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Updated: Monday 01/01/1999 (ET)
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Note on records: These are under constant revision by the William and Mary sports information office, and any ommissions or corrections should be reported to Jacob Skipper at Documentation of the stats you believe incorrect or missing would be greatly appreciated.

* A note on game records - individual game-by-game stats or box scores do not exist in the W&M files prior to 1990. Any entries from these years are either anecdotal and handed down through media guides, or from isolated incidences of a single box score or note. These records will continue to be updated as more information comes to light.

Many of the goalkeeping records dating from the 1987 season and back are best-approximations. For example, GAA (goals against average) is calculated using minutes played, but for many years minutes were not tracked, and it was instead calculated using games played. Artificial minutes have been inputted for the goalkeepers in the years in question, to achieve historically accepted values for GAA.

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