W&M Men's Track and Field and Cross Country Regional Honors
Updated: Monday 01/01/1999 (ET)
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Eastern Track and Field Athlete of the Year

2000	Matt Lane
2001 Matt Lane

NCAA Regional/District Cross Country Championships (10)
Year Region Finish All-Region Athletes


Region III 2nd (37 points)  
1966 Region III 1st (38 points)  
1967 Region III 1st (47 points)  
1968 Region III 2nd  
1969 Region III 2nd (91 points)  
1970 Region III 1st (44 points)  
1971 Region III 1st (38 points)  
1972 District III 2nd (91 points)  
1973 District III 1st (72 points) Ron Martin, Bill Louv, Tim Cook
1974 District III 8th (167 points) Reggie Clark
1975 District III No team score Christopher Tulou
1976 District III 9th Mike Ellington
1977 District III 12th  
1978 District III No team score  
1979 District III 17th  
1981 District III No team score Fraser Hudgins
1984 District III No team score Ken Halla
1985 District III No team score Ken Halla
1987 District II No team score  
1988 District II 12th (343 points) Hiram Cuevas
1989 District II 6th (236 points)  
1990 Region II 1st (82 points) Paul Vandegrift
1991 Region II 5th (127 points) Steve Swift, Kevin Krause, Brian Hyde
1992 Region II 13th (394 points)  
1993 Region II 9th Steve Swift
1994 Region II 4th (142 points) Brian Hyde
1995 Region II 3rd (188 points) Mike Brown, Rey Mendez
1996 Region II 7th (156 points) Bryan Dunn, Matt Lane
1997 Southeast Region 2nd (80 points) Matt Lane, Mike Brown, Kimble Woodworth, Brent Colburn
1998 Southeast Region 4th (135 points) Matt Lane, Geoff Williamson, Gene Manner
1999 Southeast Region 2nd (69 points) Matt Lane, Gene Manner, Nick Brockway, Dean Fields, Todd Swenson
2000 Southeast Region 1st (49 points) Ed Moran, Gene Manner, Sean Graham, Ben Jenkins, Jacob Frey, Dean Fields, Mike Hoglund
2001 Southeast Region 2nd (72 points) Sean Graham, Ben Jenkins, Craig Carey, John O'Connor
2002 Southeast Region 2nd (77 points) Ed Moran, John O'Connor, Jacob Frey, Matt Keally, Charlie Hurt
2003 Southeast Region 3rd (94 points) Ed Moran, Matt Keally, Jeff Hedley, Charlie Hurt
2004 Southeast Region 2nd (99 points) Christo Landry, Jeff Hedley, Adam Tenerowicz, Matt Keally
2005 Southeast Region 1st (68 points) Ian Fitzgerald, Jeff Hedley, Matt Keally, Sean Anastasia-Murphy, Adam Tenerowicz
2006 Southeast Region 2nd (70 points) Keith Bechtol, Christo Landry, Ian Fitzgerald, Dave Mock, Anthony Arena
2007 Southeast Region 3rd (74 points) Christo Landry, Ian Fitzgerald, Ben Massam, Patterson Wilhelm
2008 Southeast Region 1st (66 points) Jon Grey, Colin Leak, Patterson Wilhelm, Ben Massam, Lewis Woodard
2009 Southeast Region 1st (49 points) Patterson Wilhelm, Jon Grey, Colin Leak, Zach Gates, Brian Sklodowski
2010 Southeast Region 1st (85 points) Chas Gillespie, Zach Gates, Josh Hardin, Lewis Woodard, Tom Burke
2011 Southeast Region 3rd (152 points) Alex McGrath
2012 Southeast Region 8th (270 points) Alex McGrath, Josh Hardin
2013 Southeast Region 6th (232 points)  
2014 Southeast Region 12th (371 points)  

NCAA Regional Cross Country Athlete of the Year

1997	Matt Lane
1999 Matt Lane
2001 Sean Graham

NCAA Regional Cross Country Champions
1969	Hal Michael
1997 Matt Lane 1999 Matt Lane
2001 Sean Graham

NCAA East Regional Track and Field All-Region
5,000 meter Run
2003    Sean Graham
2003 Ed Moran
2004 Jeff Hedley
2005 Ed Moran
2008 Ian Fitzgerald
2009 Ian Fitzgerald
2009 Jon Grey
Javelin Throw
2009    Brandon Heroux

Region Cross Country Coach of the Year
1990	Walt Drenth
1995 Walt Drenth
2000 Andrew Gerard
2005 Alex Gibby
2008 Alex Gibby
2009 Alex Gibby
2010 Stephen Walsh

District Indoor Track and Field Coach of the Year
1972	John Randolph

IC4A Cross Country Championships (4)

Championship Division: 2006
University Division: 1980, 1982
Freshman Race: 1969

IC4A Cross Country Champions
1980	Fraser Hudgins
1982 Andy Whitney
1984 Ken Halla
1998 Matt Lane

IC4A Indoor Track and Field Champions
880 yard Run
1975    Reggie Clark

1,000 meter Run
2009    Ian Fitzgerald

Two-Mile Run
1975    Ron Martin

5,000m Run
1991    Kevin Krause
2012 Josh Hardin
2013    Rad Gunzenhauser
60 yard High Hurdles
1973    Charles Dobson
1974 Charles Dobson
1975 Charles Dobson

55 meter High Hurdles
1984    Jeff Powell

High Jump
2008    Cam Shriver

Pole Vault
1977    Dave Lipinski

Broad Jump
1934    Monk Little

Distance Medley Relay
1975    Frank Courtney, Bill Becker, Mac Collins, Ron Martin
2007 Sean Anastasia-Murphy, Matt Wolak, Matt Warco, Ian Fitzgerald

IC4A Outdoor Track and Field Champions
1,500 meter Run
2008    Ian Fitzgerald

5,000 meter Run
1992    Jeff Hough
1995 Brian Hyde
2001 Matt Lane
2005 Ed Moran

10,000 meter Run
2004    Keith Bechtol

120 yard High Hurdles
1973    Charles Dobson
1975 Charles Dobson

3,000 meter Steeplechase
1968    Terry Donnelly

Broad/Long Jump
1933    Monk Little
1975 John Jones

Javelin Throw
2011    Brandon Heroux

4x800 meter Relay
2007    Matt Wolak, Ryan Jones, David Groff, Matt Warco

All-East Cross Country
1977	Jim Shields
1978 Jim Shields
1980 Fraser Hudgins
1981 Fraser Hudgins
1982 Fraser Hudgins
John Kellogg
Andy Whitney
Todd Lindsley
Ken Halla
1983 Ken Halla
2000 Dan Sweeney
Eric Bonnette
A.J. Migonis
2001 West Garrett
Michael Keeling
2002 Brendan Gaffney
Sean Anastasia-Murphy
2004 Sean Anastasia-Murphy
Dave Mock
David Murphy
Charlie Hurt
2005 Anthony Arena
Steve Hoogland
2006 Rob Dennis
James Picard
Jason Schoener
Joel Parker
Dan Nally
Drew Midland
2007 Charlie Swartz
Drew Midland
James Picard
2008 Brian Sklodowski
Chris Tyson
2009 Chris Tyson
Skeeter Morris
John Pence
Max Werner
Pete Asaro
2010 Liam Anastasia-Murphy

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