April 26, 2012

Hey Cal Fans!

Our time as your Bear TaraTori bloggers is coming to an end, but we are so happy we got to share this with all of you. This really is a special team and I hope we could give you a little insight to that over the past few years. We almost don't want to bring up the game last Friday and soil this entry with negative emotions, but we don't want to slack in our blogging duties. We took on Stanford last week in TaraTori's last time to play on our home turf at Cal. Emotions were running wild as I (Tori) was beyond amped for the game, but I was almost brought to tears when after four years I was being walked through the team tunnel by my parents and best friend/teammate, Mel Humphrey. When I was in high school, playing at Cal was my dream, and I couldn't even entertain the idea of going to any other school because Cal is where I wanted to be and play. Four years later I know I pursued the right dream because my time at Cal has been irreplaceable. I can't put into words how lucky I felt while looking around at all my teammates and knowing that I could not have wanted to spend my time, sweat and energy with a better group of girls. Despite the unfortunate outcome of the game, Friday will always be a special day for me.

I (Tara) completely agree with how Tori felt walking through the tunnel for Senior Day. All I could think as I stood linking arms with my parents was, "Wow, how lucky am I?" We are so fortunate to be given the opportunity to play a Division 1 sport at such an incredible university. Of course there were days when practice was tough, or we were exhausted after staying up late studying, or our bodies felt like they couldn't take it anymore, but as I look back, that was the fun of it. We have faced so many challenges, yet, we have continued to overcome them. This unique, strong and incredibly tight-knit group of girls has become my family. Even though the seniors will move on, and we won't be around each other every day, the bond that we have formed will never go away. That is something I will always be grateful for.

After the game your Cal Bears had to make a quick turnaround into normal human beings as our end of the year banquet was only 30 minutes after. We crowded the Simpson Center showers, and the locker room was filled with dress clothes, hair straighteners and make up for the first time in its existence. Our hectic away game dinner schedules had prepared us for this task, and we were all ready to go in time to enjoy the amazing banquet and delicious food. Even though you dress us up, it did not stop a few unnamed sophomores from splaying themselves across the floor at the start of the night trying to get another teammates' shoes on one of their feet or stop a collective team pounce as the food was uncovered to be ready to serve. Four juniors were asked to give speeches about the graduating seniors with Melissa Humphrey delivering Tori's awesome poem that had both of them in tears, and Megan Takacs delivering Tara's, which had the same tear-inducing effect. It was a great night honoring this team that we are so proud to have been a part of during our time at Cal. Big thank yous to everyone who attended and made that night possible.

Now this week everyone is focused on MPSFs. This is what we work the entire season for. It is as though nothing else that happened in the past matters - just these games with our conference rivals. There are four teams in the tournament - Oregon (ranked 1), Denver (ranked 2), Stanford (ranked 3) and the Bears (ranked 4). We match up against the Ducks this Friday at 4:30 at Stanford. Please come out and show your support!! We would greatly, greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this week's blog!


April 19, 2012

Hey Cal fans!!

This blog is slightly belated due to a crazy weekend, but your bloggers are back as we prepare to take on Stanford in our senior game and last regular-season game of the year. We have finally rested and recovered from last week after a big win over Fresno State on Tuesday, departure for Vermont on Wednesday, game against Vermont on Thursday, departure for Boston on Friday, game against Boston College on Saturday and departure for Berkeley Saturday night. It was a crazy week of travelling, and our delirium might have spiked at a few points. We have the video evidence of Grace Parente and other sophomores dancing to "Call Me Maybe" in the airport to prove it. Vermont rolled out some of their nicest weather for us, as we were prepared for snow but ended up playing on a sunny, 60-degree day. This game was a battle, and we were able to stick with it, play our game and ride this one out to the end with a huge victory. That night we went out for a nice dinner in downtown Burlington and our assistant coach, Allison Comito, even persuaded the employees at Ben & Jerry's to open their doors five minutes after closing for our team to be able to satisfy some late night sweet tooths (sweet teeth?) that we were all suffering from.

The next day we took a bus down to Boston where we stopped for dinner at the Rozelles' house. They made us a phenomenal dinner, and we all got to exercise some pent up energy and get our competitiveness on in their game room. It didn't take long till jet lag and full bellies set in and most of us ended up dozing off on their couch watching "Princess Diaries." Our game against Boston College the next day was a tough one. We had an amazing fan base supporting us in this game with all the East Coast families coming out to cheer us on. We struggled to find our groove and just gave them too many second chances. We learned from our mistakes in our loss to BC and now have our eyes set on the Friday for our BIGGEST game of the season.

