Men's Swimming and Diving 08-09 Media Guide
Updated: Tuesday 02/01/2011 (ET)
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WILLIAMSBURG - The 2008-09 William and Mary swimming and diving media guide is now available online in PDF format. Due to the large file size of the media guide, it has been broken into individual sections for faster viewing.

Please be advised, several of the high-resolution files are extremely large (more than 25 MB). Tribe Athletics advises that you download them to your desktop before viewing them with Adobe Acrobat.

2008-09 William and Mary Swimming and Diving Media Guide

Complete High Resolution Guide (33.02 MB)

Front Cover (2.59 MB)
Back Cover (4.38 MB)
Inside Front Cover (4.84 MB)
Inside Back Cover (4.60 MB)
All Covers (12.41 MB)

High-resolution version
All Insides (26.17 MB)

Low-resolution version
All Insides (5.29 MB)

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