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April 10, 2013

Disclaimer: All writing in this blog is done using Gingerisms, Allisonisms and Laurenisms, the official language of Cal lacrosse brought to you by our three coaches.

Sorry Bear fans for our absence in the blogging world these past few weeks. You better believe we have hit the ground running as we enter April, facing the majority of our conference opponents. This month is going to be fierce, but we know that we are well prepared and ready to rock the MPSF! Our momentum not only starts from deep within each player, but also from the inspiration we get from our coaches day in and day out. We believe there are three types of coaches out there.

You can have a coach who eats, sleeps and breathes lacrosse. Come hell or high water, she will get you to play 60 minutes of good Cal lacrosse. She knows that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, so you better believe she never lets you act like a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She'll make sure you play smart cat-and-mouse defense (pronounced duh-fence) in order to stop the attack from poking the beehive. In the end, it's all of us versus all of them and you better believe she teaches us how to execute.

Next, you can have the coach who teaches you how to be athletic. She breaks it down into simple terms. It doesn't matter if the other team knows what you're doing, as long as you do it well, no team can stop you. There is no way you can ever take a meatball shot after being instructed by this type of coach. She'll teach you to see the green around you and only take those high-percentage looks. It's not only the first option - it's the best option.

Finally, you have the coach who teaches you how to have fun when you play. She will take you aside and say "HEY!" in the most excited tone that assures you that you are on the right track. She will educate you on the scientific updates in our world and then tell you how and why taking ice baths and staying out of the sun is so important. Her main goal is for you to make each other look good so everyone can sparkle. She also keeps a strict sleep tally to count down to your games...ONE SLEEP!

Ginger, Allison, Lauren, we think that you, along with everyone that knows you, know which category you fall into! (Hint...given in respective order) This unique dynamic has led us to victory thus far in our conference, shout out to our latest victory against the Oregon Ducks! For the rest of you readers out there who might be a little lost, keep an eye on us in sunny Southern California this weekend and you'll see what we're talking about! It's going to be a dogfight out there, but the Bears are ready to stick it to `em!

GO BEARS! #jointhefight

March 13, 2013

Over the past few weeks, a lot has happened. We started off on the frigid East Coast and faced some tough teams. Despite our losses to JMU and UMBC, we learned many things from our trip. While visiting the White House, we got to peak into the lives of the current and past presidents. Some girls learned about what it was like to apply to be in the Secret Service. Brynn and Nicole were even inspired to consider it as a possible career path. We also learned that we made the right decision by going to school in California, as it was sub-35 degrees the entire trip. However, one of our most important lessons we learned was how to be resourceful when you are left with no knives to spread your peanut butter and jelly. It turns out granola bars work just as well! After our trip, we regrouped and faced off at home with St. Mary's and UC Davis. We won both games and now we are ready move toward a winning season!

It's Game Day today!!! After the ups and downs of the past two weeks, we are pumped to play Iona at 3 p.m. here at home. Getting geared up for a game is extremely important and everyone has her own pre-game ritual. We would like to give you guys the inside scoop of what a typical game day might be like here in Berkeley.

With a game at 3 p.m., a normal wake up time might be anytime from 9-11 a.m. unless some girls have to go to class earlier. Our team lunch begins at 11:30 at the International House Dining Hall. There we can eat a variety of food from cereal to pasta. After we eat together, we are free to do what we need before the game. Some may visit Pat, our trainer, to get taped or stretched. Others may head straight to the locker room to put on their gear and dance to our speakers. At around 1:15ish, some girls will head up to the field to shoot and pass around before our team meeting at 1:45. At our meeting, we go over our game plan and listen to our coaches' wise words. Finally, we begin our pregame warm up! Our warm up CD will blast as we stretch, pass and shoot. When the refs blow to call us over for stick check, we are ready to go. Our pinnies come off and jerseys are on. After announcing the starters and the national anthem, it's game time. We huddle up for a quick chat and then cheer, "BEARS ON THREE" from our captains. "BEARS" We scream back. Here we go.

Feb. 14, 2013

Dear Cal Fans,

With Valentine's Day here we wanted to take this time to show how important love is on our team. Here are some reasons why we love each and every person on our team.

Starting with our freshmen...
Helen of Troy (Helen) - After stepping up big in the Stanford Play Day, Helen has really proved herself as a voice we can trust on the defense.

Lizzard (Lizz) - A women of few words and pristine composure on and off the field, Lizz brings a sense of stability and leadership even as a freshman. Kudos.

Nicki B Mine (Nicole) - With a consistently raspy voice from talking up a storm, she can always make someone feel warm and welcomed with her positive spin on life.

Mishy Minaj (Michelle) - Stepping into whatever roll is placed her way, she's a key communicator and hard working component of the defense.

Coates (Molly Coates) - One of the most cultured players on the field - minoring in Chinese - Coates always knows how to make us laugh. She's a scrappy gal. Peace Love and Ke$ha.