Friday will be a special day for Tori, myself, Vail Horn and Emily Abbood. We are going to be honored before we step on the field to play Stanford at 5:00 pm on Witter Rugby Field. I cannot believe we are seniors and this will be our last home game. When did we get this old?! It is crazy looking back on these past four years and all of the experiences we have shared. I wouldn't change one thing :) Please come out and support us seniors and the rest of the team against our biggest MPSF rival. Visit the "Cal vs. Stanford (Senior Day!!!)" Facebook page for details about the game and click "attend."

Thanks for tuning in, and see you Friday!!


April 16, 2012

In our last blog we were setting up our big game about to take place against Navy. This game did not at all turn out as expected. Ginger said it best in her blog - there are just days when the team does not have their heads on right, and that was one of those days. We didn't execute like we are capable of, and Navy took advantage of these lapses. It was a tough tailgate afterwards, but we had a huge crowd of fans including a good number of Cal lax alumni supporting us. It is always good to play on the East Coast and see all of those familiar faces. It was also Gaby Christman's birthday, and who can be upset when there is birthday cake going around?!

The next morning we were on the road to Philadelphia to prepare for our game against Villanova the next day. We got straight into practice upon our arrival and shook off the previous day's game to focus on the task at hand. After practice we got dressed up in our "normal people" clothes (i.e., not sweats) and went out for a delicious pre-game meal where we all successfully stuffed ourselves to the limit as per usual. We woke up the next morning with another full day ahead as we were playing another night game. Some of your Bears spent their free time in the King of Prussia mall and I (Tori) definitely scored some new clothes during our mall break. Maybe it was revenge for Navy, the fact that it was Grace Parente's birthday or excitement from successful shopping ventures, but we came out ready to play. From the first whistle the Bears dominated the field and came out of halftime even harder. There was determination across the board to put this game away after too many close calls, and we were able to close the curtain on our spring break trip with a great win.

After spring break, we came back to campus and got right back into the swing of things. Everybody was busy catching up on schoolwork and sleep, but we got through that first week back and started preparing for UC Davis. We took a bus to our MPSF competitor's school on Wednesday evening and played a great game. We came out victorious with a score of 15-10 and felt accomplished. The next week we continued to build and got better each day at practice. Fresno traveled to Witter Rugby Field and we checked off another win with a score of 18-4. We had a great team win and made some memories. Two freshmen - Michaela Bird and Sasha Anielski - got their first career goals and we had some standout plays all around the board. It's been a good couple of weeks over here in Bear Territory.

It has been amazing watching the team play so well these past couple of weeks and rack up two MPSF wins. As much as I (Tara) wish I could be out there playing with each and every one of my Bears, I have been so lucky to have a tremendous amount of support. After tearing my ACL and meniscus in mid-February, I knew I had some hard work in front of me in terms of rehabbing. I am about six weeks out of surgery, and I am feeling great. I have been working every day to get better and slowly but surely, I can feel that I am getting there. I cannot be more thankful to have amazing teammates, coaches, and training staff. Cal lacrosse is more than a team - we truly are a family. I feel supported and taken care of every day, and I am so grateful for that. Throughout this experience I have learned to stay positive and celebrate the little victories. Whether it's bending my knee more and more each day, or walking without crutches, overcoming the challenges is incredibly rewarding.

Thanks for reading Bear TaraTori this week! We will be posting another blog soon so stay posted!


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March 28, 2012

Hey Cal Fans!

We are writing you from the comforts of our hotel room in Annapolis, Md. It has been a crazy week for your Cal Bears, but now we are getting ready to take on Navy tonight at 7 p.m. East Coast time.

Last week we hosted two home games back in Berkeley. Early on in the week we matched up with another MPSF conference opponent, Denver. This has always been a close game since our freshman year, and this year was no exception. We battled Denver to the very end but weren't able to translate it into a win. We are ready to hopefully meet up with them in a month at the MPSF tournament hosted by Stanford this year. We had to put that game behind us because only four days later we had to take on Hofstra in our second home game of the week. That Sunday we took on the Pride. We were able to escape the predicted rain and the good weather held out for the game. The team came together after the Denver game, worked out the kinks, and we pulled out a much-needed win.

