May 9

BERKELEY - Hey Cal Fans!!

We just wanted to give you a little end of the season recap as we prepare/shamelessly procrastinate studying for our finals this week. As you all probably know, our season came to an end on Friday, April 29, when we matched up against Stanford in the MPSF semifinals. The night before the tournament started the four (minus Oregon due to some flight difficulties) teams competing all met up in slightly different attire than we are used to seeing each other in to attend the MPSF banquet. The seniors on each team gave speeches and our seniors gave quite an entertaining little recap of all of the things they've learned from playing lacrosse these past four years, such as learning to eat an entire plate of food in 20 seconds flat and how to resist the urge to wear any clothing that is sleeveless because of our brutal lax tan lines. It was fun being able to mingle with some of our opponents as we all hovered around the buffet tables and dessert trays, since, in true athlete fashion, that is where all of us were the entire night. After the banquet our coaches called us in for a brief meeting where they presented us with shirts to wear for the duration of the tournament that had our slogan for this year printed on the back "strike with chaos". On the bus ride home we all sported our new shirts over dresses and belted out various sing alongs to Kelly Clarkson and Rihanna. Our sincerest apologies to our bus driver.

With season over, we are all buckling down on our studies as we prepare for our finals. All of this buckling down started after a few much needed days of relaxing last weekend as our bodies recovered from the physical stresses of season. After our couple days of taking it easy and working on getting rid of our awful tan lines, most of us got dressed to impress yet again to attend Bear SAAC's inaugural Oski night celebration. The Oskis are a takeoff on the Academy Award Oscars and award different teams and student-athletes with fun awards voted on by the athletes themselves. It was also a night for student-athletes to showcase their other skills with performances included throughout the show. We all had a blast and your Cal Laxers walked out with a Community Outreach award at the end of the night.

Well, it's about time for us to get back to hitting the books. Thank you so much for all of your support this season and we will see you back here next year! We want to wish everyone an amazing summer and fall as well (when your T-time bloggers will be returning to Cal as SENIORS!).


- Tori and Tara

April 20

BERKELEY - Hey Cal Fans!

We are happy to be back in California as we concluded our away trips for this season after returning from Denver last weekend. We are sad to say that the outcome of the game versus Denver was not what we had hoped, but we are building off of the issues we had in that game during practice this week to prepare ourselves to take on Stanford next Friday in the first round of the MPSF tournament.

On a different note, there was a ton of fun had while in Denver as we were reunited with two old teammates who happen to be Denver natives. Our freshman goalie, McG, hosted us at her amazing house for a delightful homemade dinner made by her mom. One of the best parts of away trips is seeing our teammates' homes and any embarrassing pictures/videos that might be found there. Also, before heading to McG's house for dinner we were able to stop by Red Rocks Amphitheater, which was gorgeous! We will provide pictures of that adventure very soon.

We are back to rainy Berkeley and getting ready to prepare for our first MPSF game of the tournament. We are focusing on our play and controlling what we can control. We are excited to work hard and give the Card a run for their money. Countdown until the BIG GAME - 9 days!

See you next week,

- Tara and Tori

Cal Lacrosse Banquet Photo Gallery

April 12

BERKELEY - Hey Bear Fans!!

This past Friday we went up against Oregon in an MPSF conference game. It was our senior game and we are able to honor our three seniors - Shrop, Chapin and Boody. However, we struggled putting together a full 60 minutes against the Ducks and ended up coming up short. On a quick turnaround we loaded up the bus Sunday morning heading to Fresno to play Fresno State. We had some issues with our bus and ended up running a tad late, which made for an exciting warm up as we had to sprint out onto the field practically with the bus still moving in order to get some kind of warm up. Cal lax trips are never lacking in excitement, that is for sure. Despite the unorganized start we had, we were able to come back from our loss to Oregon and beat the bulldogs 15-2.

This past Saturday we had our annual team banquet at the men's crew boathouse in Oakland. It was nice to get together as a team, dress up in something other than blue and gold Cal gear, and have a nice dinner to celebrate a good year together. We mainly honored our three seniors, our coaches and everybody who has helped Cal lacrosse in some way this year. T-Time made a special appearance on stage and presented an Ode to Our Seniors, in the form of a cute poem expressing all of the memories and thanks to Allie Shropshire, Emily Abbood and Chapin Jackson. We have pictures attached from the banquet (since we get dressed up on such a rare occasion, we had to squeeze in as many Facebook worthy pictures as we could), so enjoy the photo gallery!

