Quick Facts about JMU's Division of Athletics


Updated: December 12, 2013
Founded: 1908
Enrollment: 19,927 
Location: Harrisonburg, Va. 22807 (population 41,000)
Affiliation: State University of the Commonwealth of Virginia
Athletic Affiliations: National Collegiate Athletic Association (Division I), Colonial Athletic Association, Eastern College Athletic Conference
Intercollegiate Programs: 6 for men, 12 for women
Nickname: Dukes (in honor of Samuel P. Duke, second president of the university, 1919-1949)
Colors: Purple, Gold
President: Jonathan Alger
Director of Athletics: Jeffrey Bourne
Deputy Director of Athletics: Geoff Polglase

Associate Athletics Director for Sports Programs: Kevin White
Associate Athletics Director for Student Athlete Services: Casey Carter
Associate Athletics Director for Principle Relationships and Campaign Stewardship: Brian Frerking

Associate Athletics Director for Compliance/SWA: Jennifer Phillips

Associate Athletics Director for Fundraising and External Development: Dave Biancamano

Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Medicine: Tom Kuster

Assistant Athletics Director for Communications: John Martin

Assistant Athletics Director for Ticketing and Customer Relations: Mike Carpenter

Assistant Athletics Director for Facilities and Events: Ty Phillips

Faculty Athletics Representative: Dr. Roger Soenksen