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Arizona State University Nutrition

At ASU, nutrition takes upon a prioritized role set by the sports medicine team, coaches, and food services. In order to achieve optimal athletic performance and overall wellness, Beth Gevirtz, MS, RD, oversees and facilitates the nutritional needs of all student athletes.

Nutritional Goals

To create a level of high athletic performance and success, the necessary fuel must be provided. Often forgotten, nutritional needs should be correlated with the high-intensity training and conditioning; if not, recovery and performance is hindered.  However, determining the necessary nutritional needs of each athlete is relative – each athlete must attain different levels of nutrition.

Nutrition Counseling and Assessment 

Beth Gevirtz simplifies and works with each athlete on determining the proper nutritional intake. With a lifestyle that demands academic and athletic excellence, balancing dietary needs becomes difficult. Whether an athlete is trying to add more lean body weight, recover from an injury, lose weight, hinder fatigue, etc., Beth directs each student-athlete to ensure nutritional goals are met. In a competitive athletic realm, common sports-related issues such as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, chronic fatigue, sports anemia, and weight maintenance must be adequately addressed not only to guarantee optimal performance, but overall safety. Based upon individuals physical needs, Beth will conduct a thorough consultation covering the above nutritional needs and associated risks. Each athlete will feel comfortable and confident in their pursuance of achieving all nutrition related goals. 

Sports Nutrition Services

Correlated with dietary assessments and proper meal planning, Beth provides athletes with nutritional strategies from various services:

  • Dietary planning when traveling
  • Body composition assessments
  • Team meal menu choices/adjustments
  • Bulletin and table notifications/documents
  • Easy access to address nutritional questions
  • Supplemental recommendation / approval
  • Easy access to consultations 

Because of the growing supplemental industry, the necessary evaluations of such supplements must be thoroughly investigated to confirm USADA and NCAA standards are met and the health of the athlete is not at risk. 

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