There wasn't a lot of time to celebrate the game as we left less than 10 hours later for the East Coast with a 4 a.m. departure time to get to the airport for a 6 a.m. flight. The flight attendants didn't even finish their safety talk before every single member of the team was unconscious. All that homework I was supposed to get done on the flight will have to wait until the flight home because all I saw the entire five hours was the backs of my eyelids! We finally were able to wake up long enough to get on the bus to the hotel, eat dinner and then pass out for the night. Yesterday, we went to the Naval Academy for practice and afterwards took to the streets of Annapolis for some quality tourist time. Megan McGinnis and I were able to find some fancy clothes for our nice seafood dinner that night (check out the photo gallery). Some girls pre-gamed dinner with some crab that they were able to find downtown. We made our way to Pusser's restaurant right on the water for an amazing seafood dinner that we could only get in Maryland.

I (Tori) ate myself into a food coma with some crab cakes and crab dip along with Mel Humphrey and Coach Ginger. We barely got back to the hotel before the mix of food coma and time difference got the best of me, and I was out like a light yet again.

Now we are waiting at the hotel for our big game tonight under the Navy lights at 7 p.m.! It is going to be a showdown - after upsetting Navy last year, they are coming out with revenge on their minds, but we are prepared to hold it down tonight. Check the Cal lacrosse Facebook page for details on how to watch the game online!!

We will try to update again from the road after our game vs. Villanova on Friday!



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March 20, 2012

Hey Cal Fans!

Your TaraTori bloggers are back after battling injury, sickness and midterms. It has been a crazy time for your Cal Bears after a trip to San Diego followed up with our second home game against Boston University. The team is really having to exercise its time-management skills with another bout of midterms in the midst of our travels and mid-week game play. We have also had to brave the elements after being spoiled for five days in San Diego and returning home to a week that made us question if we could ever be warm or dry again.

Two weeks ago we had early Wednesday morning practice in Berkeley before heading down to SD for two games that week. For many of the girls on our team this meant returning home, so needless to say, spirits were high. A few of us found time in our 30 minute turnaround from practice to plane to get our personal favorite Star sandwiches as a travel snack or at least something to hold off our appetites until we got to the airport. The minute we landed and felt that 75-degree sun shining down on us we knew we had a fun weekend ahead. Kelly McCarthy's family hosted us that night at their family owned sports bar, McCarter's. The next day we headed to SDSU to take on Detroit Mercy on a beautiful day for some lacrosse. We came away with our first W of the trip with a good showing against the Titans.

Afterwards the team headed to Coronado where a family friend of the Humphreys hosted for an amazing taco dinner. While dinner was still being prepared, we all headed to the beach to see the beautiful sunset (in the Photo Gallery) and for some enthusiastic sophomores, enjoy a nice frigid dip in the ocean. The spirit of the taco dinner got the best of us and somehow Tori and Mel ended up in ponchos and sombreros for a good portion of the night.

The next day was a hot one, and we all started loading up on the sunscreen as we stepped out for practice in the 80-degree weather. We attempted to stretch out some of the soreness from the previous day's game and prepare for a MPSF conference matchup against SDSU the next day. After practice a large group of us decided to be the best tourists we could be and head to the San Diego Zoo. We were on limited time before dinner so our sore legs attempted to speed walk from exhibit to exhibit in hopes of seeing as much as we could. Thankfully, we didn't wear our legs out too much and were able to pull out our second win of the trip the next day before heading back to Berkeley.

After a week of being spoiled by SoCal weather we got slapped in the face with a week of rain, rain and more rain. We powered through the elements to prepare for a big game against BU last Wednesday. It poured from the starting whistle to the ending buzzer and despite our comeback in the end, we weren't able to finish with a win. One thing is for sure after that game, and that is we are sick of not converting these close wins, and your Bears are hungrier than ever to start making these close games end on high notes.

This is our attitude going into our next game and conference match up on Wednesday against Denver. This has always been a very close and gritty game, and we are preparing in every way we can to pull this one out and come away with another win in our conference. Both of us are sorry for the gap week in our updates and assure you that we will be back next week to update on the upcoming games against DU and Hofstra. We will be writing from the East Coast as we head out next Monday for our lax-filled spring break!

Hope to see everyone out there cheering your loudest on Wednesday and Sunday!!



Feb. 27, 2012

Hey Cal fans!!

