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WMU posing in front of the mountains in Slovenia.
Courtesy: WMU

WMU Volleyball Travel Diary: The Broncos Visit Maribor

Courtesy: WMU
Release: 05/17/2016
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Hey Broncos and Bronco fans!

It’s your ginger reporting from Maribor, Slovenia. Today  associate head coach Ryan Manning and I got to celebrate our 20th birthdays 4,000 miles from Kalamazoo! It was our first full day in Maribor. We ate breakfast as a team and practiced right in the hotel so there was no need to take any public transport… phewww! (Since we’ve been in Europe I’ve been “separated” from the group a few times).

Due to rainy weather we changed our afternoon plans from exploring the mountain behind the hotel to driving to the city center and shopping the small boutiques downtown. My teammates and I ate lunch together in the city and walked along the stone-paved streets crowded with umbrellas. Throughout the day we could see glimpses of the mountain through the foggy mist. Though Michael Page’s natural “fog” has been following us around all trip, this was the first time we’ve experienced any real cloudy weather.

I think my sleeping schedule has finally adjusted to European time, as I didn’t wake up at 1:30am last night hungry for dinner. The food has been fantastic so far, we’ve eaten a variety of local dishes grilled by some new Slovenian friends right at the base of the mountain! Sadly today was our last day with our Slovenian tour guide Ke-Ke (pronounced Key-Key). Though she said she had a wonderful time traveling and sight-seeing with us, she definitely verified the stereotype that Americans are loud. We talk a lot…and I mean A LOT compared to the people we’ve met here.

Here are some words I learned today:
Volleyball: odbojka
Icecream: sladoled
Thank you: Hvala
Goodnight: Lahko noč
Happy Birthday: Vse najboljše

My heart is so happy to be surrounded my teammates and friends today, beyond blessed on this adventure overseas.