Bryncess (Brynn) - aka Brynnly aka The Ripper aka The Bulldozer. Her fearlessness and confidence helps her push her teammates to be better everyday.

TayJay (Taylor) - After a rough fall she has bounced back and is making an impact all over, especially the draw. She really knows how to pull.

Mikey (Michaela G) - So quick and agile on the field, yet so chill and deep off the field, she brings an edge and some swag to our team.

Squash (Sasha) - SoshBosh, Sushi, Squish, Lenny, whatever she wants to be called, she is a powerhouse force on the attack. She's very comparable to the photo-bombing legend, NBA Champion and gold-medalist, Chris Bosh.

Duh-tron (Delaney) - She really turned on her turbo mode this weekend - not that this is a shock to us since we know of her Jedi powers - May the Force be with you, Duh. Namaste.

Bird (Michaela B) - You are one of the nicest and most smiley people on our team. Her high spirits, despite being held to the sidelines, keep us all motivated and inspired every day, just like Ray Lewis's speeches. Fly on.

Bratsney (Brittany) - Ward up Lady Bears! Like a vampire, her stealthy speed surprises her victims day in and night out.

Flabby (Gaby) - A cookie lover, a hipster groupie and a beastly player, this deadly combination makes her a force to be reckoned with. Watch out MPSF, Flabby Christmas will eat you alive.

T Lee (Teresa) - She is a kind and hard-working woman. We could always use a little T Lee in our lives.

J-Pel (Jackie) l- Jaquel, Jackson, Jackalack, Jack-attack, she is a brick wall waterfall girl you think you got it all but you don't. Jack does, SOO BOOM with those knock downs, peace punch, crash'n crunch, she's got something you can't touch. Bang-bang choo-choo train, wind her up, she'll do her thing. Tigers, foxes, seven up, mess with Jack, she'll mess you UP.

Parente G (Grace) - She's got the voice of an angel and the skills of a champion. She's never rusty and she always knows how to lighten up the mood. Stay Gucci girl.

Chip Da Rip (Amelia)- With the legs of a gazelle, the heart of a lion and the eye of a tiger, nothing stands in her way on her road to greatness.

Pooge (Paige) - Otherwise known as Powerful Paige, she has really turned the page this season and become a driving factor in the midfield. She reeks of power and can really clear a field.

McGazzle (Megan M) - Despite her passion for pink and sparkles, we love her passion for life and this team. As a grounded soul, she knows how to put things in perspective and keep our defense going.

Tik Tak (Megan T) - After a spectacular recovery, Tak is back and ready to attack. As our captain, she commands attention with her speedy feet and sick shots.

Milik (Sarah) - Captain Sarah, we salute her in her abilities to keep us focused and in line. Her passion for our team inspires all of us to be better.

Momma Mel (Melissa) - Always taking everyone under her wing in her humble abode, she does an amazing job of making everyone feel loved. Her hugs are magical as are her feeds.

Lexipoo (Alexa) - A diva on and off the field, she adds sparkle everywhere she goes. Boots are made for walking, not laxing, can't wait till she hops out.

Crawfman (Molly Crawford) - Molz is so supportive and loyal. She always has our backs and can always make us lol.

Annie Cry (Ana) - Ana truly cares about this team. She knows what's best for us and we love her for her insight and sneak attacks on the field.

KellsBells (Kelly) - KMAC! She always has a positive compliment just when we need a pick-me-up. She will go far in life with her people skills and determination.

Bears are gold and we bleed blue. We love our 26 valentines, don't YOU?

Feb. 1, 2013

The Bears are back, gang, the Bears are back! After a lengthy winter break your California Lady Bears have entered Memorial Stadium for our return to this new revamped stadium. With our second week of practice already coming to an end, it feels like we have never left! In a way, it is almost like we never left each other over break because of how much we all kept in touch. We each had workout buddies that we talked to almost every day to compare workouts and motivate each other to turn off the TV and hit the turf. We also had a Facebook group where each player had a day to post her favorite motivational quote, inspirational video, favorite workout and best jam. It was really a great way to talk to everyone and get excited every day for this season!

The group also got a little competitive (surprise, surprise) when girls started posting about their favorite NFL teams during playoffs. As a team that spans from coast to coast, this year's Ravens-Niners Super Bowl is sure to spark a friendly rivalry! We plan on having a potluck dinner and watching the game as a team this Sunday. We will let you know in the next blog if anyone doesn't make it out alive!

Now we would like to take this time to begin a new addition to our blog: Shout Outs and Call Outs!

First shout out goes to Ana Katarina Cyr for officially coming back to action 100 percent for the first time in over a year! After undergoing intensive back surgery last year, she is finally rejoining us on the field and has already shown her stuff by killing the run test. You go Ana K, you go girl.

Next shout out goes to Sarah Milik for showing that she is not just a tough body to get through on defense, but she can also rip some shots! Instead of standing in the 8 as a decoy with the rest of the defenders, this girl was promoted to the shooting line and ripped some twine in four spot shot... watch out!