We are currently in recovery mode after starting our season off running with three games in seven days. On the 19th we started our season off in Moraga, Calif., when we faced off against Saint Mary's. This was not only our first game but our first conference match up as well. This only added to the excitement and nerves that are only amplified before the first game of the season. Our freshmen were able to put on their Cal uniforms for the first time and we were able to break in the brand new stereo system in our locker room that has all the teams in the High Performance Center wondering what on earth is going on in the Cal Lacrosse locker room as Nicki Minaj songs and other favorites are blasted through the hallways. Despite the nerves, your Cal Bears came out strong and put up an 18-6 win over the Gaels.

On Monday we rested up and caught up on schoolwork before diving back into it preparing for our home opener against JMU, which took place that upcoming Thursday night. We were blessed with a beautiful week of warm California weather which was amazing for practice but even better after practice because it is so much easier to plunge into an ice bath when it is warm outside. There were a lot of emotions going into the game on Thursday. The number 9 ranking for the Dukes coming into this game has a lot of people talking about how we would fare in only our second game of the season. However, our main goal for this game and going on into the rest of our season was to focus on US and to play OUR game. We didn't care if the team coming out against us was first our last - we just needed to focus on Cal lacrosse and execute the fundamentals. The first whistle blew as the sun was setting behind the golden gate in the distance and your Bears came out hard under the lights. It was a goal for goal game and we had it tied up with a minute and a half to play. The game slipped away from us in the last minute, and it all came down to being able to execute when we were exhausted. We took a lot from that game and it was definitely a learning experience to only improve upon moving forward.

Saturday morning we woke up for our normal 8 a.m. practice to prepare for our second conference game against Oregon the next day. After practice, Emily Abbood, Mel Humphrey and I (Tori) booked it to the Oakland staple - Bakesale Betty's for a "light" snack for the airplane we were boarding in the next couple hours to take us to Eugene, Ore. Sunday morning we were ready for the harsh weather conditions that were predicted for our game with about six layers of clothing each. We got lucky with sunshine and relatively warm temperatures compared to the below freezing numbers that we were expecting. Despite the luck on the weather we weren't able to come out with a win as we slipped to the Ducks 10-9. There were a lot of learning points to be taken from this game and we are lucky to now have a 10-day stretch of no games to recompose ourselves, correct the breakdowns and get ready for the next chapter of our season. There has been a lot of talk about the "potential" of this team, and we're done with that. It is time to work hard, to execute, and to get the results that we want. These next 10 days are going to be a great time for your Cal Bears to work hard and use these past two losses to really light that fire going into our upcoming games.

Next week we head to San Diego to take on Detroit Mercy and SDSU before returning to our home field to face off against Boston University, Denver and Hofstra in a home-game stretch. We hope to see you there, and we are excited to see all of our San Diego supporters in our first trip down to SoCal!!

Check back for an update on how this 10-day stretch goes before we head to San Diego!! Have a good week and as always -- GO BEARS!!

- Bear TaraTori

Megan Takacs (left) and Sarah Milik (right) rooted for the winning team in the Super Bowl.

Feb. 14, 2012

The Giants and the Pats weren't the only teams lacing up their cleats the Sunday before last. The Cal Bears, Davis Aggies, Saint Mary's Gaels, Stanford Card and Fresno Bulldogs had an early start Sunday morning to compete in their first conference scrimmages of the season. The competitions against our opponents weren't the only thing fueling the fires of our competitive spirits. Our prominent representation of east coast players meant one thing - pre super bowl smack talk between our Giants fans and Patriots fans. Cal juniors Sarah Milik and Megan Takacs donned their Giants jerseys and hats in between games to show their support (see attached picture). Almost every player was stalking the game on our 45-minute drive home, which got us back in time for the second half. For most of us, looking at game trackers was not even necessary due to recognizing who the excited yells were coming from.

Back to the obviously more important athletic happenings occurring on Super Bowl Sunday -- We started the day off with a game against Fresno, followed by games against Stanford, Davis and lastly, Saint Mary's. Our game versus the Bulldogs was all-around successful - we were making great defensive stops, bringing the ball up the field smoothly in the midfield transition, and finishing our shots on the attack. We carried this play over to our Stanford game, but were still able to recognize where improvements need to be made before we face them in season on April 20. We created great opportunities, but had a hard time finishing our shots. We finished off the day with games against Davis and Saint Mary's. It was an exhausting day playing four full games, but it was exciting to finally be playing someone other than ourselves after this long preseason. I (Tori) was certainly excited to not have to guard the speed of Megan Takacs and finally be working with her on the field, and Tara was definitely excited to go up against new defenders.

