Notable Performers
Updated: Monday 01/01/1999 (ET)
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Anna Agbe-Davies
CAA 25th Anniversary Team
1993 Hanes National Athlete of the Year
1993 NCAA Post-Graduate Scholarship
1991 Second-Team Academic All-American

Heidi Erpelding
CAA 25th Anniversary Team
1988 Third-Team Academic All-American
1986 U.S. Olympic Festival Gold-Medalist

Anna Finley
1993 Third-Team Academic All-American

Jen Noble
CAA 25th Anniversary Team
1989 NIVC National All-Tournament Team

Lindsey Pflugner
2009 Honorable Mention All-American

Kirsten Schimke
CAA 25th Anniversary Team

Jennifer Torns
CAA 25th Anniversary Team
1990 & 1991 NIVC National All-Tournament Team
1990 U.S. Olympic Festival All-Tournament Team

Quadruple Doubles
Kirsten Schimke
11/2/1991 at Florida St. 12K, 52A, 11D, 10B

Lori Price
10/12/1996 at UC Irvine 12K, 57A, 11D, 10B

Triple Doubles
Kirsten Schimke
8/31/1991 at Virginia 10K, 62A, 13D
9/20/1991 vs Northeastern 12K, 67A, 15D
9/21/1991 vs Temple 10K, 30A, 11D
9/21/1991 at Georgetown 10K, 53A, 14D

Lori Price
8/31/1991 at Virginia 10K, 62A, 13D
8/31/1996 vs Georgetown 12K, 40A, 14D
9/6/1996 vs Northwestern 10K, 42A, 13D
10/1/1996 at Virginia 14K, 38A, 20D
10/5/1996 vs Towson 12K, 19A, 10D
10/5/1996 vs Florida Atlantic 12K, 38A, 16D
10/3/1997 vs James Madison 14K, 57A, 25D
11/11//1997 vs Virginia Commonwealth 13K, 46A, 10D
11/15/1997 at Delaware 16K, 33A, 22D

Amy Owens
9/5/2003 vs Belmont 11K, 34A, 13D
9/6/2003 vs N.C. A&T 19K, 40A, 19D
9/12/2003 vs Georgetown 10K, 29A, 13D

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