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CofC Dance Team to Hold Tryouts April 16-17

          Release: 03/16/2016
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CHARLESTON, S.C. – The College of Charleston will hold dance team tryouts on April 16 and April 17 at TD Arena.

Saturday, April 16th: Starting at 9 a.m., dancers will learn a short routine consisting of pom, jazz and hip hop on Saturday morning. Following this, dancers will be interviewed briefly in small groups. During this time, there will be an open gym in which dancers can practice their individual routines. We will also review how the final tryout will take place on Sunday following the interview portion. 

Dress: Hot Shorts, Sports Bra, Full hair and makeup, Jazz Booties as well as hip hop sneakers. 

Items to bring: Knee Pads, water, individual routine music, jazz shoes and hip hop sneakers. 

Information on individual routine: Each dancer's individual routine should be their style of choosing but should not exceed one minute in length. It is strongly suggested that dancers display style, skills and movement that best showcase their strengths. Dancers are encouraged to change costumes for individual routine. 

Sunday, April 17th: Dancers should arrive at 10:30 p.m. in full hair, makeup and costume at 10:30 a.m. We will begin the tryout at 11 a.m. The first round of tryouts will consist of dancers performing specified technical skills and the tryout routine in groups of three. Following this round, dancers will perform their individual routines. Final tryouts are open to the public. Dancers are encouraged to have their friends and family attend. Following the last individual routine, dancers will receive an envelope, which will have their associated number on it. Each dancer will take their envelope outside of the TD Arena to open. All dancers selected will return to the arena for a brief team meeting. 

Dress: Crop Top with dancer's choice of hot shorts or dance pants, full hair/makeup, jazz shoes and hip hop sneakers. Dancers will also have time to change into costume for individual routine. 

Items to bring: Knee Pads, water, individual routine music, jazz shoes and hip hop sneakers. 

College of Charleston Dance Team Requirements:

- Triple pirouette 
- six turns in second into a triple pirouette 
- toe touch
- turning disc
- calypso 
- headspring
- kip up
- headstand 
- handstand

Rules and Regulations

Dancers are asked to make sure that all individual routines are edited, and checked for profanity. Any use of music that is of an inappropriate nature will result in a 10-point deduction from the dancer's score. Tumbling skills are allowed and encouraged at our tryouts.

In order to be eligible to tryout for the College of Charleston Dance Team, dancer's must have completed all online paperwork through the College of Charleston training room staff by April 8. This paperwork can be found HERE.

A physical must also be submitted.

For more information on College of Charleston Athletics, visit or follow the action on Twitter at @CofCSports.