After a nice day off Monday, we are getting into another week of practice before we leave for Denver this Thursday. We have some pretty excited Coloradans on the team who are anxious to get a little taste of home. It's the time of the season where we need to push through the grind, both on and off the field, and get prepared for what's next. Our first focus is on hopefully beating Denver this Saturday! Follow us on Denver's website - with live online video streaming and Live Stats - to get the play by play!

See you next Tuesday for a recap of the Denver game and our quick trip to Colorado!

- Tori and Tara

April 5

BERKELEY - Hey Cal Fans!

We are writing to you from yet another beautiful day in Northern California. We just finished up afternoon practice - our penny and goggle tans are looking pretty nice these days. We've started this week off with some intense practices after our loss to Stanford this past Friday. The game was not indicative of the play we know we are capable of. We battled with the Card, but it was difficult to dig ourselves out of the hole that we created in the first half. We have a lot to work on, and we're moving forward by fixing our mistakes this week in practice before our game this Friday vs. Oregon!

This Friday we will be honoring our seniors during our last home game vs. Oregon. This year we have three seniors - Allie Shropshire, Chapin Jackson and Emily Abbood - and we would love to get as many people out there supporting them during their last home game at Cal. We play at 1 p.m. and we have been working our butts off this week to prepare for this conference match-up. We hope to see as many of you out there as possible on Friday!! We will also be getting all glammed up on Saturday for our lacrosse banquet, which is always a fun time as we honor our seniors and thank our coaches for everything they have done for us this season. After the festivities we will begin preparing for our away game on Sunday vs. Fresno State in yet another MPSF conference game.

Tune in next week for updates on the two games as we pack up and head to Denver to play the University of Denver in our last conference game.

- Tori and Tara

March 29

Photo Gallery

BERKELEY - Hey Cal fans!!

We are currently writing you from the driveway of Tara's house as we soak up the beautiful warm sun while doing our homework. Berkeley welcomed us back with a week of amazing weather to make up for the various snowstorms we played in over spring break. The last entry we wrote was after the Ohio state game, which was a rough one for us. However, after that game we lit a fire and won out the rest of the trip.

Last Wednesday we played Drexel in a very close game, but we were able to come out ahead for our first win of the trip. The next day we had some time off before dinner, so we got to go on a quick tour of downtown Philadelphia. We got a video of the whole team running up the Rocky steps, which will hopefully be appearing in the Cal lax music video we have been working on. Luckily, no Cal laxers were injured in the process. Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a dinner at Buca di Bepo, a family-style Italian restaurant, and that is always dangerous because the portions there are ENORMOUS. Our team basically rolled out of there in food comas.

The next day we played La Salle in what ended up being a very close game after an extremely long day. There was a mix up in what time the game would be played, so we ended up having quite a few hours to kill. The coaches had the amazing idea of assigning each grade another grade level to make fun of in a short skit. All of the skits were hysterical and proved that we all knew entirely too much about each other.

We played the La Salle game at 7 p.m. and it basically felt like it was negative 40 degrees outside. Realistically, it was probably in the 20s with wind chill, but living in California has spoiled us to good weather. We went goal for goal with La Salle and with a resilient effort towards the end of the game we were able to walk away with yet another one-goal victory!!

We went into our last game of the spring break with nothing but intensity and determination. We knew that we would have to be on our A-game in order to beat Villanova, and we wanted nothing more than to come back to Cali with a 3-1 record. We stepped out onto the field and played a full 60 minutes as a team. We dominated the Wildcats and won the game 11-2. Our goalies were amazing, our defensive stops were great and we had goals and assists from various girls on the team. We felt great getting on the plane and heading back to California.

With a day of needed rest and the beautiful California weather making us happy, we are so excited to get back into it and go face-to-face with Stanford this Friday. The game should be great - if anyone wants to watch the rivalry head to Stanford for our 7 p.m. game this Friday!!

Hope to see you next week!

