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Note: Certain Sooner Sports TV programs (designated by "#" below) will not air on DirecTV due to capacity constraints. These programs will continue to air on all other providers including Cox and AT&T.
 Date  Time (CT)  Program Channel
Week of May 25-May 31
 29 Friday  11 p.m.  #FBF - Softball vs. Tennessee (2013 - G2)  FSOK
 30 Saturday  1 p.m.  OU Spring Football Game  FSOK
 31 Sunday  5 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Creighton  FCSC
   7 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Washington  FCSC
   9 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Baylor  FCSC
   11 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Texas  FCSC
   1 p.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Kansas State  FCSC
   3 p.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. West Virginia  FCSC
   6 p.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Oklahoma State  FCSC
   8 p.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Baylor  FCSC
   10 p.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. West Virginia  FCSC
Week of June 1-June 7
 1 Monday  1 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. TCU  FCSC
   3 a.m.  OU Review: MBB vs. Iowa State  FCSC
   3 p.m.  Wrestling vs. NC State  FCSC
   5 p.m.  Wrestling vs. Virginia  FCSC
   7 p.m.  Wrestling vs. Iowa State  FCSC
   9 p.m.  Wrestling vs. Oregon State  FCSC
 2 Tuesday  1 a.m.  Wrestling vs. Wyoming  FCSC
   3 a.m.  Wrestling vs. Oklahoma State  FCSC
 3 Wednesday  5 a.m.  Women's Gymnastics vs. Arkansas  FCSC
   7 a.m.  Women's Gymnastics vs. TWU/ SEMO  FCSC
   9 a.m.  Women's Gymnastics vs. Kentucky  FCSC
   11 a.m.  Women's Gymnastics vs. Florida  FCSC
   1 p.m.  Men's Gymnastics vs. Michigan  FCSC
   7 p.m.  Men's Gymnastics vs. Illinois  FCSC
   9 p.m.  Men's Gymnastics vs. Ohio State  FCSC
   10:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSOK
 4 Thursday  11:30 a.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSSW
   11 p.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSOK
 5 Friday  3:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSSW
   11 p.m.  #FBF - Football vs. UTEP (2000)  FSOK
 6 Saturday  2 p.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSOK
 7 Sunday  7 p.m.  Sooner Sports Weekly - Soccer  FSOK
Italics indicate live event or first run of program.
# Event not available on DirecTV due to capacity constraints.
#FBF - "Flashback Friday" is a special presentation of Crimson Classics, with re-airs available exclusively for Premium members of SoonerSports.TV
FSOK = FS Oklahoma | FSSW = FS Southwest | FCS = FOX College Sports (Atlantic, Central, Pacific)