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Updated: Sunday 10/06/2015 (ET)
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Deepa Dhore
October 6, 2015

Hey Tribe Fans,

As a freshman, you expect a lot from the first college road trip… but a hurricane and extreme flooding? Now that was a surprise! This weekend, the mini-Tribe (Mel, Maria, Liv, Cec, and Julia) and I took an extended stay in Columbia, South Carolina for the South Carolina Invite.

To begin our journey, we were stuck in an awful traffic jam thanks to Hurricane Joaquin. Due to the bad weather conditions, a tree fell on the road blocking all lanes on the interstate. We were stuck on the highway in the same place for more than two hours. But, Julia got a good workout in with her highway laps along with a photo shoot thanks to Coach Jesse ;) Although delayed, we made it to our final destination.

For a brief moment we thought the rain might hold up but we soon found ourselves in the USC’s indoor court facility. There was a dreadful buzzing noise in the facility that seemed to drain all life… especially us. But the team fought on as we had a strong performance in singles against the University of North Florida. Julia and Mel showed their fierce competitiveness in singles against South Carolina as well. The tournament got canceled on the last day, as weather conditions got worse.

The next day consisted of canned soup and bars. The area around our hotel was flooded so we had to stay inside all of Sunday and Monday. Luckily, Coaches Ty and Jesse bought a few things from the grocery stores before they all closed. This forced me to cook my first meal ever but thanks to Liv, the pasta turned out ok! The interstate finally opened up so we headed back on Monday. Overall, this first college road trip is one for the books.

Can’t wait for the rest of the season :) 

Your freshie,


Jackie Lee
September 21, 2015

To our dearest Tribe Tennis supporters,

A huge thanks to everyone who came out to support us this weekend! It was my very last Tribe Invite ever (sounds weird to even say myself!). Time has flown by since that day Leeza and I first took the courts with the team back in Fall of 2012. Every year it feels different, but with the weather on our side and many of our greatest supporters, it was another great tournament (shout out to all of the parents who came, we love seeing you...and the little pup Mia of course).

Our freshmen Deepa and Lauren both had an incredible weekend - the feeling of being on the court playing for your College for the very first time is a very unique one, one that we all remember very well. Deepa showed off her doubles skills and fierce attitude with Julia in doubles against VCU, making it her first match and first Collegiate win :) She then backed it up with a singles win on Saturday and another on Sunday. Lauren also played some great doubles; one match with Maria, one match with Olivia, and one match with Leeza. She also stepped up to play the number one singles spot on Saturday against ODU, winning  6-1, 6-0, and also winning convincingly on Sunday at #2. Congratulations on your efforts this weekend! We couldn't be happier to have you both on the team.

Now that our first tournament is completed, it feels like our season has really picked up and we are ready to bring on more matches! I couldn't be happier to be a part of this team. It's going to be a great year, so we hope to see you all in the Spring as we strive for a bigger and better season than those that have past. Here's some photos I took of the weekend (credit to Cecily for taking a couple of these!), and check out our Instagram @tribewomenstennis or our Facebook page for more photos, videos, and updates :)

Much Tribe Love,


Jackie Lee
August 21, 2015

Hello Tribe fans!

As I (Jackie) sit here, extremely jet-lagged in the early hours of the morning, I began thinking of the team. In less than two weeks I will be reunited with them all again (and welcoming the freshmen for the first time!). The summers all seem to go faster and faster. During our time off, I took two summer school classes, volunteered at a hospital in Boston, visited Martha’s Vineyard and Cape Cod, reconnected with a childhood friend in New York, saw a Broadway show, caught a Red Sox game, went to a wedding in NC, and visited my friends and family in Australia with my boyfriend. While there, we did a whole bunch of other activities - mostly tourist-type walks and mountain climbs, but we also visited many beaches, went to a theme park called Dreamworld, went to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, and ate a whole lot of Australian food (if you haven’t tried a meat pie you haven’t experienced true happiness). Here are some photos of my time there. The first picture is at the Gold Coast, in Queensland – right outside the front door of my Uncle’s house. 

These pictures are of a walk we did from Bondi Beach to Coogee - I'm not quite sure exactly what the area was called but it was near Bondi! 

This is also at the Gold Coast in Queensland - we got up for a sunrise, so this was at about 6am

It's not a trip to Australia without some Australian animals! Here's me with a baby Kangaroo and one of few Koalas at the Currumbin Wildlife Reserve at the Gold Coast - we actually got to play with the Kangaroos for a while and hold a Koala for a photo (where it very calmly proceeded to pee on both of us... thanks cheeky Mr. Koala)

And finally, this is one of my back yard in Noosa Waters, Queensland 

Thinking back on everything I have accomplished and experienced in these last 3 months, I wanted to know all about the other girls summer experiences and what they have been up to. So, I spoke with each one of them to find out!

Maria has been in Norway for most of the summer – here is a beautiful picture from Glomfjord where she went hiking. Maria did summer school as well, and then worked for a few weeks at a summer camp. She spent some time at her summer house and then met up with Cec in Amsterdam where they saw our beloved Jeltje :) 

Julia went home to Lancaster, PA where her family lives (Leeza may at some time tried to convince you that her family is Amish, but no... they are not...sorry Leeza). She had an internship where she worked with nutrition and wellness, as well as studying pharmaceutical/drug interactions, as well as working at her family's sporting club. She also went to the beach to enjoy the hot weather! Here's a snap of her posing with two of her best friends (yes she ate her best friends... watch out Leeza you might be next) 

Olivia went back to Miami where her family lives (shout out to Isabelle - I know you're reading this with 5 dogs on your lap). She had an internship working with a plastic surgeons office where she helped with marketing and actually got the opportunity to observe some surgeries! I'm very jealous. Here she is with some of the staff members at the office.

Leeza first went to New York for her sister's wedding, and then went back to Moscow with her family. Here she is in front of the Red Square in the first photo and then escaping for a weekend to St. Petersburg. I'll be visiting you there someday Leeza! 

Mel has (as always) been making us jealous by traveling around Europe. Her and her boyfriend Ed (shout out to our biggest fan we love you Ed!) bowling in Portugal and another of her posing with some adorable ponies! 

Cec has also been doing a marketing internship with a fitness studio and traveling around Europe with some friends, including with Maria. Here they are in Amsterdam together being tourists posing inside the sign. Cec also got the chance to go to Wimbledon - I'm sure everyone is as jealous as me just thinking about strawberries and cream and champagne! 

This is Lauren, one of our lovely incoming freshman spending some time with her new baby niece! So cute. She has been playing a lot of tennis and doing really well too, we're very excited to welcome Lauren onto the team! You're all going to love her.

And here is Deepa, our other incoming freshman taking a selfie with an elephant (sorry Deepa, had to do it!). She travelled with her family to Tanzania, India, and NYC. While in Tanzania, they went to three national parks. Her favorite was the Serengeti National Park, which is known for their beautiful big cats. The second picture is with her family at the Serengeti National Park :) We're all very excited to welcome Deepa to the team as well! 

Thank you all for visiting our blog! We hope your summers have been as jam-packed and exciting as ours have been. We had a blast, but now its time to come together again and get back into school and tennis! There are so many exciting events and memories to come, and I couldn't be happier to share them all with my new team, the Tribe Aces, and all of our supporters. For the seniors (Leeza, Julia and I), this is our last time around, so we better make it a good one! Can't wait to see everyone again.

Until next time Tribe fans! Much Love,


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