- Tara and Tori

P.S. We want to thank all of the fans that came out to our games on the East Coast. Every game we played we had at least double the amount of fans as our opponent at their own home fields. We also want to thank everyone for the amazing tailgates. We aren't the easiest bunch to feed, but the parents constantly go above and beyond and putting together our post-game meals. Thank you!!!

March 23

PHILADELPHIA - Greetings from Philly!

Before we update all of you on our spring break shenanigans we quickly wanted to touch on our most recent home game against Navy last week. First off, we all knew it was going to be a good day when the sun was shining for the first time in entirely too long. Starting in the locker room we could all see how psyched we were for that game and it definitely showed on the field. From the first draw the Bears were relentless against Navy. The energy on the field was contagious throughout our team and everyone played their hearts out. The final score ended up being 13-6 as we upset Navy on our home turf.

That game really lit a fire under us as we finally were able to play to our potential that we show in practice, but have never been quite able to string together for a full game. It was definitely a good note to start our spring break trip on as we prepared to leave for Ohio and Pennsylvania only a day later.

So here we are on our Spring Break 2011 trip. We left on Friday afternoon for a long day of traveling - our first destination, Columbus, Ohio! Our hotel was amazing, and everyone was excited for the start of our little team vacation. Finding out that Nikki Minaj (famous singer that we all LOVE) was staying in our hotel only heightened our enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, we lost our game to OSU and had to board the bus for a six-hour bus ride to Harrisburg, Pa. We kept ourselves busy by reading, listening to music, watching "Finding Nemo" and playing the famous "Hot Seat" game with a couple girls on our team. We finally reached Harrisburg around eleven o'clock and used our per diem to eat dinner at the only place in town that was open - the McDonald's next to our hotel. We got a quick night's rest and woke up early to head on the bus at 8 a.m. to drive to Philadelphia. We have been able to use some of our quality bus time to start filming some of our music video that we are going to try and have put together before the season ends.

On Monday night, senior captain Allie Shropshire's mom put together a team dinner at Dave and Buster's arcade and restaurant to help us just let go of the OSU game and have some fun. I'm pretty sure we had more fun than any college kids should at an arcade once our competitiveness started shining through and we began to rake in tickets and prizes. We hope to share (soon) a few photos of the fun times had by the California laxers at Dave and Buster's. Now we are getting geared up for our next big game against Drexel!! Wish us luck as we take on the Dragons and stay tuned next week to hear about the rest of our spring break trip!

March 15


We arrived in the Windy City last Thursday in preparation for our Friday game against Northwestern. We had an amazing week at practice - we put all distractions aside and worked our hardest to prepare for the Wildcats. With this intensity fresh in our minds, we came out strong on Friday. Although we lost 19-8, we had moments of brilliance on the field. We beat Northwestern in draw controls, 15-14, which was very exciting after we worked hard all week on this specific aspect of the game. This game got our team pumped up because we could all see the amazing potential of our team when we work hard and when we work together as a unit. We came home on Sunday, excited for the next week of games ahead.

We are so happy to finally be playing on our home turf again this week!! We play Lafayette tonight at 7 p.m. and then we take on Navy at noon on Thursday. We haven't had a home game in a few weeks now and the team is very excited to jam out to our own bomb warm-up mix. This week is all about building up momentum to take us into our 10-day spring break trip that consists of four games in a few different states. We will definitely be updating all of you from the road with some of the behind the scenes action taking place. Hope to see you out there at Witter Rugby Field tonight or on Thursday! Stay tuned next week when we will be writing you from Ohio or Pennsylvania!

Go Bears!

- Tori and Tara

March 9

BERKELEY - Hey Cal fans!

Not much to report on this week, as we have not had any competition since we returned home from Virginia/North Carolina. We had a pretty tough week of training last week and we all survived despite many statements to the contrary that were made during conditioning. The team was rewarded with a couple days off this weekend to rest and get caught up on our studies in preparation for our midterms. This week we have started bucking down and getting prepared for our trip to Chicago this weekend to play Northwestern. The girls are all getting their midterms over and done with and kicking butt in the classroom as always.