Final shout out goes to Lauren for the most interesting gloves I think anyone has seen yet... I think the Pillsbury doughboy wants his body back.

CALL OUT to Lexi for an untouched, full force face plant in the middle of the 8 meter. That's one I think we all wish we could relive, and possibly submit to America's Funniest Home Videos.

That's all for this week folks. Go Bears! #jointhefight

See you next time

Riss & Reid

Nov. 26, 2012

Hello Cal LAX fans! Marissa and Casey here, joined with the rest of the team, reporting to you live from the cool plunge in the High Performance Center. It does not look like we will be leaving here any time soon as we have just completed one of the most difficult athletic feats of our career thus far - running up and down each and every one of the stadium stairs of Memorial Stadium. We are the first team to complete this task since the stadium has been rebuilt, and we have set the bar high. The leader of our pack, Chippy Amelia Burke, finished with a time of 33 minutes. The rest of the team followed quickly behind, with everyone finishing under 50 minutes. When our coaches first told us that we were going to run the entire stadium, our eyes were stricken with fear, but as we strode down our last steps, our eyes were lit up in victory. It was inspiring to see our fall ball season come full circle and end with such an accomplished goal.

The inspiration of our Cal lacrosse program has come from within each other this fall. However, this past weekend we had a chance to see the inspiration from our past and future. We had all 10 of our incoming freshmen join us for a fun-filled weekend. We were lucky enough to bond with them over a pizza party, game night and the football game. We are so excited to get to know them even better next year! We also got a blast from the past during our alumni game and got to see so many old faces that have been missed so much. It was so nice catching up on old times and seeing how far the Cal lacrosse network has spread.

With Thanksgiving just having passed, we have a lot to be thankful for - our inspiring team, our eager incoming freshmen, our accomplished alumni and of course, this freezing cold tub!

Go Bears! #jointhefight

Oct. 23, 2012

The seasons are a-changing and October brings lots of fall cheer,
Our weekends have been full with tournaments, bagels and pumpkin shmeer.
We started off Fall Ball by playing the U.S. and Canadian National teams,
Although she is injured, Megan Takacs played for Canada and fulfilled her wildest dreams.
We put up a fight, and only lost by a few,
Proving to ourselves, there is nothing we can't do.
We worked together on attack and played good D,
Even though impossible shots were made by Dana Dobbie.

The next weekend, as we watched the sun rise over the bay,
Pumpkin shmeer fueled us again to dominate the St. Mary's Play Day.
We were able to win all three games, and finish with a shut out,
We rode home with smiles, showing what we're all about.

Even though football didn't get the job done,
Cal lax joined in on some Big Game fun.
On Sunday, we didn't have pumpkin shmeer but we were ready to go,
We played Stanford, Fresno State, Oregon, and San Diego.
Once again we ended the day without a loss,
Putting a permanent smile on the face of our boss.

All in all, Fall Ball was a blast,
We worked hard and it went by so fast.
We changed our culture and set a new standard,
One we know will help us beat Stanford!

Now back to focusing on training and stadium stairs,
Thanks Cal Fans, #jointhefight and GO BEARS!

Oct. 4, 2012
With seven definitions of the word "new" in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the fifth seems to best describe our new season as it explains it as "different from one of the same category that has existed previously." How is this year different from last year? It's a "new" year with a new intensity, a new coach, a new stadium, new freshmen, new apparel, new workouts and a new blog! Of course, the most drastic and exciting change is the new blog. Here we have sophomore Casey Reid and junior Marissa O'Meally. We will attempt to keep Cal fans informed and entertained throughout our athletic year.

We began our road to excellence last week with our first fall ball practice. The 20-hour weeks and looming midterms are likely to raise the stress level of many girls, but that is what Bizerkeley is all about! Plus, after getting to know each other through our team bbq at the Alameda beach and team brunches at the dining halls, we are all just really excited to start playing together finally! Our bonding events have helped us begin to learn our personnel - Paige [Gasparino] may trip running to a ball in butts up, Marissa can't even throw a ball, Brit Ward (aka Brats or Bradical) can cause sand avalanches, Taylor James is quick on her feet and - we've known this from last year - Coach can make a mean marinade!

This year we want to let everyone at Cal know who we are and how good we are going to be. We've started to get our name out there through repping Cal Lax during the Ambassador program at the Nevada football game two weeks ago. We got the opportunity to chat it up with alumni and spread the word to bear fans that they can get into Memorial Stadium in the spring to watch us too...FOR FREE! Some sophomores also repped Cal Lax two weekends ago at the USC football game. USC may have won this one, but the real game is in the spring when we will have a good NorCal versus SoCal showdown.

We are headed off to our final practices this week so we can prepare for our fall ball scrimmages against the U.S. and Canadian National teams this Saturday at Stanford! We've put in some great effort so far, and we will report back after Saturday!