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Note: Certain Sooner Sports TV programs (designated by "#" below) will not air on DirecTV due to capacity constraints. These programs will continue to air on all other providers including Cox and AT&T.
 Date  Time (CT)  Program  Channel
Week of September 22-September 28
 22 Monday  9 a.m.  OU Review: Football @ West Virginia  FSOK
   12 p.m.  Sooner Football Press Conference  FSOK
 23 Tuesday  11 p.m.  Sooner Football with Bob Stoops  
 24 Wednesday  11 p.m.  Sooner Football with Bob Stoops  
   Midnight  OU Review: Football @ West Virginia  FSSW
 25 Thursday  Midnight  Sooner Football Press Conference  
 26 Friday  7 p.m.  Soccer vs. Oral Roberts  FSOK / FCSA
   9 p.m.  Sooner Football with Bob Stoops  
   11 p.m.  #FBF - 2010 Football vs. Nebraska  FSOK
 27 Saturday  2 a.m.  Soccer vs. Oral Roberts  FSSW
   4:30 p.m.  Soccer vs. Oral Roberts  FSOK
   7 p.m.  Volleyball vs. Kansas  FCSC
 28 Sunday  7 p.m.  Vollyeball vs. Kansas  FSOK
   1 a.m.  Volleyball vs. Kansas  FSSW
Week of September 29-October 5
 29 Monday  12 p.m.  Sooner Football Press Conference  FSOK / FCSC
   7:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Pad  FSOK / FCSC
   8 p.m.  Volleyball vs. Kansas  FSOK
 30 Tuesday  7 p.m.  Sooner Football Press Conference  FSOK
   9 p.m.  Sooner Sports Pad  FSOK
 1 Wednesday  5 p.m.  Sooner Playbook #8  FSOK
   7 p.m.  Volleyball vs. TCU  FSSW
   9 p.m.  Sooner Sports Talk  FSOK
   10:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Pad  FSOK
   11 p.m.  Sooner Football Press Conference  FSOK
 2 Thursday  8 a.m.  Volleyball vs. TCU  FSSW
   9:30 p.m.  Coach's Corner  FSOK
   11 p.m.  Sooner Sports Talk  FSOK
 3 Friday  7 p.m.  Coach's Corner  FSOK
   8 p.m.  Sooner Playbook #8  FSOK
   9:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Pad  FSOK
   11 p.m.  #FBF - 1954 Football vs. TCU  FSOK
 4 Saturday  10 a.m.  Sooner Playbook  FSOK
   1:30 p.m.  Sooner Sports Game Day  FSOK / SW+
 5 Sunday  10 a.m.  Sooner Sports Overtime  FSOK
   7 p.m.  Sooner Football with Bob Stoops  FSOK / FSSW
Italics indicate live event or first run of program.
# Event not available on DirecTV due to capacity constraints.
#FBF - "Flashback Friday" is a special presentation of Crimson Classics, with re-airs available exclusively for Premium members of SoonerSports.TV
FSOK = FS Oklahoma | FSSW = FS Southwest | FCS = FOX College Sports (Atlantic, Central, Pacific)