Hey, so this is Tori here, and I just wanted to take over the blog for a second to talk about my weekend in L.A. at the NCAA Sports & Entertainment Summit. One hundred student-athletes were selected to represent their schools in L.A. while meeting with professional in the sports media and entertainment industries. I am a media studies major here at Cal and am hoping to pursue a career in sports media, so this was an absolutely amazing opportunity. My days were pretty brutal starting at 8 a.m. and not ending until about 10:30 p.m. It was completely worth it as I was able to network with reporters for ESPN, social media experts, and film and music producers. One of the coolest parts of the weekend was getting to know all of the other athletes. There were only 100 of us, so were able to all get really close, and I'm pretty sure my Facebook friend count has doubled since this weekend. I was so lucky to go with another Berkeley athlete, Katie Suits, and we had an absolute blast!

We are heading to Chicago to tomorrow morning for our big game against Northwestern this Friday! We are so excited to see all of our Chicago area fans this weekend. Have an amazing weekend, and we will see you next Tuesday!

-Tori and Tara

March 1

BERKELEY - Greetings from home sweet home!

We have finally returned to sunny California after our five-day stint in Virginia/North Carolina! We started off the trip in Farmville, Va., and I think our arrival might have tripled the city's population. The travel and jet lag got the best of us and we did not show up on Friday to play our game against Longwood. We really struggled with our focus and executing the fundamentals that we have been working on in practice. For the first time this season we really began to feel the effects of not having a deep bench. We are currently working with very few subs after injuries and transfers that happened after the fall semester.

We were able to put the loss behind us on our bus ride to North Carolina. At the start of the bus ride we watched game film from Longwood so we could focus on what we needed to clean up on the field. Afterwards we put on the movie "Taken" to pump us up and get into an intense mood, which was definitely effective. During Saturday's practice at Davidson, the whole team buckled down with our eyes on the next day's game. The entire team stayed after practice to work on the fundamentals that killed us in the previous day's game. On Sunday we were able to come out strong and redeem ourselves with a win over Davidson. Our execution was on point this game and we were able to finish strong with the W.

We squeezed quite a bit of traveling into five days and it definitely had its ups and downs. Some of our girls started getting sick, and that spreads like wildfire when we are all together for that long. Our trainer, Dave, got stuck in the "hot seat," which is a game we play where we all ask one person on the bus questions for a specified amount of time. It's always fun and allows us to know important details about each other, such as, if I were a shoe, what kind of shoe would I be.

Our trip ended in true Cal lacrosse fashion on Sunday. We went to the airport straight from our game and boarded our flight to Chicago, which ran a tad late and resulted in a Cal lacrosse stampede as we sprinted through the Chicago airport to make our connection with Theresa Sherry leading the way. After reaching the end of our nice little fitness session in the airport, we realized that our plane would be delayed two and a half hours. This meant that instead of the nice 9:30 arrival time we would not be landing until midnight. We made it home safely and all survived our Monday morning classes (barely). Now we are back to the grind as we spend the next two weeks preparing for a HUGE game. We will be heading back to Chicago on March 11 to play Northwestern!

See you next week for an update on how we are surviving this week without competition!

- Tori and Tara

Feb. 22

BERKELEY - Hey Cal Fans!

We are writing to you whilst packing every cold weather article we own for our big trip to Virginia tomorrow. Speaking of cold weather, last Saturday the Bears were out in the pouring rain to face off against Saint Mary's in our second MPSF conference game. It was definitely a bitter cold one out there, but a few brave fans came out and cheered us on to a 14-6 victory over the Gaels. It was definitely a sloppy game as our goalie, Shrop (Allie Shropshire), was basically wading around in the nice crevice that developed in our crease. However, after a rocky start, we were able to pull it together, get over the awful weather and just play like we have been training.

After a nice day off on Sunday, where we actually got to see a little bit of sun for the first time in a week, we started up again on Monday to prepare for our big weekend ahead. We are leaving around 7 a.m. tomorrow morning for a full day of traveling to Virginia, where will be arriving at about 10:30 p.m.! It's that time of the semester where midterms are starting up and paper prompts are getting passed out like candy, so your Cal laxers will be spending tomorrow sprawled throughout airports attempting to find WiFi, so we can stay on top of our school work. It is all going to be worth it when we get to our big games against Longwood and Davidson on Friday and Sunday. We can't wait to see some of our East Coast fans out there! Stay tuned next week for the results of our trip because it wouldn't be a Cal lax trip with some event to spark great stories! Well, we are off to go stock up on hand warmers since both of us are spoiled by our warm hometown climates. Have a great weekend, and we hope to see you next week!

