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Huskers Win NCAA Bowling Title

By NU Athletic Communications

Nebraska Coach Bill Straub
On winning the NCAA title
"It is a big relief more than anything. When the championship were announced last spring, we knew we had a job to do, and knew that second place wasn’t good enough. It was something that kept Coach Klempa and myself up at nights, knowing that our goal was to bring home the national title. We downplayed it in front of the team all year, but it was something that was always in the back of our minds."

The way we lost in the winner’s bracket on Friday was unfortunate, but we played well and didn’t get the breaks. Today, the girls came out and really performed admirably. I’m proud of our performance, having to win three matches today."

On the pressure of being on TV and winning
"You never know how someone is going to perform under pressure until you get to that situation, and we met the challenge head on. In the last game, when push came to shove, our girls showed their true colors."

On the 2003-04 team
"Many of the other coaches came up to me and said that they were impressed with not only our girls' bowling abilities, but also in the manner they represented themselves and the program. As a coach, that is one of the highest compliments you can receive because this is a great group to be around."

Nebraska Bowler Shannon Pluhowsky
On winning the NCAA title:
"It is unbelievable. It hasn’t sunk in yet because it happened so fast."

On battling back today:
"I talked with the girls last night (after the loss to CMSU), that if we hung together today, we would do well. We only got beat by one pin last night, and having to bowl the extra match was a benefit for us because we got used to the lane conditions and the TV lights. It played to our advantage. There was a difference in the lanes between yesterday and today, and bowling the extra game helped us take advantage of the conditions."

On rolling the clinching shot:
"It was great, and I knew I had it when I let it go. It had a chance to be a strike and with the ball ĺ down the lanes I was screaming and celebrating. It was a great feeling to win a national title for the program."

Nebraska Bowler Adrienne Miller
On Winning an NCAA Title:
"It is unbelievable. It is an amazing feeling because not many people get to do that (win an NCAA Championship) in their lifetimes.

On the team's focus:
"It was one game at a time for us, and we were on top of it all day. The long day was tough both physically and mentally, but our mental toughness carried us through the day."

On being in the roll-off against Central Missouri State:
Coach Straub asked me if I would be in the roll-off and I said I was ready. After the strike, I was not only relieved, but excited and pumped up."

Nebraska Bowler Jamie Martin
On winning the NCAA title:
This is a big accomplishment for all of us, and I’m proud to be part of this team."

On the team title:
"All the girls had a lot of determination to win and that what it takes to be a good team, and that’s what we are."

Nebraska Bowler Jennifer Schultz
On Winning an NCAA Title:
"It is a good feeling."

On battling the conditions (which included a power outage:
"It was a long day for both the players and fans because it was so warm inside the lanes because of the TV lights and got hotter after the power went out."

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