VILLANOVA, Pa. – The Saint Joseph's men's tennis team kicked off its 2019 fall campaign this weekend with an appearance at the Ninth Annual Villanova Invitational.  Senior Nathan Fioravante and junior Sam Sauter led the Hawks, reaching the final of the Wildcat Draw.

• The Hawks sent five duos to the tournament, which featured head-to-head competition in three flights.  Matchups consisted of a doubles match and two singles matches in a best-of-three format.

• Fioravante and Sauter earned wins in their first two tilts in the Wildcat Draw before falling to a pair from the host school in the championship match.

• In the White Draw, juniors Nickolas Frisk and Johnnie Massart earned a sixth-place finish, while graduate student Francesco Mowrey and junior Nathan Perrone dropped their first match before winning out to take ninth place.

• The Blue Draw featured a 12th-place finish from seniors Luis Janko and Beekman Schaeffer and a 13th-place finish by senior Scott Battaglia and junior Alex MacNeil.

"It was a long, three-day weekend for the team, where they had to play multiple matches each day in both singles and doubles," assistant coach Marc Pibernat said.  "Overall, it was a positive weekend where everyone competed hard and we found a lot of wins, especially in singles.  Tomorrow they will have a well-deserved rest day, and then starting Tuesday, we will prepare and focus on our own invitational tournament on our home courts."

Saint Joseph's will host the 11th annual Saint Joseph's Invitational at the SJU Tennis Complex.  The event kicks off on Friday and runs through Sunday.


Nickolas Frisk / Johnnie Massart (SJU) def. Matthew Fitzmaurice / Skyler Gates (Loyola), 6-3
Frisk def. Gates, 6-1, 6-1
Massart def. Fitzmaurice, 8-6
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Alex Kim / Tyler Roth (Villanova) def. Frisk / Massart, 7-5
Frisk def. Roth, 8-5
Kim def. Massart, 6-4, 6-1
Villanova wins, 2-1

Frisk/Massart def. Sam Concannon / Aaron Umen (Case Western), 7-5
Frisk def. Umen, 9-8 (3)
Massart def. Concannon, 8-1
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Frisk/Massart def. Zack Elliot / Harry Wang (Lehigh), 8-6
Elliot def. Frisk, 8-6
Wang def. Massart, 8-2
Lehigh wins fifth-place match, 2-1

Matt Chen / James Hopper (Case Western) def. Francesco Mowrey / Nathan Perrone (SJU), 6-3
Perrone def. Chen, 6-2, 6-0
Hopper def. Mowrey, 3-6, 6-4, 15-13
Case Western wins, 2-1

Mowrey / Perrone def. Will Barry / Daniel Kramer (Lafayette), 6-3
Perrone def. Barry, 8-4
Mowrey def. Kramer, 8-6
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Mowrey / Perrone def. George Jiang / David Kong (Haverford), 6-4
Jiang def. Perrone, default
Mowrey def. Kong, 8-1
Saint Joseph’s wins, 2-1

Pranav Krishnan / Kevin Yan (Haverford) def. Mowrey / Perrone, 6-4
Perrone def. Yan, 8-4
Mowrey def. Krishnan, 8-2
Saint Joseph’s wins ninth-place match, 2-1

Colin Corsini / Edik Pribitkin (Loyola) def. Scott Battaglia / Alex MacNeil (SJU), 6-4
Pribitkin def. MacNeil, 6-3, 6-4
Corsini def. Battaglia, 8-6
Loyola wins, 3-0

Diego Maza / Max Vicario (Case Western) def. Battaglia / MacNeil, 6-4
Maza def. MacNeil, 8-1
Vicario def. Battaglia, 6-1, 6-1
Case Western wins, 3-0

Battaglia / MacNeil def. Ross Coleman / Josh Wolfe (Lafayette), 6-3
MacNeil def. Wolfe, 9-8 (3)
Battaglia def. Coleman, 8-5
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Battaglia / MacNeil def. Raja Arul / Jason Edmonds (Haverford), 6-3
Saint Joseph's wins 13th-place match, 1-0

Earl Hsieh / Aris Jhaveri (Case Western) def. Beekman Schaeffer / Luis Janko (SJU), 6-3
Schaeffer def. Jhaveri, 6-4, 5-7, 10-3
Hsieh def. Janko, 7-5, 6-2
Case Western wins, 2-1

Schaeffer / Janko def. Charles Keller / John Yurconic (Lafayette), 6-4
Schaeffer def. Yurconic, 8-4
Janko def. Keller, 6-3, 6-2
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Griffin Clark / Adrian Tsui (Rider) def. Schaeffer / Janko, default
Schaeffer def. Tsui, 9-7
Clark def. Janko, default
Rider wins, 2-1

Robert Kresch / Arnav Patodia (Haverford) def. Schaeffer / Janko, default
Haverford wins 11th-place match

Nathan Fioravante / Sam Sauter (SJU) def. Brandt Baldwin / Paul Caruso (Lafayette), 6-3
Sauter def. Caruso, 6-0, 6-0
Saint Joseph’s wins, 2-0

Fioravante / Sauter def. Jun Mo / Abhinav Nallapareddy (Haverford), 6-3
Sauter def. Nallapareddy, 6-2, 6-4
Fioravante def. Mo, 8-2
Saint Joseph’s wins, 3-0

Collin Klumb / Daniel Martinez (Villanova) def. Fioravante / Sauter, 6-1
Martinez def. Sauter, 6-0, 6-4
Klumb def. Fioravante, 8-5
Villanova wins flight championship, 3-0