- Tori and Tara

Photo Gallery

Feb. 15

BERKELEY -Hello to our wonderful Cal fans!

We are reporting to you after our first weekend of official competition. Friday was a day full of various emotions for many student athletes here at Cal. In the morning we woke up to the unbelievable news that Cal lacrosse was officially reinstated, along with women's gymnastics and rugby. The news made everyone's day A MILLION times better. We cannot even express how happy we are that the program is here to stay. Our hearts are with men's gymnastics and baseball, who we worked so hard alongside these past few months. Despite all of the excitement, screaming embraces with teammates and tearful realizations that this would not be our last season, we had to turn our focus towards the first game of our season.

The turn-out at our season opener versus Notre Dame was absolutely incredible. The amount of support we received from our peers, families and friends is something we are so grateful for. Unfortunately, the result of the game was not what we were hoping for. We made some mistakes and unforced errors. However the good news is that they were fixable. We focused hard in practice on Saturday and were ready to work on what needed to be fixed.

On Sunday, we were excited to get back on the field and play one of our MPSF competitors, UC Davis. The game was intense from the start. We battled back and forth. However, with a few minutes left in the game we pulled away with a four-goal lead that we maintained until the final whistle blew. This win was exactly what we needed to give us that leap in the right direction.

We are full force ahead, not stopping until we reach our full potential. We have four practices until another MPSF game versus Saint Mary's. Please come out and support us this Saturday, 1:00 p.m., at Witter Rugby Field.

Hope to see you next week!

- Tara and Tori

p.s. - Go to the photo gallery to check out your T Time blogger, Tori Harrison, and her new and improved Save Cal Lacrosse shirt!

Feb. 8, 2011

Photo Gallery

BERKELEY -Hey Cal Fans!! Welcome back to T time with Tori and Tara!

We are so excited to be getting back with you as our 2011 season kicks off. While we were absent from writing T time we were working hard and getting our butts into shape during one of the best fall seasons Cal lax has had. Despite the bad news about the program that we received early on this fall, Cal lacrosse has continued to grow and is ready to put it all out there this season. The chemistry our team has this year has only grown stronger in the face of adversity. We were extremely sad to say goodbye to our new family members Lauren Goerz and Shelby Barrett as well as veteran Cal laxers Camillla Hayes and Allison Welsh, but we wish them nothing but the best in all of their endeavors.

T time is getting fancy this year and we have attached a few pictures from our adventures in the fall. Bear SAAC, with the help of the Cal laxers pictured, participated in a bay clean up, which is a nationwide effort to keep our beaches beautiful. As a break from our competitiveness on the field, we took part in a Cal Athletics dodgeball tournament where some of our teammates won some pretty nifty cal dodgeball championship headbands. Lastly, some of our Smarty Bears were honored at the halftime of the Oregon vs. Cal football game for their stellar GPAs. Those honored showed up in our spiffy Save Cal Lacrosse T-Shirts to let everyone there know we weren't going down without a fight.

While most Berkeley students were still enjoying their last week of Christmas break, we were out on our brand new field for two a days to get ready for this season. Luckily enough the weather has been GORGEOUS since we've been back, not to rub it in for our East Coast readers or anything. The Bears came out more motivated than ever this preseason and the results of our efforts definitely showed during our first competitions of the spring during the Stanford PlayDay we competed on Sunday, Feb. 6. After finally playing against opponents other than ourselves, we are more excited than ever for our first official competition of the season this coming Friday, Feb. 11, vs. Notre Dame at 5 p.m. We are asking everyone to please come out and show your support for the Bears. This is going to be a guaranteed great game as we look for revenge after last year's overtime loss.

We look forward to seeing everyone out there this Friday in their Blue and Gold!! Thank you for joining us for our premiere blog entry of the season and tune in weekly for more updates from yours truly.

Hope to see you next week!

- Tori and Tara