Tribe Football Tailgate Rules and Regulations
Updated: Saturday 01/01/2014 (ET)
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· Be safe and have fun!

· Tailgating is permitted in all parking lots and grass areas on campus. 

· Grass areas for tailgates not attached to a specific parking space or with anticipated attendance of larger than 50 people must be reserved through Tribe Athletics.  Please contact Spencer Milne at 757-221-3356 or to reserve a space and for cost information.

· All tents must visibly display the fire rating certificate no matter the size.  Tents larger than 900 square feet OR any tent with more than 50 occupants OR tents located less than 20 feet from a building require a permit. Permits may be requested by contacting Richard Phillips, 757-221-5294, or Detailed regulations about tents and the permitting process is located here:

· Gas and charcoal grills are permitted as long as they have a lid.  Open flames are prohibited.  A fire extinguisher must be present if a grill is being used. Please dispose of your used charcoal properly by using an ash bucket and water to extinguish the coals.  Cooking of any kind is prohibited underneath a tent.

· Alcohol is permitted at your tailgate if consumed in a discreet container by those 21 years old or older.  Should you wish to offer a cash bar at your tailgate, you must first contact W&M Catering at 757-221-3702 or visit their website for catering options: . William & Mary Police will patrol all tailgating areas to make sure our fans are following these regulations and laws and to assist our fans as necessary.

· Game day parking restrictions apply to all fans.  Specific parking information may be found here:

· All other game day information may be found here:

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