Last week and this week your Cal Bears have been hitting the field hard preparing for the start of our season this Sunday at Saint Mary's. We are fired up to finally put on those Blue and Gold uniforms and get this season underway. We hope to see you out there and come by the site next week to check out our recap of the game! We apologize for the delay in this blog - Tara and I are still trying to find a balance between school, lacrosse and our internships.

Hope to see you Sunday!


- TaraTori

Jan. 24, 2012

Hey, Cal Fans

Greetings from one of the dining halls here on campus called Crossroads...a.k.a. Heaven. This place has a little bit of everything: pizza, Chinese food, 15 types of cereal, chocolate milk...pretty much a dream for two kids trapped in 21/22 year-old bodies. We just finished up our dinner after a long day of class and practice and are excited to catch you guys up on what has been happening here in Berkeley. We are coming up on day 9 of preseason and everything has been nothing but positive. We started off with a couple days of conditioning, completed our infamous run-test (the seniors' last run test EVER), and finally picked up sticks on Friday. We came out with some serious hustle and motivation, which is a great sign that we are ready to compete and ultimately, win.

We can definitely feel the effects of this week and a half of hard work on our bodies. We have been utilizing our amazing, brand new facilities in the High Performance Center (HPC) as much as we can - ice baths, heat pools, training room and spiffy new locker room. Everything in the HPC is unbelievable - the only downfall being that sometimes we get locked out because our key cards don't work. Oh well; hopefully that gets fixed soon!

Outside of lacrosse, the girls on the team have been having a blast being back in the Bay. This past Sunday, some of us went to the 49ers vs. Giants NFC Championship football game. We had a mixed group of 49ers and Giants fans, which made walking around the tailgates an interesting experience. The game was close, but it looks like our New York loyalists get the bragging rights this time. Tori, on the other hand, enjoyed the game in the comfort of her own home, and was extremely jealous of Tara :) Others have been trying to stay dry this past week in the crumby weather.

Cal laxers at the NFC Championship (from left to right): Megan Takacs, Paige Gasparino, Amelia Burke, Tara Arolla, Sarah Milik, Grace Parente and Marissa O'Meally at Candlestick Park.

Today's practice brought out some high spirits as we finally got to play in that California sun. Everyone has been getting back to the swing of things, hitting the books, ice bathing like it's our job, and seeing friends (each other) around campus. Your TaraTori bloggers have been suffering from a severe case of senioritis, but only because we are focused on our amazing internships in San Francisco.

Both of us have been fortunate enough to get internships with Comcast SportsNet Bay Area. Tara is interning in the Marketing, Public Relations, and Events department and I am the intern downstairs in the Digital Media and Production Department. We go into the office every Monday and Wednesday morning. We grab coffees, hop on the BART, and walk through the streets of San Fran together. If we are not too busy getting caught up writing a talk blog article for the Comcast SportsNet Website or a press release for an upcoming event, we can take a lunch break together. At 3 o'clock we make the mile walk back to BART and head to Berkeley to get ready for practice. We have had an amazing time so far and can't wait for more great experiences to come.

Now it's time to ride out these last few weeks of preseason before our first scrimmages and game coming up in a few weeks. For anyone who is interested to come out and watch us play, we will be having our first Play Day of the spring on Sunday, Feb. 5. Our first regular-season game will be against Saint Mary's, at Saint Mary's on Sunday, Feb. 19. For anyone who is in the Bay Area, please come out and support!

Thanks for reading our first blog of the season. Stay tuned for more great entries to come! GO BEARS!

- TaraTori

Jan. 2, 2012

Hey Cal Fans!!

Greetings from Austin, Texas, and San Diego, Calif.!! Your Cal Bears are currently dispersed across the country as we all celebrate Christmas back in our home towns! We are all having a fun time trying to keep up with our winter workouts despite the not so ideal weather conditions that a majority of us are having to deal with. That does not include our California natives or our resident Hawaii-dwelling teammate, Mel Humphrey.

We are all enjoying this down time after quite a stressful finals week to end last semester. All the girls hung up their lax sticks for a week and buckled down with blue books and Scantrons. Most of us were able to take advantage of the new study center that is located in the High Performance Center, which turns out to be a great place to study. There were a few lapses in sanity during some of our team study groups as a few of us are in the same classes, but we were able to keep it together with the help of our teammates.

