci Keppeler.
 Corner kick by UTC Chloe Arnold [46:50].
 Foul on VMI.
[48:17]  Shot by UTC Hollie Massey WIDE.
[50:14]  Shot by VMI Sierra Brewer, SAVE Ashton Shields.
[51:28]  Shot by VMI Sierra Brewer HIGH.
[52:19]  Shot by UTC Bailey Gale WIDE.
 Corner kick by UTC Chloe Arnold [54:52].
[55:22]  Shot by VMI Kiley Cropper HIT CROSSBAR.
[55:30]  Shot by VMI Sam Franklin, SAVE Ashton Shields.
[56:17]  Shot by VMI Sierra Brewer HIGH.
[56:47]  VMI substitution: W. Edwards-Roberson for Amber Levy.
[61:04]  Shot by UTC Chloe Arnold, SAVE Ceci Keppeler.
[61:31]  UTC substitution: Anna Rogers for Catherine Meyer.
 Foul on VMI.
[67:52]  Yellow card on VMI Sierra Brewer.
[67:52]  UTC substitution: Lauren Dluzewski for Chloe Arnold.
 Foul on Chattanooga.
 Foul on Chattanooga.
[72:01]  Shot by UTC Bailey Gale, SAVE Ceci Keppeler.
[72:34]  Shot by UTC Lauren Dluzewski, SAVE Ceci Keppeler.
[73:11]  VMI substitution: Onika Hammond for Julianne Knoblett.
[73:11]  VMI substitution: Keniya Lee for Blake Cashin.
[73:11]  VMI substitution: Maria Vargas for Kiley Cropper.
[73:11]  VMI substitution: Erin Kozlowski for Sierra Brewer.
[73:11]  UTC substitution: Chloe Arnold for Masey Fox.
 Corner kick by VMI Taylor Callahan [73:52].
 Corner kick by UTC Chloe Arnold [76:11].
 Foul on Chattanooga.
 Foul on VMI.
[77:12]  Offside against Chattanooga.
 Foul on Chattanooga.
[80:47]  VMI substitution: Kiley Cropper for Maria Vargas.
[80:47]  VMI substitution: Sierra Brewer for Erin Kozlowski.
[80:47]  VMI substitution: Julianne Knoblett for Gabby Criscione.
[80:47]  VMI substitution: Blake Cashin for W. Edwards-Roberson.
[82:41]  Shot by VMI Blake Cashin WIDE.
 Foul on VMI.
 Foul on Chattanooga.
[84:28]  Shot by VMI Julianne Knoblett, SAVE Ashton Shields.
[87:32]  UTC substitution: Masey Fox for Anna Rogers.
[87:32]  UTC substitution: Maeve Kelly for Samantha Shaw.
[87:32]  VMI substitution: Natalie Carpenter for Onika Hammond.
[88:10]  Header Shot by UTC Masey Fox WIDE.
[89:16]  Shot by VMI Julianne Knoblett WIDE.
 End of period [90:00].