Now our eyes are set on the spring and all of the excitement that it has to offer with a great schedule, a motivated team and our amazing coaches leading the way. We have 14 days until we get back up to school and begin pre-season...14 days!!! Although we are scattered across the country, we are trying to stay motivated and keep in shape for the upcoming season. We have so much to look forward to - GAMES, competition against rivals, plane rides, hotel rooms, getting fed all day long on away trips, bus rides, midterms on the road....the list goes on, and we CANNOT wait for it. We are excited to get out there and show everyone our amazing talent this year.

On behalf of the entire Cal Lacrosse team, we hope you enjoyed the holidays, and we wish safe travels to all of you going to exciting places this winter! Can't wait to see all of you out there at our games in less than two months!! Happy Holidays and GO BEARS!


Nov. 3, 2011

Hey Bear Fans!!

We are writing you from our newfound free time on Tuesday afternoons! Fall Ball has come to an end, so our schedules have all loosened up quite a bit. We apologize for the delay on the blog this week, but we are still are recovering from our past two weeks of intense lacrosse and midterms. This past weekend your Cal Bears played in their last Fall Ball competitions at the UC Davis playday, but not before we had our own little Halloween celebration. Our coaches surprised us midway through practice with Halloween-themed relays that involved wrapping teammates in toilet paper, capturing a cauldron of candy, riding our sticks like a broom stick, and having some target practice against some Jack-o-lanterns carved by the coaches. We all had a blast and pictures from this practice can be found if you head over to the Cal lacrosse twitter page. You can decide which of your bloggers' teams created the best mummy (we aren't competitive at all!).

At the Davis playday we played Fresno, Davis and Stanford twice. We finished out our Fall Ball with a win over Stanford, which was just the morale boost we needed to round out the past month of playing. A definite highlight of the Halloween weekend playday would be when assistant coach Allison Comito ripped off her jacket to reveal a full Superman costume (cape included), which she donned for the rest of our games.

All in all it was a great Fall Ball and we are all dying for spring to get here, so we can get this show on the road! The girls have never been more motivated and this is definitely showing through on the field. This is going to be a really exciting season for your Cal Bears, and we hope to see all of you out there for our home games at Witter Rugby Field.

Tune in soon for more stories from your Cal laxers because there is never a slow day when you live in Berkeley!

Tori and Tara

Oct. 21, 2011

Hey Cal Fans!!

We hope all of you enjoy the new look and new name of our blog. Noting that the biggest theme this year has been one of change, it only makes sense to shake things up on the blog as well! We also now have some friendly blog competition as our coach has set up a weekly blog "Mondays with Ginger" on CalBears.com, so naturally our competitive spirit took over a little bit.

Now, we wanted to talk about all of the changes that have taken place this year. We started off this fall season with a new head coach, Ginger Miles who has since added on Emma Wallace and Allison Comito to form our amazing new coaching staff. We also said goodbye to our strength & conditioning coach at the end of last season and have been lucky enough to work with the amazing Coach Ziemba this year.

We have welcomed eight new freshmen to our team who have transitioned seamlessly into our lacrosse family and we have loved getting to know and play with them these past few months. We have a new academic advisor who has been so patient in handling our teams 8,000 questions per day, most of those being our questions about how many units we need to complete before graduating since your cal lax bloggers are now seniors!

One of the changes that has taken place this year that we are all extremely excited about is our move into our new locker room in the High Performance Center. This new locker room is beautiful and the entire High Performance Center is the most amazingly beneficial addition to Cal Athletics and is going to make the student-athlete experience here at Cal even more special and rewarding. We have already made use of the state-of-the-art academic center as it opened just in time for our grueling midterms week. We are so happy we got to squeeze in one year in the HPC before we graduate this spring!

All of this change has had quite the impact on our squad and the girls are working harder than ever on and off the field with our eyes on the prize of an MPSF title this year. Get ready for an exciting season because all of this work is definitely starting to pay off as we have spent the past three weekends scrimmaging other MPSF teams to put what we have been learning in practice to use on the field. We have played in two play days in which we have competed against Saint Mary's, Oregon, UC Davis and Stanford. We have loved playing against other teams and seeing our competition. We have played great, but we have some work to do before season. This Sunday, we have another play day at Stanford. The following Sunday we play at Davis, which will conclude our fall ball. We are already itching for our Spring season to begin!

Thanks for checking in with Bear TaraTori's first blog of the year.

See you next time,

Tara and Tori